Best Abaya Brand and Designers in Pakistan

Best Abaya Brands and Designers in Pakistan - New Design 2022 with Price

Abaya is an important part of Muslim girls’ looks. Islam orders women to cover themselves. Girls wear an abaya over their clothes which makes them respectful in front of the whole society.

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Are you bored of wearing a boring abaya in Pakistan 2022? Do not worry. You can now have any Style, Color, Type of abaya that can beautify your look too by covering you from head to toe.

Best Abaya Brands and Designers in Pakistan - New Design 2022 with Price

Some Abaya designers and Abaya brands are producing and manufacturing new inspiring styles of the abaya in Pakistan 2022. These Abaya designs 2022 are decent and sober that is according to Islamic teachings.

Wearing an abaya makes you feel confident and safe. You can move easily in the Pakistani markets crowded with men without any hesitation.

If you want to update your abaya wardrobe, then do not forget to read this complete post. In this post, we will discuss the Abaya New Designs 2022, Latest Abaya Prices, Colors, Size, Shape, Brands, and Designers of Abaya with you.

Abaya Colors

Islam asked women to cover themselves only. Islam did not tell you to wear only black abaya or scarves. To make your hijab more fashionable, some designers and big abaya brands in Pakistan 2022 introduced abaya in different colors and styles.

You can choose the color of your choice and the color that suits you. Here we have shortlisted the available colors of abayas which you can find easily in Muslim cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, Faislabad, Rawalpindi.

these colors are:

  • violet
  • orange
  • rust
  • beige
  • black
  • fawn
  • maroon
  • purple
  • blue
  • grey
  • nude
  • cream

Abaya designers use these colors separately or in contrast to design a beautiful abaya. For example: grey and black, brown and black, and white and black.

Abaya Cloth Material

Choosing the right cloth material in Pakistan is very important according to your physique, weather, and design.

Every cloth material is different in quality, look, durability, and wrinkles resistance.

Abaya is made of different cloth Fabrics, i.e. Silk, Cotton, Linen, Velvet, Pure Crepe, Chiffon, Nida,  and jersey.

Abaya Sizes

Abaya in Pakistan2022 is available in various sizes for girls of different heights and builds. The abaya usually comes in 6 sizes.

  1. Extra-small (XS)
  2. Small (S)
  3. Medium (M)
  4. Large (L)
  5. Extra-large (XL)
  6. Extra-Extra-Large (XXL)

Choose the size according to your height and body size.

SizeLength (Inches)Height (Ft)

Abaya Styles

Muslim girls used to wear simple abayas globally. With changing time, the simple abaya style has also changed. There is a variety of abayas available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

we have short listed some well-known styles of abaya in Pakistan that are hot trend these days. Continue reading to know more about these styles.

You can wear frock style abaya anywhere, either it’s a party or wedding. It gives you a sober and stylish look. Frock-style abayas are closed from the front with floor length and loose flared sleeves.

Frock style abayas are a go-to look for most girls as it has various designs, i.e. embroidery, lace, or pearls.

Pair up your frock style abaya with amazing accessories according to the event and a pretty pair of heels. Also, choose the color that goes well with your skin tone; otherwise, you might mess up your look.

A casual abaya is the best option for everyday wear. Whether you are going to the school or a market, the casual abaya is what you want. Suppose you are in your PJs, and suddenly you receive a call from your father for grocery shopping.

Feeling tired and lazy? Do not worry. Just pick out your casual abaya, and you are good to go. Casual abayas are available in different colors. Casual abaya is a must-have abaya that every girl should keep in their wardrobe.

if you are out of dresses for your formal events, buy a formal abaya. It will save you from last moment headaches. Received a call for a formal dinner? Take out your formal abaya, apply some makeup and wear a piece of beautiful jewelry.

It will give a pretty look and enhance your beauty. You can find formal abaya in different colors, fabrics, and sizes.

coat style abaya is trending these days. girls prefer coat style abaya is it stylishly covers you. Coat style abaya has an open front and is short in length. The sleeves of coat style abaya are straight.

Girls wear the coat-style abaya in schools, colleges, and universities. Coat-style abaya comes in various colors and sizes. Choose according to your taste.

butterfly abaya is a hot trend these days. It is a simple abaya with straight cut and bell sleeves. Mostly plus size girls and women love to wear butterfly style abaya as it covers them stylishly.

It looks beautiful on every girl but more on girls with a heavy physique. There are many designs like printed strips, floral, and even solid colors in butterfly style abaya, which you will love to wear.

it is a pretty amazing design for girls who love wearing the abaya. The robe tied in front of the abaya gives a very minimal and soft look. This invention is for modern girls who want a unique and stylish touch in their hijab.

These abayas are designed with some beautiful laces and embroidered motifs. The fabrics used for robe-style abaya are velvet, silk, and jersey. This beautiful abaya is designed in many colors. Add robe-style abaya to your wardrobe if you want a modern look.

Are you a fan of western gowns but cannot wear them due to Islamic principles? do not worry, abaya designers in Pakistan got your back? Designers designed an abaya that looks like a gown using different laces and crystals.

Lace and crystal are set up like a belt from the center, giving it a gown look. girls love to wear gown-style abaya at different parties. They are available in different colors because attractive colors make the look of this gown style abaya more pretty.

If you attend parties more often, you won’t regret adding up gown style abaya in your wardrobe.

Fancy style abaya is designed for different grand occasions like Barat, Mehendi, Walima, and engagements. There is embroidery on the neck and sleeve on This fancy style abaya.

It has some buttons or a zip on the shoulder so that you can wear it easily. Plus, the point is you do not need to wear any jewelry. Just wear it and apply some makeup. It will do the rest of the job.

This style is very famous among Pakistani girls. There is a cape on top of a simple abaya. The cape is in different styles like embroidered, pearly, or even simple. There is a variety of cape-style abaya available for hijabi girls. It is not open from the front.

The look of cape-style abaya is elegant and pretty. With a cape-style abaya, you do not have to wear any accessories. The abaya itself is really beautiful that you do not need any jewelry with it. Just do a simple and light makeup with cape style abaya.

Top Abaya Brands and Designers in Pakistan 2022

Many brands felt the need for abayas for their Muslim customers. Some well-known brands launched a separate section for modesty wear in which you can easily find abayas and scarves.

The key point is every brand has its signature design. We have shortlisted some renowned brands for you who also have modesty wear in their collection.

if you want something chic for your modest look, then Dolce & Gabbana is your stop. dolce & Gabbana have a separate abaya line. their abayas are uniquely designed.

It fulfills the requirement of a Muslim girl in a more fashionable way. You can visit their stores or website to check out their modest collection.

Sapphire is a well-known name in Pakistan’s fashion industry. From western wear to modest wear, sapphire has it all. Sapphire’s abayas are very simple but beautiful.

It is comfortable and fashionable at the same time. if you want casual wear, check out their collection by going to the nearest store or on their website online.

Nishat is a famous Pakistani brand that manufactures and sells abaya. They introduced unique modest wear to the Pakistan fashion industry.

From casual to fancy abaya, they have it all. do check out their beautiful collection by visiting the store in person or online.

Al-Balagh Islamic store is one of the biggest stores where you can purchase Islamic outfits, books, Quran, Hadith books and other Islamic necessities in Pakistan.

The store moreover offers Hajj &Umrah extras of each kind for Hajiis. Abaya collection of Al-Balagh is exceptionally popular among women looking for high-quality abaya.

Another among the best abaya brands in Pakistan is Hijabeaze. The store is exclusively for women who are Hijab fans. Hijabeaze is a hijab brand line presented by an on-screen character, anchorperson, Urooj Asif.

With branches all over Pakistan, Hijabeaze, among the best abaya brands in Pakistan, is the leading choice for women trying to find Islamic abayas.

They certainly have the most recent Abaya collection fashioned with cuts, slits, and other details. Their Abayas are not only made of high-quality cloth, but they also come in a wide range of designs and prints.

Furthermore, they have practically everything a woman might want, from dual-coloured Abayas to front-open dress-like Abayas.

This Abaya brand, in particular, has the most recent and high-quality Dubai Abayas for sale on its website.

Certainly, the fashionable styles and prints ensure that everyone notices you and your Abaya. Furthermore, the different color palettes and hand embroidery are difficult to find.

It is without a doubt one of the top Abaya brands. It met all the needs of women who have been looking for stylish Abayas.

The elaborate patterns and cuts of the Abaya also reveal the creative mind of its designers.

Sobia Adnan has Abayas in a variety of styles and designs. Everything from wide flared sleeves to basic Abayas is available in their store.

Furthermore, because of its beauty, everything they sell is comparable to a work of art.

Nida Gul, an inclusive Abaya brand, is known for its influence on modest clothing in fashion world.

Certainly, they work on the minutest details of their Abayas to make them the most beautiful of all.

Spinzar is a modest apparel line that specializes in Abayas and hijabs. Certainly, their embroidered collection is the nicest of all.

It’s not just the complexity of the designs but also the names they’ve given them and their chosen colors. Everything, without a doubt, complements one another.

Zardi carries a wide range of clothes, including Abayas, ideal for everyday use. While their Abayas are generally made of Nida cloth, the embroidery and sequence work is remarkable.

In addition, they have a silk collection for people who value both comfort and beauty.

Who does not like wearing an abaya, especially when Hijab Co. has such stylish and chic Abayas? Even if you’re planning a journey to the north, their Abayas are a great option.

Every piece of theirs is stunning because of the quality of the cloth as well as the colors.

Online Abaya Prices in Pakistan 2022

The price of Abaya depends upon the fabric used and the materials used on it. Every Abaya has a different price tag.

  • You can purchase casual Abaya in a range of 2500 to 4000/Rs.
  • Silk abaya is a little expensive as silk itself is a costly fabric. It ranges from 7000 to 25000/Rs.
  • Embroidered Abaya may cost a little bit higher because of its work.

Designers and branded abayas are much more expensive than the abayas available locally. the higher price tag of designer abaya is due to the designer or brand name attached to it.

Abaya for School/ College/ University going Girls:

School going girlsCollege going girlsUniversity going girls
Casual abayaButterfly style abayaCasual abaya
Coat style abayaCasual abayaFrock style abaya

Abaya for different Events in Pakistan 2022

BaratFancy abaya with beautiful embroidery
MehendiFloral frock style abaya
WalimaGown style abaya
EngagementCape style abaya
PartyButterfly style abaya
DinnerFormal abaya
Bridal showerRobe style abaya

Abaya Price in Pakistan 2022

1Minal velvet abaya4200/Rs
2Black Georgette Abaya For Women3000/Rs
3Maroon Nida All Occasions Classical Abaya2950/Rs
4Black Georgette Abaya For Women3500/Rs
5Imported Dubai Black Chiffon Double Layer Abaya2800/Rs
6dobale chafuon open abaya2300/Rs
7Black Chiffon Double Layer Abaya2900/Rs
8Burgundy Colour Korean Nida A-Line2800/Rs
9Black Georgette Abaya For Women3500/Rs
10Fancy Abaya Black Chiffon Double Layer Abaya For Women3000/Rs

Abaya Buying Guide in Pakistan 2022


The style of abaya is very important. There are many styles of abaya you can opt for but choose the style according to your body and the event you are going to attend.


Always go for the fabric you feel comfortable in. there are many fabrics that look good but comfort comes first.

Color combination:

Choosing the color of abaya according to your skin tone is very important. If you are buying an expensive designer abaya but it does not suit your skin tone, then you ended up wasting your money.

Abaya according to body type:

Choosing the right abaya according to your body type and shape is very important. Here is a little guide for you.

Body TypeAbaya
Pear-shaped bodyFrock style abaya
Apple-shaped bodyFront open abaya
Hour-glass shaped bodyButterfly style abaya
Rectangular shaped bodyEvery style you want to carry

Abya FAQ’s:

Barat is a grand event. wear fancy abaya for a heavy and stylish look.

Your hairdo is not visible in the scarf so make a high bun so that your scarf looks good.

Wear heels if you are attending any event or go for sneakers if you are going to school.

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