Best Pakistani Saree Brands and Saree Designers 2022 – Online Saree Shopping in Pakistan

Pakistani girls enjoy different attires. Either eastern or western Pakistani girls carry it well. Saree is a piece of clothing that girls love to carry. 

Although it is an Indian culture, sarees are the most lovable and popular outfit in Pakistan 2022. Girls prefer big brands to purchase anything. 

Best Pakistani Saree Brands and Designers 2022
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Are you confused about which brand is best for purchasing your favorite saree?

Do not worry. Many brands can help you to sort out your problems, and you can also find saree in the markets of Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore locally. 

No.Saree Brands & Designers
1Trousseau By Sanaa Tariq
2Tena Durrani
3Sanam Chaudhri
4Mohsin Naveed Ranjha
5Hath Ghar
6Maria B.
7Ali Xeeshan
8Faiza Saqlaain
10Ayesha and Usman
12Anaya By Kiran Chaudhry
13Meeras By Nilofer Shahid
14The Saari Girl
15Nomi Ansari
16Erum Khan

The best part of saree is that it looks beautiful on every occasion, like Barat, Mehendi, Mayun, Walima, and Parties.

Buy Branded Ladies Sarees, Online Saree Shopping in Pakistan
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If you want to know some well-known saree brands, then continue reading.

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We have shortlisted some Best Pakistani Saree Brands and Saree Designers 2022 – Online Saree Shopping in Pakistan in this post.

Best Pakistani Saree Designers and Brands 2022:

It is not necessary to purchase sarees from big brands and designers. You can easily find a very good saree at a reasonable price in local markets. 

Still, we have shortlisted some best Pakistani saree brands and Pakistani saree designers 2022 for you. 

1# Trousseau By Sanaa Tariq:

Sanaa Tariq is a renowned brand for saree in the Pakistan fashion industry 2022. The designer Sana Tariq’s modern sarees are the real heart winner. 

Their western cuts and diamontees are what make this brand unique. Their website and page on Instagram are full of their latest designs.

2# Tena Durrani:

Tena Durrani never fails to impress its customer with its new and beautiful collection. Tena Durrani made his name in the Pakistan fashion industry within no time. 

From formal to sarees, Teena Durrani’s chic designs are what girls die for. Teena Durrani always updates their collection according to the seasons and introduces new fashion in the industry.

3# Sanam Chaudhri:

Sanam Chaudhri is a new name in the Pakistan fashion industry. Their saree collection is unique and can go with formal as well as casual occasions. 

You can pair their sarees with some decent jewelry to slay the event. Their sarees are affordable compared to other brands. You can check out their beautiful collection through their social media pages. 

4# Mohsin Naveed Ranjha:

Mohsin Naveed ranjha kept the old fashion alive through its beautiful designs. Most of their designs are embellished on velvet paired with different fabrics like net and silk. 

If you want a royal look for your upcoming event, check out the beautiful saree collection of Mohsin Naveed ranjha.

5# Hath Ghar:

If you are looking for some casual saree to add to your wardrobe, then hath ghar is your stop. Hath ghar brings a beautiful collection to you from different countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. 

Most of their sarees are banarsi and made up of cotton. They do not have any outlet, but you can visit their Instagram profile to check out their designs.

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6# Maria B.:

Maria B earned a lot of name and fame in the Pakistan fashion industry with its gorgeous and perfect designs. Maria b. Sarees are very reasonable, plus the point is their sale is the game-changer for everyone. 

If their saree cost around 50,000 then in the sale you can purchase it in 25000. Isn’t it amazing? Visit their website to update your wardrobe with some amazing pieces.

7# Ali Xeeshan:

Ali Xeeshan is a leading brand in the Pakistan fashion industry. What makes this brand stand out from the crowd is the unique combination of colors. 

Ali xeeshan plays with the color to enhance the look. Their saree gives a real desi and traditional look. 

8# Faiza Saqlaain:

Are you looking for an elegant piece of saree that makes you look like a princess? Faiza saqlain got your back. 

Faiza saqlain mostly uses light colors to design sarees. Their saree talks itself. Just pair it with a matching choker and earrings and you are good to go.

9# HSY:

Hassan Shahryar Yasin is famous for its impressive designs in every clothing line. Their sarees are something you should not miss out on. 

If you want a different look on your shadi with some royal touch, check their saree collection. They have many pieces that you can go for your big day. 

10# Ayesha and Usman:

Ayesha and Usman grab the audience’s attention with their amazing saree collection. If you want to have something that is neither too heavy nor too light, then Ayesha and Usman is something you should check on. 

Their choice of tones, embroidery, fabric and finishing is perfect.

11# Kastoor:

If you are going out casually and want to wear a saree. Then the kastoor’s saree is definitely the one you should have your hands on. Their sarees are not so heavy but still worth a try. 

The look it gives is just beyond perfection. Apply some light makeup, wear kastoor’s saree, wear matching earrings and you are all set to go.

12# Anaya By Kiran Chaudhry:

Anaya by Kiran Chaudry’s designs is stylish and must-have. If you dream of a perfect look in your upcoming event, then you must give Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry a try. You won’t regret it.

13# Meeras By Nilofer Shahid:

Looking for a saree that is perfect for the wedding season? Then meeras will never disappoint you. 

From dabka work to stonework you can find everything at this one shop. You can find sarees of different fabrics i.e., net, silk, tissue, and organza.

14# The Saari Girl:

The not too famous but small business that a lady is running to normalize the saree trend in Pakistan. Their sarees are under budget and amazing. 

They do not have any outlet, but they take orders through their pages.

15# Nomi Ansari:

Saree and Nomi Ansari? A great combination. The perfect match of colors, fabrics, and embellishments gives their saree a classic look. 

Do not forget to check out their simple and classic saree collection.

16# Erum Khan:

Erum is the one who brought modern and traditional looks together. The creation of bold pieces that gives tradition and modern pieces is what you actually want. 

If you want to feel confident, then their saree is what you need.

Saree Price in Pakistan [Updated 2022]

No.Saree DesignsPrice
1Roosh Black Chiffon Saree35,000/Rs
2Red Saree107,000/Rs
3Gul-E-Chandni (Saree)29,000/Rs
4Purple Ombre Sarees40,000/Rs
5Pleated Red Saree Luxe26,000/Rs
6Misty Desire (Saree) - Dilkash21,000/Rs
7Lulu - Black Saree Drape52,000/Rs
8Indra Saree180,000/Rs
9Screen Printed Chiffon Sequins Saree22,000/Rs
10Organza Luxury Saree14,000/Rs

Online Saree Shopping in Pakistan – Buying Guide:

Whenever any event (Barat, Mehendi, or party) comes nearby, the first thought in the girl’s mind is what to wear. 

After deciding it, some problems poop up like what looks good, where to purchase, which color will suit me, and which style blends well with my hairstyle. 

To solve your problem, we have prepared this buying guide for you.

Blouse Fitting:

Whenever it comes to buying a saree, the fitting of the blouse matters the most. If you bought a saree with a loose blouse, it wouldn’t look good. An unfit blouse can ruin your entire look within seconds.

Matching Blouse:

Never go for the blouse that does not go well with your saree. An unmatched blouse will not look appropriate and can destroy the look of your saree.


The wearer should purchase the saree according to the event.

MehendiColorful stone work saree
BaratHeavy marron saree
MayunSilk net saree
WalimaNude velvet saree
PartySilk black saree


Budget is the most important factor if you want to purchase a saree. If your budget is lower, then go to the local markets. They have a wide range of good quality sarees, or you can also buy the sarees from the sales but if your budget is higher, then always opt for brands. 


If you are thinking of wearing a saree, then always consider your height. Saree does not look good on short heightened girls but if you still want to wear a saree, then pair it up with high heels.


Always purchase the saree color according to your skin tone. Does not matter how beautiful your saree is if it does not go well with your skin tone, then it will not give you a pretty look.

Pallu Size:

Always purchase the saree having a medium-length pallu. Long pallu will be difficult to handle and keep you uncomfortable in the whole event. Short pallu will not look good.

Hairstyles That Look Good with Saree:

Worried about your hairstyle? Stop worrying, we are mentioning some best hairstyles that will look amazing with a saree.

  • Low twisted bun
  • High ponytail
  • Braided bun
  • Beech waves
  • Loose curls
  • Straight hair
  • Centre partitioned straight hair
  • Side partitioned curls hair

You can enhance the look of your hairstyle by adding different accessories like Beads, Flowers, Maang Tikka, Matha Patti, Jhumar, and much more

Summing It Up:

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. We have shared all the relevant information about Pakistani saree rand and designers. Purchasing a saree is a really good investment, and you would never regret adding it to your wardrobe.

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