20 Top & Famous Fashion Magazines in Pakistan 2022

Are you a fashion lover woman who wants to stay updated about the latest trends in Pakistan 2022? Most people think that Before social media, fashion magazines were the only source to stay updated in Pakistan.

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14 Top & Famous Fashion Magazines in Pakistan 2022

But also in  2022, these Pakistani fashion magazines 2022 are still a reliable source of current fashion trends, fashion news, the fashion industry, and much more.  A fashion magazine can offer you a lot more than that, or it plays the role of our best advisor in different ways.

Every Pakistani woman is always in the search of trendy fashion, thus popular celebrities remain the center of focus, they always follow their latest look, their makeup, hairstyles, dresses, fitness, and other lifestyles.

Therefore, many fashion magazines in Pakistan 2022 are updating you with the latest trends every month. But this is not all about them, fashion magazines focus on a wide aspect of our lives including fashion news, trendy talks, beauty tips, health tips, travel guides, relationship advice, horoscopes,  celebrity gossip, and much more.

If you love to stay updated about the latest fashion trends in 2022,  you should keep an eye on our top selection of fashion magazines in Pakistan.

  1. Mag- the weekly
  2. Sunday Magazine
  3. Paparazzi.
  4. She magazine
  5. INK Pakistan
  6. Me and my wedding
  7. Style 360 Glam
  8. E buzz Mag
  9. Brides and you
  10. Hello Pakistan
  11. Good times
  12. Mix plate magazine
  13. High profile
  14. Grazia
  15. Family Magazine
  16. Akhbare Jahan
  17. Fashion central
  18. Diva Magazine
  19. Fashion collection
  20. Libas

1. Meg- the Weekly

Mag the weekly, is one of the best-selling fashion magazines in Pakistan. It leads the Pakistani printed media for many years, which always attracts its readers with colorful, eye-catching images every week. This fashion magazine covers all the fashion news, horoscopes, informative health or beauty articles, gossip, and all sorts of valuable information for Pakistani people in 2022.

Moreover, this magazine is available at every city’s local shop at cheap Pakistani rates. You can buy the latest Mag weekly to keep you updated in the Pakistani fashion race.

2. Sunday Magazine

How many of you don’t know about Sunday Magazine? It is the most famous fashion Magazine in Pakistan which is loved by people of all ages. Sunday magazine has all sorts of content relating to fashion trends, lifestyle, health benefits, beauty tips, horoscope, and Pakistani culture.

Besides these Sunday magazines also feature Pakistani fashion shows, celebrity chit-chat to entertain the Pakistani people every Sunday. No doubt it is the most favorite fashion magazine of young girls, which is always loaded with the latest fashion clothes and model pictures. Let’s pick the next edition of Sunday magazine and make your boring Sunday a fun day.

3. Paparazzi

Are you a woman who did not just rely on Pakistani fashion but wants to know about international fashions?

Paparazzi is the first fashion magazine in Pakistan that provides International fashion news together with Pakistani trends. Unlike other magazines, it perfectly covers the whole article on fashion, lifestyle, health, and clothing as well. After all, Paparazzi is a great source of the international electronic publication of fashion magazines, which will attract its customers with a complete archive of formal and traditional fashion news with compelling illustrations.

Further, Paparazzi can entertain both men and women in the same edition with the fashion news. Stay revamped with paparazzi’s latest publication in 2022.

4. SHE Magazine

SHE fashion magazine is one of the prime fashion magazines in Pakistan which is being published in both printed and e-magazine form in Pakistan. The magazine also has a uniqueness to cover both international and Pakistani fashion trends. SHE magazine is considered one of the oldest Pakistani fashion magazines since the ’90s and is still listed as the top Fashion magazine in Pakistan. It has a nice arrangement of articles on fashion sensations, beauty, hair, and skincare tips, designer’s top picks, horoscopes, and health. Just keep yourself updated with the latest SHE Fashion Magazine’s monthly edition in 2022.

5. INK Pakistan

It is another top-rated lifestyle and fashion magazine in Pakistan which has come up with Bollywood and Hollywood’s latest fashion trends in Pakistan since 2012. Since then it has made an impression on the Pakistani fashion industry. Now in 2022, this magazine has stabilized itself as one of the finest, best, and most informative fashion magazines with international projects. INk Pakistan will keep you updated with entertainment, fashion, and fitness ideas.

The magazine publishes its edition quarterly every year. Grab INK fashion magazine and stay trendy with local and international fashion news in 2022.

6. Me & My Wedding

Let’s entertain ourselves with the first-ever bridal fashion magazine in Pakistan named Me & My wedding. Since 2000, Me & My wedding has been the only fashion guide in Pakistan that will help you to turn your big day into a memorable day. It will update you about the latest bridal designer’s fashion like bridal jodra, bridal jewelry, and the latest bridal makeup in every publication.

Not only this, This wedding magazine covers almost every aspect of Pakistani wedding including, wedding dresses from traditional to modern, makeup ideas, grooming tips for the groom, and Pakistani wedding traditions in both printed and e-magazine patterns.

If you are going to marry in 2022, you must read the Me & My wedding’s latest edition to make your wedding day a big day.

7. Style 360 Glam

Style 360 glam is also a top-viewed lifestyle and fashion magazine in Pakistan that features glamour, lifestyle, arts, and media in 2012. It is a publication of famous Pakistani TV, which gained much popularity in 2012 with a different theme.

Besides women’s fashion, it also covers men’s fashion, with the basics fashion trends related to men, nutrition articles, success stories, relationship ideas, Tv shows, celebrity features, and much more. Style 360 glam brings the Pakistani glamour and the latest fashion clothing tend regularly to make a strong fan base.

Buy this fashion magazine in Pakistan from any retailer and groom your fashion germs with the latest trends in 2022.

8. E buzz Magazine

E buzz fashion magazine basically encircles the fashion and entertainment news with enchanting cover stories in Pakistan. This publication can amuse you with the latest tv, film, and fashion shows together with beauty and fashion.

Everything has been covered here which relates to glamour, style, news in the Pakistani fashion industry. If you are keen to know everything about celebrities, like their lifestyle, gossip, fashion ideas you must have got the latest issue as soon as possible.

9. Brides and You

Unlike other fashion magazines in Pakistan, brides and you are based on bridal fashion since 2001. This magazine is a quarterly fashion magazine that was launched to fulfill the bridal fashion needs of every girl. Its attractive editorial section containing the exclusive photoshoots of bridal designers, makeup artists, and jewelry designers helped it to raise the standard among the bridal fashion magazines in Pakistan in 2022.

Furthermore, you can find a complete guide on a variety of topics from fashion to lifestyle, events to celebrity interviews, health to relationships advice in Pakistan. So, order the latest Brides and You fashion magazine and get ready to have a different try with bridal fashion.

10. Hello

Hello! Pakistan is a best-selling monthly lifestyle and fashion magazine in Pakistan, covering everything from cuisine and culture to fashion and celebrities.

The magazine covers local as well as international fashion and lifestyle events, like fashion, entertainment, celebrity gossip, trendy news, social trends, sports, lifestyles, and much more.

Get your hands on the latest issue of hello Pakistan fashion magazine and keep yourself updated with the latest fashion or trendy news and events in 2022.

11. Good times

Good times magazine is Pakistan’s first fortnightly covering lifestyles, fashion, food, and culture. Its editorial content beautifully compiled the cultural, fashion, health, clothing, and artistic activities in Pakistan. That’s why it is among the largest hot-selling fashion magazines in Pakistan. Not only this it also includes International fashion articles and celebrity gossip.

Like others, this magazine is also available in both printed and e-mag forms. Pick quickly and discover the latest gossip in fashion and trends.

12. Mix plate Magazine

Mix plate magazine is an exclusive addition among the fashion magazines in Pakistan, which not only gives you fashion and lifestyle trends but offers a lot more from almost every aspect of life. It will take out you towards the world of fashion to technology, motivational to social changes, events to culture, movies or book reviews to guest bloggers.

Mix plate magazine’s editor can inspire your mind and heart through their informative articles and illustrations. Not only this, but it also elaborates on personal lives with relationship advice. In short, this magazine is just like all in one among the Pakistani fashion magazines.

To uplift your personal lifestyle and fashion sense with the latest Mix plate publication.

13. High profile

High-profile fashion magazine is another fashion icon among Pakistani magazines. As the name suggests, it relates to the high-profile men’s and women’s fashion and lifestyles in Pakistan.

This fashion magazine features the latest fashion trend articles along with health and fitness articles for both men and women. Issue up their latest edition and keep yourself forward in the latest fashion competition.

14. Grazia

Grazia is also a well-known name among fashion magazines in Pakistan.  It is a real innovation for the Pakistani fashion industry which is known as the country’s first international fashion magazine about fashion, beauty, entertainment, and news in 2022.

It predicts the fashion insights for its readers with celebrity looks, designers’ trends, and fashion walks in Pakistan.  You can amaze yourself with the latest trends in Pakistan with Grazia Pakistan’s latest edition. So get yours quickly from any retailer in Pakistan.

15# Family Magazine

The family magazine in Urdu fashion and family magazine in Pakistan. As the name suggests, it is a favorite magazine of every Pakistani family member. Though being famous with people of all ages it is being published from different cities of Pakistan at the same time. It is one of the most popular and most trusted magazines in Pakistan. 

Family magazines published everything related to fun and family including, fashion trends, clothing designs, tv shows, film tales, celebrity corners, kids corners, trendy news, current affairs, health or beauty tips, fashion shows, or events every week. 

You can purchase family magazines at very cheap rates anywhere in your local city and stay updated with the latest stories and expert reviews in 2022. 

16# Akhbare Jahan

Who doesn’t know about Akhbar-e- Jahan magazine. This magazine is Pakistan’s largest circulating full-colored Urdu magazine or known as a family magazine. It is the only fashion magazine in Pakistan that is distributed in urban as well as rural areas of Pakistan every month. 

Pakistani people especially young girls love to read their latest fashion articles, Aur Urdu digest. Magazine also has central attention due to its colorful photoshoot of models, wearing alluring dresses. 

Akhbar Jahan includes the latest fashion ideas, model shoots, health articles, hair or skincare tips, horoscopes, breaking news, celebrity interviews, cooking recipes, fun activities for kids, international fashion news, and much more.  So stay reworked and get the latest edition of this fashion magazine in Pakistan.  

17# Fashion central

Fashion central is an online fashion magazine in Pakistan based in Lahore. Which provides great coverage of Pakistani fashion industry news.

Fashion central’s main categories include fashion designers, models, stylists, fashion shows or events, trends, lifestyle, celebrity gossip, and photographers section. Their subcategory includes health and beauty, parenting, fashion accessories, food, and home decor ideas. 

Fashion central also presents the men’s corner, which contains men grooming articles or blogs. Subscribe To fashion central and keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends in Pakistan 2022.  

18# Diva Magazine

Diva is also one of the leading online fashion magazines in Pakistan. Which has been entertaining Pakistani people since 2002, a monthly publication based in Karachi. 

Since 2002, it has not only helped different designers, models, photographers, writers with their careers but also served as a platform to introduce many new faces in the fashion industry. 

Diva online presents valuable or trusted reading material for Pakistani people with a fine and sophisticated look. Plus, It casts in-depth local and international fashion or lifestyle news. So, stop waiting and subscribe to Diva’s online fashion magazine to explore the latest fashion news. 

19# Fashion collection

The fashion collection is one of the exclusive fashion and lifestyle magazines in Pakistan that is devoted to providing you with fashion and style. Editor’s devotions make this magazine Pakistan’s no one online magazine which regularly issues their latest publication.

The magazine features textile, lifestyle, hairdressing, makeup trends, and much more. In short,  You can enjoy everything related to entertainment and fun. Enough? So, Get your hands on the monthly Fashion collection magazine. 

20# Libas

Libas magazine is now a digital publication in Pakistan. Which provides a great range of global fashion and lifestyle with a focus on Pakistan. Libas publishes original and valuable content on designers to chefs, makeup artists to hairstylists, fashion designers to instructors, travel guides to expert reviews. 

Furthermore, labs now give their readers a special fashion forum from all over the world. You can find the most exotic fashion trends coming from India and UAE in Libas fashion magazine. 

Libas continue to bring unexplored fashion and unrevealed stories to Pakistan. To subscribe to labs online, it might be a Magazine you need to get your hands on. 

Fashion Magazines in Pakistan List 2022 Name & Websites

No.Magazine NameMagazine Websites
1meg the weekly magazinewww.magtheweekly.com
2Sunday Magazinewww.sunday.com.pk
4She magazinewww.shemagazinepk.com
5INK Pakistan
6Me and my weddingwww.meandmywedding.org
7Style 360 Glamwww.fashion360.pk
8E buzz Magwww.ebuzztoday.com
9Brides and youwww.bridesandyou.com
10Hello Pakistanwww.hmagpak.com
11Good timeswww.goodtimes.com.pk
12Mix plate magazinewww.mixplatemagazine.com.pk
13High profilewww.highprofilemag.com


So, these are the top and best fashion magazines in Pakistan 2022. All these magazines have made a special space in their reader’s hearts that has made them stand out locally and internationally. We suggest that, If you did not read any of these magazines, go out and pick the best right now

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