Buy Online Madrasi Karay In Pakistan For Women And Girls New Designs 2022 With Price

Buy Online Madrasi Karay In Pakistan For Women And Girls New Designs 2022/ 2023 With Price - Cash on Delivery [Updated]

Madrasi karay is an invention of madrasi’s and was famous in india. After some time Pakistani girls started loving this karay and wearing it at grand events like Pakistani Barat, Mehendi, Mayun, Walima, and Engagements.

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Karay is an accessory worn on the wrist and on arm. Karay is a traditional piece of jewelry in Pakistan 2022/ 2023. They are sometimes worn in pairs by women and girls one or more in each arm. Most of the women prefer to wear gold or glass karay or a combination of both.

There are different types of Bengali karay available in the market of big cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi.

In this post we will tell you about Madrasi Karay Trendings, New Madrasi Karay Designs 2022/ 2023, Latest Prices, styles, and sizes and more. Stay with us till end of this page.

Madrasi Karay Pair Cash on Delivery in Pakistan, Lahore. Buy Online Madrasi Karay In Pakistan For Women, Girls New Designs, Price 2022/2023.

Madrasi Karay Colour Combination

Colors are an important factor in jewelry. women must wear jewelry according to the functions and color of the dress.

  • If you are choosing Madrasi kara for Mehandi so you can wear funky colors like purple yellow, orange, green, and a lot more but it must be according to your dress or theme of the function.
  • If you are going to qawwali night so you must wear soft gold color.
  • If you are in nikah so you should wear light jewelry like dull gold or pearl white color. It gives you soft look.
  • If you are going to Barat function so must go with the traditional jewelry with gold and maroon combination or gold with red color. It gives you a desi and royal feeling.
  • If you are a Walima bride so surely go with diamonds or pearls Madrasi kara with pastel colors dressing and soft makeover. It gives glamour to your overall look.

Madrasi Kara Size

A kara is perfectly sized when you measure your wrist tightly and add one centimeter for a tight fit and two centimeters for a loose fit. 

Please note that madrasi Kara cuffs can either be worn below the wrist bone, around the wrist, or higher on the arm. A kara is usually flexible and can be adjusted.

The ideal sizes are do (2), sawa do (2.25), dhai (2.5), and pone teen (2.75).

Madrasi Karay Materials

Madrasi karay is the type of traditional bangles which are made up of precious as well as non-precious materials like:

  • gold
  • silver
  • platinum
  • glass
  • wood 
  • plastic

Bangles are also made from white seashell which is worn by married Bengali and Madrasi Hindu women.

Madrasi Karay Stones

Stones look very pretty on madrasi karay. The beautiful stones on madrasi karay instantly grab the attention of others. Many different types and colors of stones are used to add spark to madrasi karay. Some of them are:

  • Champagne
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Black / Grey
  • Multicolor
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Clear 
  • White 
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby

Shape Of Madrasi Kara

Madrasi kara or other bracelets are usually cylindrical shaped or sometimes they may be ring-shaped. If you want something unique so here we are shortlisting some different shapes of Karas:

  • Organic shape kara
  • Ivy leaf shape kara
  • Wave-shaped kara
  • Heart-shaped kara
  • Round cut shape kara
  • Diamond cut kara
  • Pearl shaped kara
  • Pear shape kara
  • U link kara
  • Square shaped kara
  • Multi-shape kara
  • Evil eye shape kara
  • D shape cuff kara
  • X Cross shape open kara
  • Unusual shape kara
  • Bar shape kara
  • Gummy bear shape kara
  • Oval shape kara
  • Barrel shape kara

Online Madrasi Karay Latest Designs in Pakistan 2022/ 2023

Bracelets and Karay are the oldest forms of jewelry, worn by ladies and gents as well as from different ages child to old age. Bangle and Cuff Madrasi Kara are round, solid bracelets that slide over the hand, fit loosely on the wrist, and can vary in width.

There are different designs of Madrasi karay which are as follows:

If you are a gold lover so you can go ahead with Madrasi Kara. You can find amazing and countless designs in gold showrooms and the price may vary according to the size and weight. It enhances the beauty of your overall look. It is worth buying material.

Diamonds are the best friends of women. They are precious metals and they enhance the beauty of your look. This is worth buying and you can wear it to evening parties and gatherings.

Precious stones are always being an important part of jewelry anywhere in the world and Karas and bangles are done in these stones as beautiful as none of the others. Precious stone Madrasi kara gives you a classy look and makes your day.

Enameling is the ancient art of melting powdered glass onto metal. Enamel karas are really in trend and it has some emotional feelings. It is a very unique type of Madrasi kara and it gives you a different look.

Polki kara is the finer version of Kundan jewelry. This is the type of bangles that is fit for royalty and it is suitable for every type of outfit whether it is eastern or western. You can easily find this beautiful kara in local markets. It enhances the beauty of your hands.

This is the new type of kara in 2022 that has gained popularity in no time. It is flexible and designed with an amazing pattern. This design of kara is an amazing gift idea for your loved ones. It is the perfect choice for young girls and suitable for western outfits too.

This kara style is unique in itself for the uncut diamonds or Kundan. This craft of kara is designed by the artist of Rajasthan and now it is popular across the world. It completes your traditional look. You can also customize in different colors of Kundan according to the need.

This is the breathtaking type of bracelet or karas. This is perfect enough to be worn with any wedding outfit and will surely catch your attention. It will give you a more modest and stylish look.

Women from all over the world love to wear cuff karas. They are fun, minimal, and versatile. It will suit your eastern and western outfits. The evil eye kara is more demanding nowadays. Must buy end enjoy your amazing simple and elegant look.

These are famous in North India. These bangles are generally heavy and really in trend. This is a little expensive according to the weight. It is mostly made in precious metals like gold, silver, and gemstones. You can wear it and also customize it according to the event or dress.

If you are searching for comfortable bangles, then the thread ones would be an amazing choice. These are relatively new types madrasi karas and give you a stylish look. This is usually made from unprecious materials like glass, platinum, wood, and much more.

Every girl who grew up in a traditional environment knows about these metal bangles. This looks pretty and gives you a colorful look. It is made from metals and it is available in different colors in the local market at the least price.

Styles Of Karay

Kara is jewelry that encircles the wrist-it is a usually flexible band of material wrapped around the wrist. It can be leather, metal, plastic, beads, gold, silver, and many more. There are many different ways to wear it. There are many styles of kara. Here are some of them:

A bar bracelet will have a thin rectangular bar-shaped element on the front. It is usually attached to a chain. 

A kara is attached with a birthstone. Birthstones are attached for luck and good fortune.

Chain kara is made of metals of silver and gold colors, expensive ones can be made from gold and platinum and the cheaper ones are available in rhodium plated silver and gold. They are usually heavy and chunky and it gives you a confident and stylish look.

Filigree kara is really in demand in young girls. It goes with eastern and western outfits. It is made from metal and is easily available on market.

This is very popular wording in kara. The kara can be made with any metals according to your budget but the wording remains the same. It is the best gift item for your loved ones.

It looks like a bangle but differs in that it is open. It is flexible and can be adjusted in any type of hand. It is made from precious or normal metals.

It is layered with rubber or some cheapest materials and adds single or pair studs of precious metals. It gives you a classy look and suits on western wear.

 It is a madrasi kara made of a line of diamonds (original or fake) of the same size, shape, and color set side by side. It becomes more popular when worn by Tennis legend, Chris Evert.

These madrasi kara come with a watch attached to the front side of the kara. It gives you a classy look and you can find a lot of watch kara designs in different colors.     

Madrasi Karay For Girls According To The Events

In Pakistan, there are different functions in a single wedding like Mehandi, Qawali night, Mayun, Barat, Walima. Every girl has a dream to look different and prettiest from others. She really wants to wear something like unique and traditional jewelry.

You should wear a light madrasi karay with some pastel color stone on it according to your dress. it gives you soft look and gives you an instant change and adds glamour to your look.

Mehndi is a colorful event and it is known as the function of joy. You can wear precious madrasi stone karay . It gives you a simple and elegant look and you will be more comfortable in your event of joy.

Qawali nights are at their peak nowadays. It is the function of Sufi devotional music. Girls or women must look simple and must try to wear a shimmery golden kara with a single-line pearl choker and threader earrings. It gives you a soft look.

Barat is the most important day for every wedding. Every girl wants to look like the prettiest bride in the world. The dull gold madrasi kara is the best decision to wear if you like to wear matte things with bright red lipstick. It gives you a royal feeling and changes the overall look.

You can also wear Kundan madrasi kara. It is really in trend nowadays. It gives you a traditional look and makes your day.

Madrasi Kara Price in Pakistan [Updated 2022]

The prices of madrasi karay are according to the demand and its materials like silver, gold, gold plated, plastic, platinum, and many more.

  • Good quality artificial madrasi karay are available in markets starting from 2900 to 5000.
  • The madrasi karay with zircon and different real gemstones are a little bit expensive. Its starts from 7000 to 15000.
  • If you choose something on real stones or materials like Diamonds and Gold so it is according to the weight and designs. It is according to the current rate of the dollar. You can easily find a lot of shops and designer showrooms for the precious range of jewelry.

The price totally depends on the size and designs for example. The double-layer madrasi kara of a diamond is more expensive than single-layer diamond kara.


You can choose funky colors or something floral which gives you confidence and a decent look.

This is a unisex bracelet and can be suited for any outfit. It is more suitable for daily wear. They are made of metal like gold, silver, and platinum. Madrasi kara are bengali style kara that slides over hands.

Normally those chunky beaded bracelets are called a few things, including yoga bracelets, mala beads, and chakra bracelets. 

Love, Hope, and Happiness madrasa kara is pocket friendly and an amazing gift ornament to your loved ones.

A wristband is an accessory that you can wear with any type of clothing. On the other hand, a kara or bracelet is a piece of jewelry that you can wear on a special occasion like a wedding function or evening get-togethers.

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