International Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2022

International Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2022

Every Pakistani girl wants to look beautiful on different occasions like Barat, Mehendi, mayun, and parties. Clothing is the key to a beautiful look as your dressing describes your personality.

Pakistan has many amazing brands which manufacture a great line of traditional designs clothing for these events. You can easily find their outlets in different cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

International Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2022

You can also get western outfits from these brands but the class of international brands is incomparable. Many international brands have an outstanding clothing collection.

To know more about international brands that ship in Pakistan keep reading. In this post, we will introduce you to the best international clothing brand in Pakistan in 2022.

International Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2022

Let’s discuss each one of them in detail …

1. Debenhams

Debenhams is a renowned name when it comes to the best international brands. It is established in 1778 in London. The brand is developed now with around 178 stores in different countries across the world.

From clothes to bags, shoes to lingerie, makeup to skincare products, they have everything at their single store. In 2021 an online retailer boohoo purchased the store.

Later the website with the name tag was launched to provide people a facility to order online from any corner of the world.

Visit their website to check out the collection as their website is well established with a different section for each category.

2. Accessorize

Accessorize is also well known international brand having two separate lines i.e. Clothing and accessories. The brand opened its first shop in London in 1984.

They are now operating more than 180 stores in the UK. Their stores have different sections for every category like clothes, jewelry, shoes, gifts, and handbags.

The story does not end here they also have an amazing collection of house accessories that you can use to decorate your house.

To make them available for everyone they deliver their products worldwide. Visit their website to place your order now.

3. Nike

Nike is one of the leading international brands that manufactures and supplies sports shoes and equipment. The company in 1964 was initially named blue ribbon sports, which later on became Nike in 1971.

Nike used to sell footwear only, but later in the 20s, they introduced their clothing line for boys and girls. Their clothing line for women includes pants, sweaters, tops, leggings, swimsuits, skirts, and whatnot.

Their tracksuits and shell suits are the most demanding item. If you are a sports lover and looking for something comfy and stylish then visit their website to shop.

4. Claire’s

Claire’s, which is known as claire’s boutique, have two categories, clothing and accessory. Claire’s expanded its root by operating 3469 stores in 37 countries.

There is no mall in the USA lacking claire’s boutique. Claire’s offers accessories for every age group. The main focus is on tweens and teens. Claire’s designs are stylish and decent.

They have launched their online shopping website to make themselves accessible worldwide. The best part of claire’s is that they customize special dresses for specific events like valentine’s day and Christmas. 

5. Pepe Jeans

Pepe jeans were founded by three brothers who ran stalls every weekend. As the name indicates, it is a brand of denim and casual wear jeans.

It gained a lot of name and fame due to the quality and perfect fitting of jeans. Their collection is so good and comfortable for casual as well as formal events.

They have also launched their online website, which you can visit and check out their entire collection. They have a different section for men, women, boys, girls, and kids. 

If you are looking for a perfect pair of jeans or skinny then Pepe jeans should be your stop.

6. Giordano

Giordano is another leading international clothing brand introduced in Hong Kong in 1981. The brand now has more than 2000 stores in over 30 countries. It has also made a user-friendly website for the people who cannot visit their store.

In their designs, there is a clear picture of their statement think globally, act locally. They have separate designs for men, women, and kids. Simplicity is the key to their clothing designs.

The brand’s aim is to make others ‘feel good and look great.’ the look of their designs is perfect for every event, occasion, and daily wear.

Visit their website and check out the beautiful clothing collection.

7. Dockers

Dockers is also a famous international clothing brand. The brand was founded in 1986 with a men’s clothing line. Later in 1993, the brand introduced a clothing line for women too.

The quality and collection of dockers are so mesmerizing that you would not like to miss out. The brand started with casual wear dresses that extended to formals, professional wear, travel wear, and accessories.

8. Vince

Vince is a big name of international clothing brands. Its unique styles and designs are what make them stand from the crowd. Vince collection is so beautiful that women of every age group are attracted to it.

The clothing line is not the only thing they offer. They design all seosanal clothes for both men and women. Their website has a complete detail of every product you can visit to shop anything online. You can also avail of 15% off on your first order through their website.

9. Puma

Puma is an international brand that offers clothes, shoes, and accessories. The brand is the third-largest manufacturer of sportswear. Their clothes are well designed for football, basketball, running, fitness, and training.

Puma dresses contain the logo of puma on it. They have sports equipment as well as accessories. Their product line is different for every country depending upon the demand. The brand became successful within a short period.

The puma offers the product at low prices as compared to their competitors. Visit their website to check out the price of every product before purchasing.

10. Next

Next is a prominent name in the best international clothing brand. It has a good collection of clothing, accessories, and home products. The brand has around 700 stores in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the middle east. From footwear to accessories, from casual clothes to nightsuits.

You can find everything in this store. They have an online website from which you can shop without any hassle. They have a different clothing line for men, women, kids, and teens.

10. Mango

Mango is a leading international brand in the industry. The brand was founded in 1984, in Spain. The brand manufactures clothing and accessories lines for men, women, and children.

The quality of mango clothes is very good. What makes mango unique is its continuous adoption of the latest trends, which is obvious in its designs. You can signup on to their website to keep yourself up to date.

Their shirts and tops are real heart winners.Visit their website and buy your favorite shirt now.

10. Aldo

Aldo is another renowned international clothing brand that everyone enjoys wearing. You can find everything in their clothing, i.e. Stylish, chic, and trendy. Bags, accessories, heels, shoes, clothing, you name it, they have it.

Their collection is relaxing that grabs the attention instantly. Most of the girls are die-hard fans of their bags. Visiting the Aldo store means going to the paradise of this world.

They have the details of every product mentioned on their website. Click on the link and check their website.

10. Adidas

Adidas is an amazing international brand that the logo can easily recognize. Its the second-largest brand in the world that manufacturers and sells sportswear.

The brand was introduced in 1963 when football players were looking for lightweight shoes. Adidas clothing line is specially designed for players of different games.

The brand’s item includes clothes, watches, shades, socks, running and streetwear shoes, football shoes, and other game utilities.

The products do not stop here. They have a separate line for antiperspirants, scents, facial cleansers, and aftershave lotions. They have designed an online website for their loyal clients.

10. Levi’s

The brand was founded in 1853 and is well known for its denim jeans. A wide variety of jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, tees, denim, and jackets is produced by Levi’s. They launch different collections according to different seasons for men, women, and kids.

If you want a good pair of jeans or denim jacket at your doorstep, check out their online website.

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