Famous Jewellery Brands in Pakistan 2022

Are you a jewellery lover? Do you love trying out new jewellery pieces? Every Pakistani girl wants to look beautiful at events like Barat, Mehendi, Dholki, and parties. Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi local markets have stylish and reasonable jewellery pieces.

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Famous Jewellery Brands in Pakistan 2022

Be it a small dinner or grand event; girls are very selective about jewellery. Perfect jewellery does not only enhance your outfit but also add glamour and spark to your look.

Some famous jewellery brands in Pakistan tries to meet the requirements of customers. These brand designers are working hard to introduce new designs.

Are you facing any problems choosing the best brand for your upcoming event? Hang in tight there. I will share the details of some famous Pakistani brands to sort out your problem.

Famous Jewellery Brands in Pakistan 2022

There are many renowned jewellery brands in Pakistan that you can count on. These brands never fail in impressing their clients with their different and unique designs.

Pakistani designers and brands try to think out of the box for their new designs. I am mentioning details of some of the famous brands for your ease.

Afzal Jewellers :

Afzal jewellers is located in Gulberg, Lahore. They have unique and different designs. From gold to diamond, heavy to light, you can find everything in one store. It offers a wide range of diamond, pearl and gold jewellery.

In 2017, Afzal jewellers also won the ‘Best Jewelers of the year’ award at IPPA London. Afzal Jewelers is one of the oldest in the business, existing before the time of partition of the subcontinent.

They have carved a firm name for themselves by selling and creating their unique designs. These designs include exquisite Italian earrings, Mughal-era inspired Polki and more delicate designs.

Mr. Kamran Afzal is the current CEO of Afzal Jewelers and is all set to make this brand a pioneer in bringing fine jewellery to the internet world.

One of the most striking jewellery pieces by Afzal Jewelers is their maid of honour, ‘Matha Patti’, which has a dull gold finish and is adorned with Bikaneri pachi Kundan alongside mineral stone zircons, iolite, and pearls as well.

Ary Jewellers:

Aryjewellers is one of the most famous jewellery brands everyone knows. Ary has different branches in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi. They have a wide variety of gold, silver and diamond. Ary is famous for its gold jewellery as it deals in 18, 20 and 22 karate.

According to them, they have the ‘purest gold on earth.’ Their silver jewellery is another eye-catcher. Ary is also the first and trustworthy jewellery brand that sell gold online.What makes this jewel brand stand out from the rest of the businesses in the same industry is its versatility in designs and available collections.

Their central point of distinction is gold jewellery in 18, 21, and 24 karats. Their pieces of fine jewellery are for everyone, where the buyer needs to pay the price of gold and doesn’t have to pay any cost of making or sourcing the jewellery.

Ary Jewelers send out several promotions and discounts without compromising on the quality in any way. They carve elegant contemporary designs with traditional ones and make them purest gold.

Other than jewellery, it also sells striking watches.Kamran Samana is the current CEO of ARY Jewelers, with Hassan Samana as the company manager.

The business has an estimated annual revenue of US $17.9 million and has a strong team of about 92 employees. You can find their shop at the trade Centre on Tariq Road in Karachi.

Mahfooz Jewellers:

From earrings to rings, Mahfooz jewellers have everything beautifully customized. Mahfooz jewellers are one of the famous jewellery stores in Lahore. What makes mahfooz jewellers stand out is their customization service.

Mahfooz jewellers also customize the design of your choice. Their gold jewellery comes with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Mahfooz Jewellers was established a long time back in the 1980s.

It has made its mark as one of the finest in the markets of Lahore. They have a trustworthy service and have rates lower than the average market price. They are located in the Liberty Market in Gulberg, Lahore.

Almas Jewellers:

Almas jewellers is a family-owned business founded in 1967 in Lahore. Later, Almas opened its branch in Karachi and Dallas, Texas. The main target of Almas is customer satisfaction. Almas provide the best products at competitive market rates.

They have a unique three-piece bridal set and jahez set. Be it Bridal heavy jewellery sets, rings, earrings, and bracelets, or gold-plated stones, Almas has got your back.

‘Almas’ is a combination of two Arabic words translated as ‘Diamond’ and ‘Passion’. ‘Ishtiaque’ in Arabic is ‘Passion’. The exquisite brand was started by Almas Ishtiaque and passed on for generations from father to son for the past fifty years.

The foundation of this brand was set on the Independence Day of Pakistan, which is August 14.You can buy from them online or visit their stores in person.

They keep strong control over quality by performing at least two checks – first at the factories and second when the collection arrives in store.

Almas is also GIA certified, which checks and approves the quality of the diamonds being sold. They have a refund policy that you can read about on their website and several payment options.

Damas Jewellers:

Damas is famous in Pakistan and the middle east. Its headquarters is in the United Arab Emirates. Damas now have more than 300 stores across 6 countries. Damas is very passionate about its jewellery.

Damas always sets new trends through its innovative designs. Their designs are designed both for everyday wear and more formal evening wear. OneSixEight, Vera and Forevermark are some brands that Damas showcase.

This jewellery brand has been in business since 1907 and has a history of providing the best pieces for over 100 years. The name Damas is synonymous with the Arabian aesthetic’s luxurious and ever-green jewellery.

It is one of the first lifestyle destinations and isn’t just a jewellery shop but a whole experience. Damas is a collection of brands. It’s Djula Paris, founded by the artistic director Alexandre Carrot in 1994, and is a Parisian jewellery house.

Damas started expansion to MENA and GCC regions in the 2000s and has grown exponentially. Damas’ Diamond Division was established in 1995 to handle the sourcing of loose stones and finished customized diamond jewellery.

Damas also sells international brands in their retail outlets and have been doing so since 1985. To its name, Damas has the credit of introducing Italian-made diamond jewellery to the middle eastern markets. Safe to say, this will be an excellent place to put your money in as they know their stuff.

Hanif Jewellers :

Hanif jeweller is a famous retail store. Hanif jewellers is famous for its classic and unique designs. If you are looking for elegant jewellery pieces or beautiful watches, then hanif jewellers are your destination.

Its store is in Gulberg Lahore. You can find a beautiful collection of gold, diamond and gemstones.

Waseem Jewellers:

Waseem jewellers is one of the top Gold Jewellery and Diamond Rings brands. It is located in Lahore. Waseem jewellers give its customer the best product at a competitive market salary. Every design is customized, keeping in mind the customer’s need.

Their products include sets and separate accessories. Chaudhry Muhammad Afzal founded Waseem Jewellers in 1952. He belonged to a jewellers family living in Lahore and took over the strings to help with the ancestral jewellery business, which later flourished under his command.

They aim to provide pure jewellery at an affordable rate. The late Muhammad Afzal started this business focusing on a customer-centric approach.


Zevar was launched in 2015 and touched the sky of success quickly. Zevar design its jewellery in a way that gives you a feeling of a princess.

It is available internationally and has all kinds of jewellery, including rings, earrings, bangles, lockets, chokers, brooches and anklets. Zevar has carved its niche in the national and international markets.

They supply gold, diamond, and silver jewellery and provide handmade jewellery, thewa, polki, meenakari, meena, kundan, Victorian, Indian jewellery, and many more designs.

They have brought antiquity and modernity together. You can get them online as well as in-store.

Anzay Jewellery:

Anzay jewellery is one of the leading jewellery brands in Lahore. It has been running since 2004. They also have an outlet in Murree. You can also buy jewellery online through their website. Anzay jewellery offers every type of jewellery. Its jewellery is decent and beautifully designed. They say their jewellery is “not for the ordinary” for a classic tagline.

They have been living up to it by providing bold and beautiful pieces. You can get a membership with them, which offers discounts, gifts, and several offers.


If you are looking for perfect jewellery pieces, Patiala is another renowned Pakistan jewellery brand. Its button earrings, matching pendants, studs and baalian are top-rated and noticeable products.

You can visit them in Islamabad and Rawalpindi to check out their superb designs. Their bangles, Karras, solitaire rings, and earrings are heart winners.

Patiala is different from other jewellery brands because certified diamond experts provide a free consultation about diamonds.


Are you getting engaged and want to gift the best engagement ring to your fiance? Solitaire is the brand you should opt for. Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring or diamond neckless for your wedding, solitaire got your back.

Expert designers can bring your dream jewellery into reality. They customize jewellery according to your likings. Solitaire wins the heart of the customer by their unique handcrafted jewellery pieces.


Every silver jewellery lover love jewelex. Jewelex also offers a gold range, but their silver jewellery grabs the clients’ attention. You can visit them in Gol Market, Islamabad. their quality and designs are unique and impressive.

If you want to buy something silver and sparkly for daily wear, visit jewelex. Jewelex will never disappoint you.

Chandi Mahal Silver Jewellery:

Chandi Mahal is also a very well-known Pakistani jewellery brand. Chandi mahal offers reasonable yet beautiful jewellery pieces. You can find pretty silver earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets and whatnot. You can find them at Nazimabad, Karachi.

You can also visit their online page named ‘Chandi Mahal trendy silver jewellery store’. They have simple daily wear as well as heavy party wear jewellery.

Hamna Amir Jewelers:

Hamna Amir jewelers crafts everything uniquely. Hamna amir’s designer works many hours and crafts an excellent jewellery piece. Hamna Amir is a luxury destination for brides.

Hamna Amir gives a different type of confidence to the brides. You will find a unique gemstone collection at Hamna Amir jewellers.

Zaheen Kamran:

The founder of another leading Pakistani brand is Zaheen Kamran. Their jewellery pieces are beautifully handcrafted. Zaheen showcases both traditional and modern designs. What makes them stand out from the crowd is that they use gemstones and pearls in their jewellery pieces. Their gold and silver jewellery are both in demand.

Needles Jewellers:

Needle jewellers is another famous name of Pakistan jewellery brand. Their products are for women of all ages. Teenagers, as well as old aged women, can wear and slay their jewellery pieces.

Their bracelets are the most demanding in the market due to their shine and look. They have different materials and variety which you can choose accordingly.

Glare Jewels:

Glare jewels is another reliable and well-known name of Pakistani jewellery brands. Glare jewels are indeed for you if you want to follow the Mughal theme at your wedding.

Once you check out their designs, you will never want to wear anything different at your wedding. Glare jewels will help you slay your wedding event. Their Mughal theme-based jewellery gives a traditional as well as perfect look.


Buying jewellery for yourself? It can be confusing as so many different options are available today with unique designs. Every piece looks beautiful, and you want to own it right away.

So, how do you decide which jewellery to buy? Follow all the tips and check for them before you invest in any heavy piece of jewellery as the right choice can last you for years.

Type of Jewelry:

There are so many types and forms of jewellery available that you get lost. To choose the absolute best, you must know what pieces you like to wear the most. On a typical jewellery shop that doesn’t specialize in the form of jewellery, you will find necklaces, earrings, anklets, armlets, bangles, beads and charms, bracelets, brooches, chains, chokers, hairpins, pendants, rings, and watches.

You can’t buy all but a classic pair of earrings, a classic design of necklace or choker, and some bold rings can usually up the charm of any look – bridal, formal, or casual.

Check Also :

Know your Style:

If you don’t know it, discover it. You must know what pieces compliment you the most and which ones are you the most comfortable wearing before buying expensive jewellery and not wearing it ever.

To discover your style, look inside your wardrobe. What is it like? Is it mostly formals to wear to the office, or do you have more feminine florals in there? Maybe you go with blacks and solids and not colourful clothing.

Once you know your wardrobe, you can match your jewellery according to it. You would need lighter but signature pieces for the office to give you a put-together look.

But if you mostly wear jewellery at parties and have a floral wardrobe, you will need pendants, drop earrings, and maybe a diamond bracelet. Another way to know your style is to ask yourself whether you prefer minimal, bold, or mixed jewellery and then go for it.


The main point you must tick off before going towards that jewellery shop is your budget. Buying the main piece of jewellery like a gold set can be expensive, so you might want to set aside some money in a savings account before you begin filling your jewellery box.

The price will vary depending on the piece’s material and how vast and unique the jewellery is. If you have a limited budget, consider buying gold pieces with no gemstone, perfect for an essential wardrobe, a chain necklace, or a basic signet ring.

If you something special and unique but on a low budget, go for not-so-popular gemstones, which will provide the same wow effect at an affordable rate. Freshwater pearls are another excellent option for elegant jewellery at a low rate.

Brand Loyalty:

Big branded jewellery can sometimes be misleading. You want to know whether you are getting your money’s worth. If you consider buying from a big name, check to see details of their craftsmanship.

Having only a famous logo and no other information often means low-quality. So, you must check whether the company you have chosen has the brand value you perceive. See our guide above for some best Jewelers in Pakistan.

Timeless Silver:

Silver has its disadvantages, making it look like it is not an excellent fit for long-term use, such as for an engagement ring. Moreover, the flawless shine of a gold jewel can overshadow the subtle elegance of a silver piece of jewellery.

It couldn’t be more wrong. The correct silver makes for stunning jewellery and gives a brilliant contrast to several gems like emerald, topaz, ruby, even pearls, and more. Sterling silver is solid and easy to maintain. Not to mention the affordability as compared to a gold piece.

Diamonds and Gemstones:

Now, this is where you need to be vigilant. Research on the types of gems and diamonds you intend to buy and what kind are available out there. Don’t go shopping for diamonds or precious gemstones without knowing where you are putting your money as these can be the most expensive forms of jewellery.

But having just one diamond piece can amp up your entire wardrobe. That’s the versatility of it.If you want to gift someone a gemstone or birthstone, look for lesser-known gemstone as they have a lower price tag and still make for unique gifts.

Expert Opinion:

The best place to get to know the jewellery you want to invest in is a jeweller’s shop. But never go asking for opinion from the same jeweller from where you intend to make your purchase.

For an unbiased view, look online, ask small jewellery shops, maybe an elder who has ample knowledge of jewellery, or just anyplace you are purchasing from.

Get a Trusted Second Opinion:

Your trusted friends and family members can often guide you better in terms of what looks best on you and what you should buy. So, if you can get someone’s honest opinion on a piece of jewellery you are looking to buy.

Compare Prices:

  • When you buy something pricey, don’t ever purchase the first thing that catches sight.
  • Shop around and look carefully.
  • Compare the pieces and their prices from different shops.
  • Invest only after you are completely sure.

Maintenance of your Precious Investment:

Protect what you have bought with your hard-earned money. Before taking the plunge and putting your money in an expensive set, you need to know whether the jeweller provides warranty for your set or not.

In today’s day and age, a warranty usually covers an annual cleaning and a regular checkup by your jeweller with a gem scope or a loupe to make sure your jewellery doesn’t need any repairs.

The warranty or service plan should cover the expense of typical repairs like reshaping the ring, prong re-tipping, and rhodium plating. You may also want to consider getting insurance.

See Also : Best Online Jewellery Shopping Websites in Pakistan 

It seems far-fetched, but if you have invested in an expensive piece of jewellery, insurance can save you a lot of money in case of any mishap. Make sure to check the full details of the insurance before taking any.

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