Buy Online Locket Design and Price in Pakistan [Updated 2022]

Buy Online Lockets for Girls in Pakistan - New Designs 2022/ 2023, Cash on Delivery

Girls love to wear jewellery on occasions like Mehendi, Barat, Walima, and parties. Every type of lockets is available in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad markets.

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The locket is the part of jewelry that enhances your beauty. It changes the person’s look. The most beautiful and charming accessory to enhance the beauty of the neck is the simple chain with an eye-catching locket of different shapes.

Buy Online Locket Design 2022 and Price in Pakistan. Allah Name, Hearts, Loves, Name Lockets for Girls, Locket Set for Ladies. Cash on Delivery.

A locket is the most demanding fashion accessory for both men and women in today’s time. They are popular with people of all age groups.

You can get an amazing collection of Lockets at Hiba Creation. We deliver in 2-3 days. If your order is more than 2000/Rs, you will get free delivery. Do not forget to check out our new locket set collection 2022 in Pakistan.

If you want to know about the locket, then do not skip it. We will share some information, including Locket New Designs 2022, Size, Shapes, Latest Prices, and much more, in this post.

Lockets Shape

When you buy a locket, you can find a lot of designs, materials, and shapes. Lockets are available in a variety of shapes which includes:

  • Ovals
  • Hearts
  • Circles
  • Teardrops
  • Squares
  • Boxes
  • Stars
  • Animals
  • Moons
  • Diamonds
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Shoes and what not

Hearts and ovals are the most common design of lockets, but in modern design, you will find more circular and square shape lockets. The shapes come in different options, with different styles and frame types.

Locket Size

Locket size depends on how long the chain is and the size of the pendant attached to it. Usually, you can find it in three sizes

  1. Short 
  2. Medium
  3. Long
  • Short locket will stay within your neck 
  • Medium locket will hang little below the neck
  • Long locket will hang below the chest.

Locket Material

The material of the locket is a very important factor as it is in direct contact with your skin. The locket is designed using many different materials like gold, silver, brass, platinum, stainless steel, gold plated, silver plated, and rhodium-plated metals.

Locket Stones

The look of the locket depends upon the stones. The designer uses different stones for the look of lockets. Some of them are:

  • Pearls
  • Diamonds
  • Ruby
  • Sapphires
  • Emerald
  • Crystals
  • Gemstones
  • Colourful stones

New Trends Lockets Styles 2022 in Pakistan

Lockets are the best way to style yourself beautifully and it is a must part of your jewelry box. These pendants come in different styles like holding pictures, small objects, fragrances, and even stones. Please stay connected with us and read about five popular types of lockets.

The standard locket is the style of a locket that everyone knows best. You can find these lockets in the shape of a heart, circle, oval, or cushion. You can add favorite pictures or names of your spouse, friend, and any family member with a frame. You can also keep it simple with a simple pendant.

These lockets are the family-sized version of lockets. These lockets act as a flipbook to hold more than two pictures. It is affordable in silver and brass material.

Scent lockets come in two forms; solid and enclosed perfume lockets. The locket acts as a typical locket with the deeper side that carries perfume, and it allows you to open the locket and apply the solid perfume to your neck at any time. These lockets are unique and lovely.

Momento lockets easily hold small objects, but standard lockets can’t. these can also hold other things such as small dried flowers, a little note, and other tiny objects that can fit according to the size given.

Glass or crystal lockets allow you to see inside. Because of their precise construction, they are also called floating lockets. These lockets are more modern than others and give you a classy look and change your look in a single minute.

These all styles are in trend, and you can easily wear them in your daily routine. It goes with every type of outfit.

Lockets Latest Design in Pakistan 2022

You can find unlimited types of lockets in the local markets, but here we have shortlisted some well-known types of lockets for you:

A simple photo locket in gold colour is trending these days. People love to impose their picture on the locket. This locket is openable, and the images are printed on the inner side.

Diamond is the sign of purity and never goes out of fashion. Diamonds never lost its priceless nature for thousands of years. These are expensive and never be compared with any other metal jewelry. It gives you a more elegant look with any outfit.

lockets in crystal and glass are the latest trend in the fashion industry. You can find leaves and flowers designed in crystal glass lockets, and you can also customize any shape according to your choice.

It is an expensive locket with marron, green and white stones. Kundan jewelry is exclusively for brides, and it gives a pleasant look to a bride. 

You can customize a locket in any type of metal like gold, silver, or diamond with any kind of photo, name, favorite quote, particular date or word, etc. It is the best option for a gift. Customized things are trending these days. You can carry it with you at the time.

pearl is a sign of wisdom, patience, peace, wealth, femininity, and purity. Mostly pearl lockets can be of a single pearl in white, pink, or off-white color. You can add a photograph of your loved ones in a victorian style pearl locket. Pearl locket can be carried with any attire.

You can use it in daily wear. This locket is based on the alphabet of your name. You can also customize it with your spouse’s name, your child’s name, etc.

The pendant is a combination of a single chain with precious or semi-precious stones like rubies, sapphires, topaz, quartz, aquamarine, or emeralds cut in style. It gives a unique and glamourous look. The shape of the locket is a teardrop shape.

These lockets contain a real music box inside the locket, making it unique and different. This locket contains or carries different elements on the front side like mermaid, seahorse, cupids, fairies, angels, horses, etc. The uniqueness of the lockets never keeps them off.

Rhinestones lockets are similar to diamonds but not as much expensive as diamonds. Women love to wear gold and silver chains with rhinestones lockets. You can wear it in small gatherings like friends get together, family dinner or dinner with colleagues. It perfectly changes your entire look.

these lockets are made with rhinestones or they can be made in such a way that they glow in the dark. You can find different designs and cuts of vintage locket but the stones are placed for glowing in the dark. This locket is a little bit expensive and it is mostly suitable for evening wear.

evil eye lockets are available in different colors. It is a sign of good luck. It is an open invitation for your happiness, good health, luck, prosperity, and bring peace.

Rhodium element is really in trend nowadays. Jewelry with rhodium finish really looks pretty. Rhodium floating lockets are cheap and really in demand.

they are not the usual or boring type of lockets. You can wear angel lockets on your casual day. It gives you a different look. In today’s time, girls are very independent and bold. Girls are born multitaskers. So, add these wing lockets to your jewelry collection.

Rose gold is a combination of gold and copper used to make jewelry, which is now very popular worldwide. It is expensive as gold. This is commonly used to make chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, lockets, etc.  

Antique things are symbolic of pride, culture, family, and heritage. These lockets have emotional values and attachments. These are priceless and very expensive, and it is not easily available in the market. These are the classy and evergreen for many generations. They have beautiful designs carved on them, temple designs, goddesses’ designs, precious stones, precious metals, and Victorian designs on them. 

Buy the latest locket Online in Pakistan 2022

as everything is getting advanced, so are the ways of shopping. Now, you do not need to visit markets and waste your time. Online shopping is a blessing as it is convenient and less time-consuming.

Many online websites offer different good-quality jewelry pieces. They deliver at your doorstep. Choosing a reliable store and website online is very important.

Buy online lockets at Hiba creations with confidence. We are offering the fastest “cash on delivery” within 2 to 3 days all over Pakistan.

Hiba creation always delivers the best quality locket at your doorstep.

Placing an order at the hiba creations website is easy, and we deliver in Islamabad and Rawalpindi within 2 to 3 working days. If your order is more than 2000/rs, you get free shipping.

The delivery is available at Islamabad’s most popular areas, including dha, capital smart city, bahria town, green oaks, pwd housing society, blue world city, multi-gardens b-17 g-block, park view city, university town, top city, sector e-11, sector g-13, sector i-8, gulberg, bani gala.

We also deliver in Rawalpindi’s most popular areas, including satellite town, peshawar road, adyala road, capital smart city, chaklala scheme 3.

you can easily buy your favorite locket at Hiba creations. 

It is an effortless procedure; you order at the hiba creations website and deliver your order within 2-3 days. If your order is more than 2000/rs, you get free shipping.

We deliver in Lahore popular living areas including liberty market, defense housing authority (dha), cantonment (cantt), model town, punjab housing society, eden villas, canal view, tech housing society.

buying online at hibe creations saves your a lot of time and efforts.

A famous store, Hiba creations, deliver your order on time. You order at the hibacreations website and get it delivered in 2-3 days. If your order is more than 2000/rs, you got free shipping.

The delivery is available in Karachi’s most popular areas, gulshan-e-iqbal, gulistan-e-johar, bahria town, dha karachi, scheme 33, clifton, north nazimabad, kda scheme 1/ muhammad ali society (machs), federal b area, malir cantonment.

Lockets Prices in Pakistan 2022/ 2023

The price of any jewellery piece depends upon the weight, size, and quality. the cheapest the quality the cheapest the locket.

  • The prices of the gold lockets are totally according to the weight and dollar rate but definitely, it is an expensive metal.
  • silver is precious metal and it is cheaper than gold. The price may vary according to the size like 900 to 10,000.
  • platinum is pocket-friendly and the most demanding metal. Platinum is naturally white and will not fade to yellow. the locket of platinum starts from 200 to 1500.
  • Brass is affordable and easily available in local markets. Prices are 100 to 500.
  • The prices of stainless steel locket are reasonable like 200 to 2000 according to the item.

Latest Lockets Price in Pakistan [Updated 2022]

1 Gold Silver Metal Chain Lock Pendant Necklace210/Rs
23 Layer Lock Pendant Multilayer Necklace250/Rs
3Korean Ins Butterfly Necklace Pendant 180/Rs
4Red Green Mirror Locket with Studs499/Rs
5Fashion 3Pieces Broken Heart Pendant 300/Rs
6Retro Gold Metal Female Pendant Necklace140/Rs
7Gold Chain Locket & Earrings500/Rs
8Sterling Silver Water Wave Pendant900/Rs
9Blue Zircon Flower Pendant1200/Rs
10Zircon Stone Pendant Neckless500/Rs

Consider These Points before Buy Online Lockets for Girls in Pakistan 2022/ 2023

If you are confused about buying lockets online for any occasion, here are some factors that you should consider:

The design of the locket you are choosing should be decent and go well with your outfit and occasion. 

weight is the important factor as a heavyweight locket will make you uncomfortable in the whole event. 

Choosing the right size locket is very important. lockets size mainly depends upon your face shape. So be careful!

Always check store reviews before buying any locket online. 

Always opt for the store offering return policy if the wrong order delivers to you.

Lockets FAQs

You can, but we prefer you to wear a locket when you are dry. It increases the life of your locket.

Hiba creations is a reliable website to order your locket online in Pakistan.

If you decide to wear a deep v neck so a long locket is the best option for you.

Yes, purchasing anything online is safe if you select an appropriate website.

Yes, it is a perfect choice to gift a scent locket to your dearest one.

A diamond locket paired up with diamond earrings is the best combination with the black maxi. It gives you a glamourous look.

Yes, you can easily customize anything in gold, silver, brass.

If you want to wear a locket, then go for the gold locket with stone studded on it. 

Lockets According to the Event

Whenever you buy a locket or someone gives you a locket as a gift, you must have the know-how and when to wear it. The perfect choice according to the day gives you a perfect look and surely makes your day.

Here we just try to give some basic information to choose the right locket for your special day.

OccasionsTypes of Lockets
Casual(every day)Lockets with antique style
Formal dinnerPrecious gemstone locket
A PicnicWing locket 
EidLocket with rhinestones
MeladTeardrop stone locket
MehendiTraditional kundan locket
BaratLocket in rose gold metal 
WalimaDiamond locket

Locket According to The Face Shape

Jewelry is a woman’s personal identity. It instantly changes your entire look and gives you glamour in your personality. To make your day or for the perfect look, you must have to know about your face shape and then select the jewelry piece accordingly.

Face ShapeSelection of Lockets
Oval shape faceAny type and design of lockets
Round face shapeGeometrical shape lockets
Oblong shape faceLockets in round shape
Heart shape faceShort chain with any shape
Triangle shape faceLong chain with liner pendants

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