Buy Online Anklets for Girls in Pakistan - New Designs 2022, Latest Price

Girls love for anklets is something that cannot be put into words. A simple yet elegant anklet also known as payal is loved by almost every woman.

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Anklets are a major part of bridal fashion in Pakistan and are cherished for their gleaming sound, in addition to delicate appearance.

Buy Online Anklets for Girls in Pakistan - New Designs 2022, Latest Price
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Anklets are customarily worn by brides, newlyweds and almost every woman all over Pakistan. They, as well, as other jewelry pieces come in a simple, elegant and light weight variety or heavily decorated for anklet loving brides. also called ankle chains or ankle bracelets have consistently been well known. For the majority of the women, anklets are a must have accessory.

Brides or guests have continuously adored wearing anklets. Some likewise wear it to shield themselves from the evil eyes. Social bloggers or influencers of this period are also seen talking and showing tremendous interest in anklets as a great deal of them are seen wearing them in various different elegant designs.

Every anklet of different designs has their own prices according to their material and the embellishments used. Their prices can vary from a few hundreds to a few thousand too. E.g., gold and silver plated anklets can be expensive but simple anklet chains can be very cheap.

In this article, we will discuss some elegant styles of anklets to parade this season. Generally, they are of different materials – Silver Anklets, Silver Payal, Dulhan Payal, and so on. Let’s get started!

Anklet History

Anklets are longer than heels and toenail polish. It is used to attract your partner. They have been common throughout the Middle East for many years.

About 4500 years ago, the Sumerians lived in Mesopotamian. Sumerians’ grace is famous for leaving evidence of wearing bracelets, including ankle bracelets. This is the first recorded history. Wearing jewelry by a wife showed how wealthy her husband was.

 The rich and the poor people of ancient Egypt both enjoyed wearing jewelry. The royal family of Egypt wore very precious and real stone anklets. The poor people in Egypt also wore anklets but not much expensive.

An anklet is also called an ankle chain ankle bracelet. In Ancient India, married women loved to wear anklets with charms so the man and other family members could hear and stop talking about disrespectful things in front of them.

The ankle bracelet became popular in the United States in the twentieth century. In the 1950s, bobby sockers wore anklets to enhance their white socks. Later, women started to wear anklets. Now Anklets have become the most popular fashion of American Culture.     

Anklets Colour Combination

Colour is the real eye-catching factor that enhances every jewelry piece’s beauty. Usually, anklets are designed in two colors, i.e., gold and silver, with stones, gems, and pearls of different colors like Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, Copper, Rust, and White.

Anklets Size

Jewellery designers customize anklets according to small, medium, and large sizes.

Range8-9 inches9-10 inches10-11 inches

Anklets Materials

Anklets can be made of silver, gold, copper, or other precious gemstones and also with cheap materials like plastic, nylon, leather.

Jewelry anklets sometimes contain jewels, rocks, wood, shells, crystals, metal, or plastic hoops, pearls, and many more materials.

Metal anklets are of two types: “flexible” and “inflexible”. Flexible anklets are often called paayal, and inflexible anklets are usually created by shaping flat metal sheets to the ankle.

How to Style Anklets

You can wear an anklet with different outfits and with different styles. some of these are:

  • You should choose a thin anklet style. It gives you a more glamourous look.
  • You can wear them with flats and heels according to the event.
  • Avoid wearing anklets with leggings.
  • You can wear a silver layered anklet with a black dress. It gives you a classy look.
  • You can choose a toe-ring anklet on the beach or pool party.
  • You can wear the polka design with a churidar.

Anklets Shape

The shape is the real attraction of every jewellery piece. You can find different materials in payals that include circles, ovals, squares, diamonds, stars, aminal, moon, fruits, and vegetables.

Types of Anklets

Anklets are the most demanding jewelry pieces. Most women have a huge collection of different anklets. Some famous and trendy types of anklets are available in markets of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, and you can also customize them.

It is a type of ankle bracelet which carries a single chain with one or two pendants. Young girls love to wear anklets with chams. It suits every type of outfit and gives your feet a beautiful look.

It is the cheapest type of anklet. It is really popular in the fashion industry. It is a combination of leather and beads. The best thing about wrap anklets is their adjustment. They can be adjustable, and it is easily fit in every size.

Friendship anklets are a customized tradition. You can take your friendship to the next level with this delicate anklet. It is usually made from different groups of colors. It is the symbol of friendship. If you love to do Art and craft, you can easily make it at home.

Toe rings and Toering anklets are not going out of fashion anytime. It is really in trend. It is a unique style, and usually, girls or women wear it on the beach or poolside.

The anklets have a loop or a single chain attached to the toe ring. These anklets are made with metals, beaded on an elastic thread.

Gemstone jewelry is a little bit expensive. It has a spiritual meaning and the emotional and physical benefits it can bring into your life. You can customize your anklet with your birthstone. Your anklet can carry a single stone or multiple stones according to the length of the anklet.

It is the best choice for a beach or picnic. It is usually made from seashells or leather. The size and style of your shell anklet are depended on your choice.

Jeweled is a classy style of anklets. You can customize the color of your jeweled anklets according to your outfit’s color.

Double strand anklet gives a stylish look to your overall look. You can wear multiple anklets without any risk of tangling with each other. Thin layers look delicate around the ankle. You can find a lot of varieties in the local market f big cities.

Link anklets are made with the twinning of metals. These anklets are a great choice if you have difficulty with sizes; you can remove or add links according to your size.

It is the playful look of anklets. These anklets are mostly worn as a pair. They will move when you walk or sometimes it will make noise. It gives you a stylish look.

Rhinestone anklets add sparkle to your outfit. It isn’t easy to choose which style is best. A bright, transparent rhinestone anklet looks like a diamond.

Chunky anklets look like bold pieces of jewelry. These are eye-catching for others. Make sure you can wear a simple outfit with these chunky anklets.

Designs of Anklets

Anklets have always been the favoUrite jewelry of Indian women. The sweet jingle of the anklets is sure to melt the heart of anyone. With time the designs of anklets have transformed according to the new generation.

Many trendy designs are more suitable for working women, but the traditional anklets have their own importance. there are a lot of designs that are trending these days which are:

These classy anklets are made of brass metal and embossed with colorful crystal stones. It gives you a classy look, and it is usually worn in traditional functions with a saree and lehnga.

This beautiful anklet is made out of beads of blue and golden colors. This design is best for teenage girls. It gives a classy look, and you can wear it at the beach, girls’ parties, and some small get together

This ajmeriPayal is best for those women who love the sound or jingle of the anklets. It is made from many small metal balls, and it surely draws the attention of others towards you when you walk. Mostly such anklets are worn in traditional dances.

It is a simple anklet design and gives an antique look to your feet. It is in a simple round shape and made from gold and silver. They are heavy, and it is not for daily use. The women of Gujrat like it.

This anklet is really in trend with its simple and decent look. It is a simple silver anklet with a butterfly studded at the end. You can easily carry it with a casual outfit.

This simple chain anklet is studded with stars to give a charming casual look such as short skirts, short dresses, jeans, and all-western outfits. It is suitable for toddlers and teenage girls for a cute and simple look.

This is a simple and unique design, and it is suitable for the beach wave. It is usually made from silver. It is the best gift item because it is a sign of true friendship. You can add different charms like stars, hearts, and small stones for a better look.

This is the mixture or combination of Indian and western anklet design. It contains a thick chain some gold bells known as ghungroo. You can add small shapes to give it a new look. Such anklets are worn for regular use and are best suited on high heel sandals.

If you want to wear something different and unique, this is the best option for you. This design gives an illusion that your skin is zipped with a chain that is kept half-open. The material of the anklet is a bronze chain, and it is best for regular use.

The Polki design is popular for its colored combination of red and green which suits every traditional outfit like ghagra, saree, or even churidar. This design covers a major portion of the feet, making them look full and heavy.

This beautiful baby anklet is made of a simple chain studded with pink butterflies or stars and pink baby beads. It gives a cute look for tiny and delicate feet that are just taking their first steps. You can also gift them at the baby shower.

If you are bored with silver or gold anklets so, here is the solution, a new handmade anklet design. It is made out of simple strings and matching beads. You can easily make it at home according to your needs with different elements.

Payals / Anklets Online Price in Pakistan [ Updated 2022 ]

1Trendy Girls Anklet Payal For Her299/Rs
2Antique Arrow Anklets For Women400/Rs
3Hand Crafted Work Gold Plated Anklet550/Rs
4High Quality Antique Color Kundan Payal with pearl490/Rs
5Pearl Payals for Her350/Rs
6Golden Designer Kundan Brass Payal Anklet550/Rs
7Stylish Manjoos Ghungroo Pazeb600/Rs
8Kundan Payal Gold Tune 2 pcs1200/Rs
9Arrow Ankle Chain Anklet Foot250/Rs
10Multicolor Diamond Anklets299/Rs

Simple Silver or Golden Anklet Chains

Simple has always been a new fashion for almost every woman. However, simple anklets in silver or gold seem VERY SIMPLE but have their own class and elegance. These simple yet elegant anklet chains give an extra dimension to the way you dress up. Silver and gold plated anklets are exceptionally well known among young and even newlyweds. They come in different styles, designs, work, and embellishments. These silver and gold anklets can have pendants of different designs, of all forms such as animal-inspired, leaf-shaped designs, vintage, and classy designs or beadwork, etc. Prices of these anklets can vary from 900/RS to 2000/RS.

Beadwork Anklets

Beads are used as an adornment in style –clothing, bags or jewelry, and so on. It adds to the eye allure and cost of anything. In anklets, beadwork can be done in various creative ways. These can be made in different designs, colors, and cuts. These flawless beads can give your anklet the ideal look. Likewise, different types of beads can represent character and cultural importance. Beaded work anklets are not expensive at all. These anklets are priced from 200/RS to 500/RS.

Stone Work Anklets

Stonework anklets are popular among every woman living in Pakistan as stones are loved by the most. Stones represent astrology. Many people wear stone according to their stars and suggested by their astrologer. Stones can be used in rings, bracelets, and obviously anklets. Can be styled in any way you like it to be. If you are looking for original stone anklets then their prices may vary from a few thousand to very expensive but fake stone anklets can be very reasonable. 400/RS to 600/RS.

Brass Golden Anklets

Brass golden anklets are the chunkiest and most elegant anklets and are loved by almost every woman. If you have ever heard of Rajasthan then you must know these are the beauty of Rajasthani women. But now, not just Rajasthan has been blessed with this beauty, these anklets are now delivered all across Pakistan. Brass golden anklets are one of the most bought jewelry. These pieces need a lot of attention, design, and bending when produced. Brass anklets are priced differently. You may find a few expensive and a few very reasonable. Prices vary from 500/RS to 1000/RS or more.

Alloy Gold Dulhan Payal

Alloys are known for their combinations of one or more metals. Alloy is used to strengthening a product material. An alloy of gold or brass in anklets is known for its shine and elegance. Ordinarily, you will see newlyweds wearing ‘Dulhan Payal’ made of gold or an alloy of brass and gold. Alloy gold Dulhan payals are beautifully decorated with different hanging embellishments too or motis. These anklets are also not too expensive, you will always stay in budget while buying these beautiful alloy gold Dulhan payals.

Copper Silver Plated Anklets

These elegant silver anklets have a copper base. As a plus, copper additionally invigorates and gloss to the product jewelry. These Payals are thick and hefty, is adored and purchased by every woman, especially wedded. They certainly add beauty to one’s feet. You can likewise go for unique pieces which are adorned with various works like stone, beads, and so forth. These, too, are not expensive and are budget-friendly.

Stylish Anklets

Truth be told, these anklets are the most bought anklets every year. These are unique, simple, and elegant and also look very fashionable. These anklets are the most well-known and in vogue. Generally artificial, they are in gigantic interest and demand among teens and young ladies. different and snappy anklets can be a decent piece of art in this case that you are by and large a major embellishment and jewelry fan. The pendant in this specific anklet is a German silver pendant with dark beads and decorated work. These anklets are priced from 300/RS to 600/RS maximum, can below or a little too high but are budget-friendly, PROMISE!

Anklets for Different Occasions in Pakistan 2022

BaratGemstone anklet
MehendiCoin anklet
WalimaDiamond anklet
Birthday partyChain anklet
Bridal showerCharm anklet
EidRhinestone anklet
MeladDouble strand anklet

Anklets for Mother/ Daughter/ Sister/ Wife Gift in Pakistan 2022

MotherGold anklet
DaughterSilver coin anklet
SisterCharm or link anklet
FriendFriendship anklet
WifeGemstone anklet
FianceDiamond anklet

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