Latest Nath & Nose Rings Online in Pakistan 2022 – Types, Prices, Latest Designs

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Nose Rings Online in Pakistan - Latest Design 2022, Prices, Types

Hey beautiful ladies! Did you know that Nose Rings/Nath in Pakistan are a very trendy accessory worn by piercing a hole in the nose that holds a symbolic significance of womanhood and elegance?

In fact, Piercing the nose is the second most popular type of body Piercing after ears piercing in Pakistan. In our culture the nose ring is considered as valuable as earrings or rings. It represents feminism and a sign of wealth at some moments. 

But if you travel across the country you will find the different styles or even the positions of nose rings, left or right piercing, or sometimes both.

I will discuss Nath & Nose Rings 2022 New Design, Latest Price, Styles, Types and more so stay with us read till end.

Nose Rings Online in Pakistan 2022, Latest Design, Prices

History Of Nose Rings Past To Present

The tradition of wearing nose rings is not new; it has been around for centuries. The origin of Nose rings in Pakistani culture begins in almost the 16th century. This trend originated from the middle east and later became famous in Pakistan & India. 

Later on, it becomes more popular, especially during the  Mughal rule in the subcontinent

But now it is considered as one of the signs of marriage and an integral part of bridal jewelry. Now in the modern world the nose pin is categorized as body jewelry that not only wears on nostrils but also can be worn between the nostrils for a more sexy look, simple design can be worn at earlobe, helix, tragus, or antitragus. while some naval pins are also famous to wear on the belly button.

Size of Nose Rings in Pakistan

In our Pakistani culture, the size of the nose pin is supposed as a sign of financial power and family status. Once you have pierced your nostrils, it’s time to wear a nose pin, let’s choose the right nose pin! Once you know your proper size and style you will be able to confidently shop your nose jewelry in no time, even online in Pakistan.

Standard Size

Whenever buying a nose pin, measure the length between the piercing and the end of the nostril for accurate sizing and fitting. Measure in millimeters to wear the nose ring comfortably.

The standard nose ring size is 18G or 20G. while the stud size will be 4.8mm to 11 mm diameter and 4.8mm to 38 mm in length. That might vary depending upon your face shape. For a hoop or Nath, you should choose according to your face shape.

For Bridal Nath, Large Hoop-style Nose Rings with golden chains are always stunning. While small studs, nose rings are usually preferred for everyday wear.

Nose Rings Designs

Every jewel has its own style! Similarly, nose rings are also available in different styles or designs for daily wear or intrinsic for a piece of bridal jewelry. Let’s talk about each of them.

1. Modern Nose Rings in Pakistan 2022

Simple stud or small hoop nose rings are considered modern nose rings that will make your casual look with style.

  • These are the most popular nose rings popular with women of all ages.
  • Usually have only one stone or stud of any color or element.
  • Comfortable to wear while sleeping
  • Perfect for daily wear or at other celebrations.

As the name indicated, it is just like clove or laung. Old people usually named it “lounge” only! Due to its simplicity, It is the most widely used design of nose pins in Pakistan. We can say it is traditional as well as modern nose pin.

Hoops, like other forms of earrings, are always highly stylish and a favorite for most girls. They are available in a variety of metals, shapes, and as well as sizes. If you want to draw attention to your face while simply dressed go for the hoop nose rings. Feel comfortable and look more stylish with our simple Indian style small nose ring with chains.

2. Traditional Nose Rings in Pakistan 2022

These types of nose rings are traditional nath usually designed to complement heavy outfits. And should not be worn for a long time., Your ethnic look is incomplete without a perfect nose ring to complement most of your attire like saree, lehenga, gown, sharara, and salwar kameez.

  • Here comes the statement piece! Are you searching for a traditional bridal Nath ?
  • We have a beautiful bridal Nath with pearls and chains in one nose ring perfect for your brides of Mehandi or Barat.
  • Your beautiful lehenga or saree is totally incomplete without those statement pieces.
  • This type of nose ring is a simple copper wire with attractive pearls or stones all around
  • the latkan portion that lies just above the lips creates a beautiful design of nose pin.
  • Ideal for bridal jewelry
  • This type of nose ring is also common in our Pakistani culture
  • usually made of a copper wire with one or two beads in a ring and a long heavy chain that connects the nose pin to hairs.
  • Lightweight due to few beads in rings
  • Therefore, it will be best for your bridal jewelry.
  • Maharashtrian nath, as seen on the Bollywood actresses, is one of the beautiful types of nose rings due to its unique cashew nutshell shape. To serve each pallet different pearls, beads, and other attractive materials are designed. It comes with a very fashionable Maharashtrian nose ring with a detailed sparkling design to wear to parties, weddings, and special occasions, Twinkling with pearls, Will definitely get you noticed.
  • This type of nose ring is usually worn on the septum or between the nostrils
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes with little ornamentation.
  • Used alone or in combination with other heavy Nath
  • Perfect for traditional glam on wedding event

Nose Rings Materials

Typically, nose ring material ranges from cheap plastic to valuable platinum. They are usually made of hypoallergenic materials or nickel-free material that doesn’t cause allergies or irritation on the skin. The affordable and budget-friendly nose rings can be simple surgical steel that is hypoallergenic and colored to any kind of color of your preference.

Here we have listed the most popular materials

  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Zircon
  • Cheap rhinestones
  • Pearls
  • Stones or gemstones
  • Gemstones

The 14k or 18k gold nose pin is ideal for daily wear. Surgical stainless nose rings would be preferred for sensitive people. Gemstones or cheap rhinestones would be preferred in stud solitary nose pins. A simple stud golden nose pin will be the best choice for cool Pakistani girls.

Types Of Nose Rings In Pakistan

  • Nath or nose ring is a pretty jewelry item which gives subtle beauty to a woman’s face, elevates the outfit but how can you choose the perfect nose ring on the perfect occasion?
  • Whatever style you prefer, remember that the nose ring sits closest to the face to draw attention so it’s most important to choose the right nose ring at the right occasions like nikkah,Barat, or engagement.
  • Beautiful bridal nose Nath with chains will go best for Dulhan of Mehandi, Barat, or nikkah
  • A stylish bridal Nath with gold plated chains is a good choice for Dulhan of Barat.
  • Stylish Indian gold Nath with white chains are excellent for engagement dress.

Different designs tell a story of nose pin whatever the style but crafted designs matter a lot. Common designs on nath are as follows

  • Meenakari
  • Gold plating
  •  Kundan
  • Stonework
  • Pearls

Meenakari and Kundan work is supposed to be the most traditional work on any jewelry thus has its own significance.

While gold plated with various stones and pearls will be an add-on design in bridal Nath.

Pick your nose pin according to the glimpse which you want! want to create a:

  • Fashionable chic look
  • Classical look
  • Cultural look

Stylish Indian style Nath with chains will be a precise choice for a fashionable chic look, while Punjabi style nath will create your classical look.

Buy Nose Rings & Nath for Girls Online in Pakistan 2022

Many girls love Nath & Nose Rings but hate visiting the market because of their hectic schedules. You can now get your services done with a few clicks.

If you are not interested in going to Bazar, we have a better choice. You only need to know your suitable earrings to get it at your doorstep.

Here we have shortlisted the best online shop for girls living in different cities of Pakistan:

Buy online Nath & Nose Rings at Hiba Creations with confidence. We are offering the fastest “Cash On Delivery” within 2 to 3 days all over Pakistan

The Hiba Creations is a reliable website and takes care of your product’s quality and safety.

Placing an order at the HibaCreations website is easy, and we deliver in Islamabad within 2 to 3 working days. If your order is more than 2000/Rs, you got Free Shipping.

The delivery is available at Islamabad most popular Areas, including DHA, Capital Smart City, Bahria Town, Green Oaks, PWD Housing Society, Blue World City, Multi-Gardens B-17 G-Block, Park View City, University Town, Top City, SECTOR E-11, SECTOR G-13, SECTOR I-8, Gulberg, Bani Gala.

We also deliver in Rawalpindi’s most popular areas, including Satellite Town, Peshawar Road, Adyala Road, Capital Smart City, Chaklala Scheme 3.

You can have your best style Nath & Nose Rings delivered at your doorsteps in Lahore, that too with free home delivery. The site Hiba Creations offers all styles, designs, and types of Nose Rings & Nath online in Pakistan.

The Hiba Creations also provide gold, diamond, Platinum earrings, and other materials.

It is an effortless procedure; you order at the Hiba Creations website, and they deliver your order within 2-3 days. If your order is more than 2000/Rs, you got Free Shipping.

We deliver in Lahore popular living areas including Liberty Market, Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Cantonment (Cantt), Model Town, Punjab Housing Society, Eden Villas, Canal View, Tech housing society.

Online shopping is easy, and you do not have to worry about the store. While living in Karachi, you can get the best quality Nose Rings & Nath by ordering at Hiba Creations.

A famous store, Hiba creations, deliver your order on time. You order at the Hiba Creations website and get it delivered in 2-3 days. If your order is more than 2000/Rs, you got Free Shipping.

The delivery is available in Karachi’s most popular areas, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Johar, Bahria Town, DHA Karachi, Scheme 33, Clifton, North Nazimabad, KDA Scheme 1/ Muhammad Ali Society (MACHS), Federal B Area, Malir Cantonment.

Nose Ring Price in Pakistan 2022 Online

Here we talk about the different prices of nose rings available online in Pakistan. The classic nose ring is usually 14K gold and silver dating back centuries and indigenous cultures all over the world

It is considered auspicious to buy gold or silver, while many people prefer gold due to its shine, but a pocket-friendly alternative is a seasonal silver. Must be available all across the country at cheap prices like 200-3500 rs depending on the size.

A gold nose pin is worth buying in Pakistan. A 14k gold nose pin will be preferred mostly. It will cost almost 5000-10000rs. While depending upon sizes prices may vary.

Social media and fashion influencers are helping us to present ourselves in designers’ choices. So wearing a designer’s nose pin also becomes trendy day by day. Like other items, you can get a designer nose pin for 1000-3000 rs.


Nose Rings & Nath under RS 299 in Pakistan 2022


Nose Rings & Nath under RS 499 in Pakistan 2022


Nose Rings & Nath under RS 999 in Pakistan 2022

Latest Nose Rings & Nath Price 2022 in Pakistan

No.Nath & Nose RingsPrice
1Simple Golden Nose Rings For Girls200/Rs
2Stainless Steel Nose Rings150/Rs
3Girls Small Simple Round Shape Nose Pin300/Rs
4Bridal Nose Nath300/Rs
5Beautiful Bridal Nose Nath 400/Rs
6Bridal Nath With Pearl500/Rs
7Bridal Nose Ring Nath With Chain499/Rs
8Bridal Nath With Pearl Beats600/Rs

Girls Jewelry

Without jewelry, girls feel that something is missing. Nath & Nose Rings play an essential role in giving you a more stylish look. If you want to buy jewelry and are confused about what to opt for, hang in there and continue reading to get the solution to your problem.

Consider these Points before Buy Nose Rings & Nath Online in Pakistan 2022

Keep in mind these points before purchasing online in Pakistan to get a perfect piece.

Choose the perfect design that matches your outfit

Consider the weight of earrings, neither too light nor too heavy.

Size should be ideal, choose the proper size according to your face

Read the feedback and reviews before ordering.

While purchasing online you should think about which payment method suits you best whether cash on delivery or paying through credit cards.

Read customer reviews and feedback. Like other things, you should consider the store reviews before making any purchase online.

Consider the return policy of the store in which you can return your products in case of any misconception.

List of cities in Pakistan

SukkurDera IsmailAbbottabad
GujranwalaGujar KhanRahim Yar Khan
GujratSahiwalWah Cantonment
Dera Ismail KhanAbbotabadMandi Bahauddin
MianwaliChishtianMirpur Khas
Dera Ghazi KhanSheikhupuraSahiwal
JhangBurewala Rawalpindi

Nose Rings & Nath FAQ

Nose piercing in Pakistan is common and doesn’t cost high, you can have a nose piercing from an expert at an affordable price.

The nose ring symbolizes the womanhood or traditional aspects of women in Pakistan.

A nose pin made of hypoallergenic or non-toxic material is best to buy i.e surgical stainless steel.

Small Indian style nath with chain and pearls is best for Pakistani traditional girls.

Stylish bridal golden nose ring Nath with gold-plated crystal drop pearls will be good for Barat.

A golden nose pin with hoops or little pearls will be ideal for a bold look.

A beautiful Indian bridal Punjabi style nath will be good for the Mehandi bride.

Nath Nose Rings For Pakistani Wedding 2022

The nath completes every bride’s look! Whether you are going to be a bride of Barat nikkah or Mehandi, nath will be a must-have accessory. Here are different bridal  naths in Pakistan

  • Classic Nath: For the bride who figures out the embellishments without going too bold.
  • Prominent nath with hues: For the bride who wants to match with her lehenga
  • Minimalist nath: For the bride who wants to keep it simple and beautiful
  • Moderately heavy nath: For brides who want to have nath as heavy as other jewelry.
  • Dramatic nath: For brides who want to make a traditional look with
  • Designer nath: For brides who want to make a unique stylish look.
  • Simple Gold nath: For brides who want to keep it simple with gold tradition.

When selecting a nose nath for your wedding, make sure which one is optional for your nose and face. Too heavy and large nath will make you uncomfortable. So try to choose the best suitable option.

Best Ways To Choose The Right Nose Ring For Yourself:

No doubt, nose rings enhance your overlook look at any occasion but make sure that suits perfectly on your face, keeping in mind your face shape, yes! Here in this section, we will discuss some nose rings that suit your face structure best.

  • For the round face, the half-circle and curved nose rings are the best. You can go for thin designs.
  • For the sharp nose, the cashew nut-shaped nose rings and the nose rings with the pearls and studs are the best.
  • The Etched face can go for a rich and striking portion of nose pins. The embellished nose rings with a chain are the best for a Heart-moulded face.
  • The square shape can go for huge nose rings with embellishments.
  • At last, the women with little noses or faces can go for nose studs, drops, or precious stone balls. In this way, you will be able to enhance your personality.

Earrings Customers Reviews

All our beautiful leadies who buy from Hiba Creations are very happy becasue our earrings quality wise amazing and we have uniqe colors and designs. In Review section you can check our customers reviews.

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