Top 20 Pakistani Fashion Designers in 2022 – Names List & Website

Fashion designing is all about making the best use of one’s creativity. And Fashion designers are the people who not only design clothes but also design dreams.

Pakistani fashion designers are striving to present the Pakistani desi tradition in a modern way. Thus, the credit of making Pakistani fashion popular globally goes to our fashion designers.

From Shalwar Kameez to Lehenga Choli, Every designer knows the art of making them absolutely stunning. 

Top 20 Pakistani Fashion Designers 2022, Name List, Website, Instagram

Gone are those days when we used to wear self-stitched suits at any event like shadi, Eid, college Party, or family function.


But now in 2022, the Pakistani fashion industry has changed everything, even our dresses. But It’s an era of fashion, an era of designers.

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Before any Shaadi function, People nowadays like to go to famous fashion designers for expert suggestions regarding Dresses, and Jewelry. 

There are many faces in the fashion industry, who are serving the Pakistani people and all over the world like the USA, UAE, UK, Australia, Malaysia, India, and much more.

In this article, we present to you the top 20 famous Pakistani fashion designers 2022 who are ruling the fashion industry.

Continue to read more about their career, creativity, success stories, and how they recognize themselves in the Pakistani fashion industry. 

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Famous Pakistani Fashion Designers Name List

No.Pakistani Fashion Designers
1HSY ( Hassan Shahryar Yasin)
2Deepak Parwani
3Asim Jofa
4Bunto Kazmi
5Maria B( Maria Butt)
6Zainab Chottani (Zainab Sajid)
7Zara Shahjahan
8Nomi Ansari
9Umar Saeeyd
10Sana Safinaz (Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Muneer)
11Sania Maskatiya
12Mohsin Naveed Ranjha
13Fahad Hussayn
14Mina Hasan
15Mina Hasan
16Faraz Manan
17Ali Xeeshan
18Neelofar Shahid
19Saira Rizwan
20Ammar Belal

1# HSY – Pakistan’s famous Designer, Host, and Actor

Hassan Shahryar Yassin was born in 1976 in Karachi and owned a Name among famous Pakistani fashion designers. After graduating from the Pakistan School of Fashion Design, he started his career in 1994 as a fashion choreographer. He was awarded first as the best fashion designer in 2005. Besides this, He is also performing as a host and actor since 2021.

His enthusiasm for fashion and creativity is seen in his designs. He launched his brand with the name “The world of HSY”. His dresses are much loved by both women and men of all ages. You can shop HSY’s dresses online and from his outlets in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. 

HSY presents HSY women, HSY Bridal Couture, HSY Men, HSY customized Bridal dresses.

 You can explore more about The world of HSY here


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

2# Deepak Parwani-famous men’s Designer

Deepak Parwani, a Karachi-based designer, was awarded at the World Branding Awards 2017-2018 internationally and holds a record of many awards locally as the Best Fashion Designer in Pakistan. He is also considered as one of the innovators of Islamic Fashion week in Malaysia. He has launched the Haute couture and luxury Pret brand from the house of Deepak Parwani to introduce modern and traditional men’s wear, bridal couture, and women’s luxury prets in Pakistan. His men’s wear includes traditional Shalwar Suits and sherwani.

 So if you are going to be a bride, go for Deepak Perwani’s bridal lehenga. His bridal dress will definitely steal your heart. 

Here are the links where you can reach the designer.


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

3# Asim Jofa – Top Pakistani Designer

Asim Jofa is among those Famous Pakistani fashion designers who are rocking the Fashion industry in 2022. He introduced his brand named Asim Jofa, which has become a prestigious brand that highlights the designer’s creativity in each woman’s dress. Asim Jofa is designing women’s luxury lawns, luxury dresses, and bridal dresses in 2022. His luxury lawn is a great addition to every woman’s summer wardrobe to celebrate summer Eid and parties. 

Asim Jofa is also loved outside the country because he not only designs desi dresses but can create a great combo of desi dresses with a modern touch. 

Discover more about Asim Jofa here

Website :

Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

4# Bunto Kazmi- Eastern Bridal Designer

She is also one of the emerging Pakistani fashion designers, she has been designing the delicately embellished dress of your dreams for a few years. 

Designing the Pakistani traditional desi Bridal dresses with Mughal impact is Bunto’s main theme in Pakistan. That’s why her outfits are invariably classy and timeless. Design your Mehandi lehenga with Bunto’s creativity for a stunning Royal impression. 

She is a most demanding designer, book your appointment earlier to have an Imperial bridal dress. 

  • Visit Bunto Kazmi here

Karachi outlet

40/D, Mian Mohammad Shad R, Mohammad Ali Society

Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

5# Maria. B – Famous Fashion Designer in Pakistan 2022

Maria B is one of the brightest fashion stars in the fashion industry. She remains committed to bringing the very best to her customers without fail for many years. 

She started her journey in 1999 from a small stitching unit and now Maria B has become an extensive retail network with 25 outlets in the country. She is designing women’s Pret, bridal couture, formals, lawn, embroidered linen, and cotton with affordable labels.

Visit Maria. B outlets or shop online

Website :

Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

6# Zainab Chottani – Leading Fashion Designer in Pakistan

Zainab Chottani is also one of the renowned Pakistani fashion designers who symbolizes the high-end fashion for Bridal wear in Pakistan. She started with bridal fashion in 1999 but later added luxury Pret in her impressive attrite range.

Now in 2022, Zainab Chottani’s Bridal couture Pret has become an icon of every Bridal couture week in Pakistan. Her designs contain traditional influences, like a Royal woman used to wear heavy dresses. Most of her dresses are worn by Pakistani celebrities in different tv shows.  Besides Pakistan, she has showcased her haute couture in London, Dubai, and America. 

Connect with Zainab Chottani here

Website :

 Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

7# Zara Shahjahan – History Inspired Designer

Zara Shahjahan, inspired by history and charmed by nature, is also among the glorified Pakistani fashion designers. She believes in culture and traditions, therefore most of her designs are a true image of Pakistani culture and love for nature.

Moreover, the bridal wear of Zara Shahjahan is very demanding among young girls. Her tremendous talent comes to its beauty when designing festive collections. Coco by Zara Shahjahan, a premium luxury lawn range, is also adorned by Pakistani women at Eid or casual gatherings in Summer 2022.

To find out more about her visit

Website :

Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

8# Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari, a well-known name in the Pakistani fashion industry. Innovative designs, splendid hues, and creative embellishments, all are the trademark of Nomi Ansari’s bridal dresses. It is a reason he earned great fame among Pakistani fashion designers in a very short time. His bridal dresses are not only famous in Pakistan but all over the world like India, Bangladesh, the USA, the UK, and Malaysia.

His festive wear is also loved by stars and popular ladies as Pakistani Famous Political leader Mariyum Nawaz also wore Nomi Ansari’s dress at her Son’s wedding. The couture for Men cannot be neglected; he also introduced the exquisite Sherwani for eastern men. Also, you can shop Nomi Ansari’s occasional wear and festive formals to wear at any wedding and parties in Pakistan 2022.

Visit Nomi Ansari here and book your appointment right now!

Website :

Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

9# Umar Sayeed – Leading Fashion Designer in Pakistan 2022

If you are passionate about fashion, you surely hear the name of Umar Saeed, he is considered the father of couture in Pakistan. Because he has been serving the Pakistani fashion industry especially Bridal wear for almost 30 years. He has established his brand named the house of Umar Saeed in Karachi and showcased with eye-catching designs in a true sense of aesthetics. 

Umar Saeed is one of the leading Pakistani fashion designers in 2022, who has launched men’s wear in Pakistan. His designs can take a man from a typical shalwar suit to distinctive embroideries, embellishments, and different motives.

Want to know about Umar sayeed visit here 

Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

10# Sana Safinaz- Pakistan’s first luxury brand

Here comes another big name, Sana Safinaz, a brand founded by two gorgeous sisters named Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer in 1989. Now In 2022, their cooperation is widely distributed globally, hence owning an incredible reputation among famous Pakistani fashion designers.

They are striving to design an eastern and western fusion to fit into every woman’s life. The bridal couture, formal wear, and printed or embroidered lawn by Sana safinaz are highly demanded these days in 2022. This internationally praised brand is now serving Pakistani fashion in more than 35 outlets in Pakistan. 

To explore more about these gorgeous ladies visit


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

11# Sania Maskatiya- Pakistan’s Formal and Bridal Designer

Sania Maskatiya is considered Pakistan’s most glorified fashion designer in 2022. The multi-award-winning brand continues to expand both locally and internationally. The brand’s signature bridal dresses remain glowing at every show’s ramp. 

What’s your style? Classic, modern or traditional! Sania Maskatiya’s formal and bridal range has everything for everyone to wear on any formal occasion. Besides these, their luxury Pret and lawn is also adorned by Pakistani women to complete the designer look in 2022. 

Browse the brand’s links and pick any style


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

12# Mohsin Naveed Ranjha – A Rising Fashion Designer in Pakistan

Discover the Beautiful and elegant bridal and formal wear at MNH world. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha came into the fashion industry’s focus in 2018.  He is one of the distinguished Pakistani fashion designers whose impressive designs are worn by global stars like Ranvier Singh and Tan France at different shows.

MNH features masterfully curated traditional Bridal couture, men’s ceremonials, and classic Shadi collection to bring out the traditional look for your wedding festivities in Pakistan 2022.

Want to know more about him? Visit quickly


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

13# Fahad Hussayn – An Embossed Name in Traditional Couture

Fahad Hussayn is one of those Pakistani fashion designers who have conquered the fashion industry through their art and aesthetics. FH couture was founded almost sixteen years ago to provide the Pakistani traditional aesthetics in Bridal couture, men’s formals, luxury lawn, and festive collections to wear on Shaadi and other ceremonial events in 2022. The Designer’s main focus is modernizing the Pakistani heritage, which is seen in his every collection.

If you are looking to get dressed up in royalty on your  wedding day please visit the brand official links 


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

14# Mina Hasan – Women’s Fashion Illusionist

Mina Hasan is also Pakistan’s most celebrated name among women of all ages. Her Little stitching unit has grown in 2022 to the design for haute couture and become the country’s biggest name.  Later she expanded it to an exclusive range of formal Pret a Porter. 

Her philosophy is to make Pakistani women more refined and aware of their styles in 2022. You can see the daring cuts, prints, light embellishments in her formals, luxury velvet, and casuals. Mina Hassan’s luxury lawn is also on the high market among sophisticated ladies.

Shop Mina Hasan e-store or know more about the designer, 


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

15# Sadaf Fawad khan ( SFK Bridals)

Being the wife of Pakistan’s award-winning actor and Model Fawad Khan, it is not surprising that Sadaf Fawad Khan would become a creative lady and famous designer among Pakistani fashion designers. SFK Bridals was launched in 2016 as a complete design house offering bridal and formal couture for both men and women.

 She is designing the dresses with both traditional and contemporary inspiration. Her bridal, formals, men’s wear, and luxury Pret collections are cherished by both men and women in every wedding season. 

Want to know more or make an appointment


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

16# Faraz Manan-Bridal designer of the Region

Faraz Manan started his career in 2003 in Lahore, and since then he stabilized himself as one of the leading Pakistani fashion designers. After touching the glories, He established a flagship store in Dubai to serve at an international level. Besides these, He was honored to design the couture for Royal Families and Bollywood stars like Kareena Kapoor. 

Ethnic to modern bridal couture, ready-to-wear, and men’s formals are making the designer’s label outstanding all over the world. His luxury lawn is also making a mark in the Pakistani fashion industry in 2022. 

To book an appointment visit Faraz Manan’s official website


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

17# Ali Xeeshan – Eponymous Fashion Label

Ali Xeeshan is also one of the finest Pakistani fashion designers, after taking fashion training from Germany and Paris, he founded Ali Xeeshan Theater studio in 2010 based in Lahore.  He is popular for his creative designs and fabulous work not only in Pakistan but all over the world. 

A unique blend of Panjabi heritage with modern touch is seen in his Bridal and festive dresses. His artistic designs are not limited to bridals and luxury formal but designing the men’s royal suiting is also a designer’s trademark.

For further information explore Ali Xeeshan here


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

18# Neelofar Shahid-(Meeras)

Neelofar Shahid is known as a pioneer of haute couture in Pakistan. She has been serving Pakistani fashion with the label “Meeras” for more than 25 years. As the name of her brand meares suggests, she is purely providing the Pakistani culture in every design. She is among those Pakistani fashion designers who were honored locally and internationally. Her artistic designs are not only limited to Bridal couture, but lux Pret, classic formals, and lux shawls are also the Meeras by Neelofar Shahid’s label. 

If you are searching for designer wear with something royal enriched with our Punjabi heritage, visit Neelofar Shahid’s Meeras for true regal elegance in 2022

Get your hands to know more about the designer’s dresses


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

19# Saira Rizwan-A high-end luxury label

Saira Rizwan launched her brand in 2007, and since then she earned a prominent name among the famous Pakistani fashion designers in 2022. After seven years of success, In 2012, she opened her flagship store and bridal studio in Lahore.

Saira Rizwan lies at the top of the luxury designers in Lahore for her exquisite fineness in Bridal, formals, and semi-formal prets. Besides Bridal couture, the designer also introduced the high-end luxury lawn in 2014 at Ittihad textiles Pakistan. Luxury lawn by Saira Rizwan is also the first choice of elite-class ladies in Pakistan.

Visit Saira Rizwan and grab your favorite outfit


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page

20# Ammar Belal(luxury Men’s wear)

Here comes the last but not least top Pakistani fashion designer in our list which is Ammar Belal, whose label was founded in 2002 in Pakistan. He is the only Pakistani fashion designer whose designs are outsourced to Europe.

He is presenting a Supreme ceremonial and casual men’s western wear in Pakistan. Besides men, He is also offering super-luxury women ready-to-wear clothes. Or you can say that Ammar Belal is a man who introduced western high street fashion for both men and women in the Pakistani fashion industry.

If you are bored of typical sherwani or shalwar kameez suits at any wedding, visit Ammar Belal for modern luxury menswear in 2022.

Let’s check out Ammar Belal’s latest collection 2022 At his official website 


Social Media: Facebook Page  – Instagram Page


So, here ends our list of the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers 2022, all of whom had struggled for their careers and stolen the limelight. Whatever your style? modern, traditional, or classic!

These designers can make your fantasies into reality. If you are going to marry or attend a wedding event in your family, you must visit any of these Pakistani fashion designers whose designs will treat your eyes.

Hopefully, it was an interesting and inspiring guide. wear traditional clothes and keep Shopping!

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