Online Choker Necklace in Pakistan - Latest Design 2022, Prices, Types

A Choker necklace or Gulu band is a most favorite type of necklace(Haar) in Pakistan, which beautifully fits with your neck. It can be a metallic band of any material with Glamorous Pearls, Chains, Beads, Stones, Metal Coins or Crystals.

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These necklaces wrap your neck perfectly and you can tighten them with the help of Dori on the backside. There is a variety of traditional as well as modern choker necklaces in Pakistani jewelry markets like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad.

Our local Pakistani jewelry makers are crafting these choker necklaces with stunning Kundan or Meenakari designs, so you can glow  your Pakistani Bridal jewelry on Mayo, Mehndi, Barat, and Walima with heavy Lehenga or Ghagra.

Are you struggling with questions in mind about what should be the Choker Necklace Price, New Designs, Shapes, Sizes in Pakistan?

Then you don’t need to worry because we are here to help you! Don’t go anywhere!

Keep reading, as we are going to describe how you can make your statement look with these beautiful necklaces.

History Of Choker Necklace In Pakistan Past To Present

Did you know that the fashion of these necklaces is not new for us?

In old times, women of the 90’s in Pakistan used to wear simple leather, silk or velvet Gulu bands of different colors.

 They usually wear silk or velvet Gulu band around the neck with a hanging metallic pendant styled with Saree or Shalwar Kameez. That stayed for a  long time.

Now in 2022 the trend is back in fashion with a new twist, it’s time to wear a choker again!

The best thing about a choker necklace is that you can wear a thin fabric choker when going casual and you can go formal with metal or studded necklaces.

Designs Of Choker Necklace In Pakistan 2022

Let’s choose a stylish choker necklace that will perfectly frame your face whether you are going to be a Dulhan or a fashionable girl at shad in 2022. Whichever category you follow, choose the right one that instantly enhances your overall look.

We will elaborate some traditional as well as modern choker designs here.  Allow us to be your guide for a while and let’s see which design suits best.

This is one of the traditional pearl choker designs that is universally loved by Pakistani women. Whether you are a Dulhan or Desi girl at Shadi, the multiple pearl strands cover your neck with a bold hanging pendant at the center, Which draws special attention towards the face. Or you can choose a large stone with Polki beads.

It will be a bold, simple and elegant design of choker necklace. That’s why  it is a perfect choice for Pakistani women due to its traditional as well as modern look. Large pearls are only embedded in three or more layers that fit with the neck .

Gold necklaces never go out of fashion. This type of choker necklace is traditional and evergreen in Pakistani fashion. When you want to wear the gold jewellery on your wedding day as a bride or going to attend some formal wedding ,a gold choker necklace will be good with any heavy work shalwar kameez suit.

Polki jewelry was introduced during the Mughal rule in the Subcontinent . Polki is an uncut Diamond, and comes in low price when compared to diamonds but has an excellent finishing. Polki chokers are also categorized as traditional Eastern jewelry, thus becoming an interesting piece of bridal jewelry box. Lets have an experience of polki chokers and create an elegant look.

A Kundan choker necklace is one that every bride must wear on her shadi day in Pakistan, This traditional style choker will be ideal to wear with a heavy lehenga or sharara at different wedding functions, like mehndi barat,and walima. Or wear it with a heavy gota embroidered dupatta.

This type of choker necklace is relatively oversized, with a layer of  different stones and beads hanging along the choker. Due to its traditional look, It will look absolutely gorgeous with your heavy bridal lehenga.

This is the most refreshing type of choker necklace. You can find mostly handmade heavy  gota, lace and  moti work chokers in some floral pattern. It can pair well with some traditional dresses like chunri or gotta work dresses.

Tribal style choker shows our love for the past and antique in traditional fashion i.e Afghani style.  Most girls prefer tribal jewelry for a more artistic look at special events like desi cultural shows at college.

Go chic and bright with the silk thread chokers ! It has a band made of silky threads which wrap around your neck with one or multiple small pendants. Threads may be of multi colors. It may be a festive choker design that you can wear with your heavily embroidered desi suit.

Shine like a star in crystal statement chokers on formal evening functions, it can pair well with your velvet shawl ,gorgeous chiffon saree and heavy silk lehenga. You can also add it in your engagement or nikkah jewelry as a bride.

Choker Necklace For Cool Girls In 2022

Pakistani girls never stop chasing the latest fashion. chokers are worn by young girls because of their simplicity and style. The chokers for girls are thin pieces in leather or other materials ,some have pendants in Centre to add beauty and charm.

Choose wisely and go bold with some vibrant chokers in Pakistan 2022. For your convenience we have listed some cool girl’s choker necklaces with a modern twist.

Fashion of these necklaces is not new in Pakistan, it has been since the 90’s. It can be simple or with a hanging pendant .These are perfect when you want to add a simple but elegant  style to your evening functions with a long flare umbrella frock.

It is one of the cheap and most popular designs of choker necklaces in Pakistan 2022. You can get it from any local market in different colors and beads, that will go best with your lawn suit. Our teens loves it .

Choose the leather choker necklace to look charming and chic at every function whether it’s your college farewell or a Eid dawat at family. They may come in hollow rings, stars ,or heart designs.

This will be a simple and extremely beautiful choice of necklaces among young girls. A thin metallic band that will cover your whole neck beautifully. Whenever you are going to a friend’s house or at a college function, be simple but decent with these metallic chokers.

Choose one of these simple but modern choker necklaces to wear on Shadi, Engagement, Birthday Party, Family Dawat, College Farewell or at Eid 2022.

Size Of Choker Necklace

Are you looking to buy a choker necklace but don’t know which size to pick?

 Hold on! Consider: Whenever you are going to buy online or from a local bazaar, keep in mind it will fit tightly around your neck, since it is important to measure the size of the neck, and it should be loose enough to breath.

Consider these points before buying a proper sized choker necklace in Pakistan 2022.

If possible, take your neck measurements like. Use simple inch tape to measure. Whatever the measurement, add two inches more for comfort. The standard choker  size is 14-16inches

Your neck length is also important as Chokers are more prominent on Thin and long necks. Keep in mind your neck length before buying.

A choker necklace will enhance your face features or jaw lines. Women with round faces should avoid wider chokers, thinner one will be best for them

Length Of Choker Necklace Chain In Pakistan

What should be the ideal length of a chokers necklace chain?


IN Pakistan you can find a choker necklace which has a chain and a dori at the backside to fasten. 

Both has same function but there should be ideal size of dori or chain.

When it comes with dori, you should not worry about dori length or size because you can adjust the necklace size according to your neck thickness or at a certain point where you feel comfortable. It has a moveable bead which allows the adjustment of the choker necklace.

Various necklaces come with chains and hooks to fasten at the back of the neck. It is essential to assume the chain length whenever you are buying either online or from the jewelry market. Too short chain length may be uncomfortable and will spoil your whole function. Similarly, too large chain length creates a loose-fitting of choker, thus badly affecting the overall beauty.

Shapes Of Choker Necklace In Pakistan 2022

Adorn your neckline and discover the different shapes of chokers, that vary from natural to stunning fashion choker necklaces in Pakistan. Various shapes of chokers, whether it’s a pendant or some big crystals on them,  make a specific shape of chokers which makes them different from others. Seek more and Complete your jewellery box with these different shapes of chokers in 2022.

  • Round shape
  • Star shape
  • Oval shape
  • Square shape
  • Heart shape
  • V shape
  • Floral shape
  • Bow shape
  • Triangle shape

Round or square shape is most common in Pakistan ,while star or heart shape will come in simple velvet chokers. Bow shape will be funkier for young fashionable girls. Choose wisely now in 2022, which choker shape can match with your heavy embroidered suit or according to your face cuts.

Materials Of Choker Necklace In Pakistan 2022

When buying choker necklaces in Pakistan 2022, some women only emphasize on the design or shine of the necklace, while some prefer gold or silver necklaces. Wearing only gold jewelry on Shadi functions is out of fashion. Most girls prefer artificial jewelry on her wedding day or after the wedding. Which material can you get easily in Pakistani local jewelry markets in 2022? Let’s see!

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Artificial coral
  • Leather
  • Brass
  • Gold plated
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Velvet
  • Silk
  • Wood


Each material has advantages as well as disadvantages. You should consider these points before choosing the choker.

  • Hypoallergenic Or skin friendly
  • Light weight
  • Cost friendly
  • Long lasting

Below you can see the pros and cons of various materials being used in choker necklace making in the Pakistani jewelry industry.

No.MeterialCost friendlySkin Friendly
4Velvet YesYes
5Stainless steelYesSomehow
7Cobalt YesYes
10Gold platingSomehowYes

Stones Of Choker Necklace In Pakistan 2022

Without the art of stone settings, the fine quality of jewelry would be useless. Our Pakistani jewelers in 2022 are crafting these stones so beautifully so you will fall in love with them at first look. 

They polished well  to maintain the choker shine and durability at every moment.

Are you ready to know more about choker necklace stones? We have enlisted common stones here.

Crystals in choker necklaces never go out of fashion in Pakistan, it will be a part of our traditional festive jewelry .

Different sized beads or moti made from various materials like plastic, metal, or glass are basic parts of our artificial chokers.

Faux pearls are the alternative of original pearls or artificial pearls. Traditional Pearls are the basic part of the choker necklace.

Zircon chokers are  crafted to shine like a diamond. Zircon may come in different colors and will be skin friendly.

Diamond choker necklaces are much more expensive in Pakistan. But always makes a statement.

Due to its unique red color it is widely used in designer chokers.

Pure Emerald has a green color, jewelers usually use them for green color or shine in chokers.

Whatever the stone, all have  the same shiny impact in a choker necklace.

 We hope this guide to stones will surely help you to choose the chokers with different stones in Pakistani local bazaars or online at any website like Hiba Creation.

Colors Of Choker Necklace In Pakistan 2022

A nice color necklace can bring out your style, make you look great, and feel awesome. Color is extremely important. Matching colours these days looks fabulous .

Young girls these days do not stick on the same old fashioned gold jewelry but pick and choose matching with your dress .Do you know how it is?

When you are going to buy jewelry, you might consider which choker necklace will match with my Red Bridal Lehenga?

Or which color necklace will match with my black saree? Obviously, Pakistani women match the colors with their dresses. Golden, Copper, and Silver are the universal colors that can be matched with any colored suit. So what are the other common colors you can find?

  • Rose gold
  • Golden
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Copper
  • Black
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Silver
  • White
  • Grey
  • Purple
  • Ferozi
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Shocking pink
  • Navy blue

So you can say simply there are different colored stones or beads which give a unique color to every piece. Chokers are all about stones, and It’s up to you! 

How can you choose the exact colour that will perfectly match with your Bridal Lehenga choli or with your Kurta Shalwar at any Occasion.

Prices Of Choker Necklace In Pakistan 2022

Quality is more expensive than price! Price is what you pay and quality is what you get. You have selected the choker necklace designs, shapes, colors, and stones an, its all done! Finally lets discuss their price.

The price of each item depends on the quality of materials being used in its crafting. In Pakistan, you can get these necklaces at cheap as well as affordable prices. Gold or silver plated chokers have somewhat high prices as compared to others. Designer jewelry has a high price due to their unique designing and durability.

Feeling excited? Lets have some idea of choker necklace prices in Pakistan 2022.

No.Type of Choker NecklacePrice Range (Rs)Quality
1Gold plated3000-6000Excellent
2Pearl Chocker1500-2500Good
3Velvet Strap Choker 500-900 Good
4Kundan Choker Necklace 3000-5000Excellent
5Statement Chokers2000-4000Good
6 Bridal Large Chokers 5000-8000Good
7Stretchable Chokers 250-400 Good
8Afghani Chokers 1000-2000Good

Buy Choker Necklace For Women And Girls Online In Pakistan 2022

As you know Shopping trends are changing due to covid -19 even in 2022. Online shopping in Pakistan is beneficial as it allows you to explore, find the best deals, and have your orders delivered at your doorstep without leaving your home. whether you are living in big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or in small cities, you can enjoy online shopping anywhere in Pakistan.

Are you thinking of buying the best quality choker necklace set online in Pakistan 2022 at the best price? Yes! You are at the right place. Visit Hiba Creation, a world of jewelry, with a variety of simple to fancy heavy choker necklaces set at affordable prices.

Discover our unique and timeless designs at Hiba Creation and enjoy the blessing of online shopping.


Choker Necklace under RS 299 in Pakistan 2022


Choker Necklace under RS 499 in Pakistan 2022


Choker Necklace under RS 999 in Pakistan 2022

Online Latest Choker Necklace Price 2022 in Pakistan

No.Choker NecklacePrice
1Black Victorian Crystal Black Lace Choker Necklace500/Rs
2Shabo Red and Green Choker Set2000/Rs
3Beautiful Choker Set (Pink)3200/Rs
4White Pearl Choker500/Rs
5Choker Necklace Set (silver white & Golden)750/Rs
6Golden Choker Set7500/Rs
7White Pearls Golden Choker Set1500/Rs
8Choker Set with tikka (Brown)2000/Rs

Points To Consider Before Online Shopping In Pakistan

There are some points that you should consider before ordering choker necklaces online.

Consider the weight of the product while shopping. Should be ideal so you do not have to pay for extra weight.

To avoid any difficulty, First measure your neck size, then make an order.

The jewelry color should match your dress. Pick the exact color while shopping online.

Pick the perfect  designs of jewelry while shopping online according to fashion and the event where you’re going to wear it.

It is necessary to read the store reviews from where you are buying to avoid any misconceptions.

Choose the payment option while shopping online which is convenient for you.

Stores return policy always owns the customer trust. Check their return policy before ordering online.

List of Cities in Pakistan

SukkurDera IsmailAbbottabad
GujranwalaGujar KhanRahim Yar Khan
GujratSahiwalWah Cantonment
Dera Ismail KhanAbbotabadMandi Bahauddin
MianwaliChishtianMirpur Khas
Dera Ghazi KhanSheikhupuraSahiwal
JhangBurewala Rawalpindi

Choker Necklace FAQs

High-quality material like gold or silver plated necklace retains its original color and does not change with time.

You can choose according to your neck thickness,measure your neck size first then purchase.

Girls should wear simple strap necklaces of velvet or silk at any casual parties.

You can wear any statement piece,but a pearl or crystal choker necklace always looks stunning with velvet dresses.

If you don’t know your neck measurement, always select the choker which has an adjustable bead and dori at the back.

Always prefer a simple strap choker necklace  with small ear studs at any casual event.

You should pick the pearl choker necklace with a pendant at the centre embedded with matching stones.

Walima brides should wear a statement crystal or zircone choker necklace with a maxi.

For a traditional tribal look, you should pick some afghani choker paired with earrings at cultural events.

Choker Necklace To Wear On Pakistani Occasions 2022

Ladies! It’s time to accessorize yourself ! Picking the right jewelry on the right occasion is really an art for women. As you know that choker necklace can spontaneously add a nice blend of glamour and style in your dress. Here we will present some tips to make a statement with these necklace


  • Know the theme of the occasion
  • Your necklace and other jewelry should compliment your dress
  • Your necklace design should not be out of fashion

Pakistani women often try to create a unique but stylish look at every event whether it’s Shadi, Engagement, Nikkah, Birthday party, or Eid day. But you should consider the trick when and how!

Read more to know about the different styling tips with choker necklaces at different events.

No.OccasionChoker necklace styleStyling Look
1Mayo Mehandi
Tribal chokers
Kundan chokers
Polki choker
Gold choker
Traditional or desi look
2Engagement Statement choker
Pearl choker
Gold choker
Decent and elegant look
3NikkahKundan choker
Pearl choker
Crystal choker
Traditional and outstanding look
4WalimaStatement chokers
Pearls chokers
Diamond choker
Gold choker
Bold and statement look
5Birthday partyGold choker
Simple pearl chokers
Metallic chokers
Modest but creative look
6EidStatement chokers
Gold choker
Velvet strap choker
Graceful and stunning look
7Family get togetherSimple metallic choker
Strap choker
Easy and smart look

Hiba Creations Customers Reviews

All our beautiful leadies who buy from Hiba Creations are very happy becasue our earrings quality wise amazing and we have uniqe colors and designs. In Review section you can check our customers reviews.

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