Suzaaina Designer Jewelry 2023 – Gold Plated Luxury Designer Jewellery

Suzaaina Designer Jewelry 2023. Latest New Design Gold Plated Luxury Designer Jewellery. Suzaaina Website, Instagram, Facebook.

No matter what is your plan for your big day, wearing designer jewelry is a dream of every girl. To make your task easy, we came up with the most creative designer in 2023.

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Suzaaina Designer Jewelry 2022 - Gold Plated Luxury Designer Jewellery
image source : website

Suzaaina Designer jewelry is one of the leading jewelry designers, who introduced the concept of bespoke jewelry in Pakistan. They are the manufacturer and supplier of bespoke luxury gold-plated designer jewellery in Pakistan 2023.

Browse more about Suzaaina Designer jewelry.

History of Suzaaina

Suzaaina is a UK-based jewelry store, founded by Rabia Ahmad in 2011. She has done a Master’s in Public relations & international relations from BZU Multan. She is designing traditional and contemporary handcrafted gold-plated designer jewelry to wear on Pakistani Barat, Mehandi, Nikkah, and Walima.

Suzaaina’s Bridal Jewelry Collection 2023

They are offering 22/24k gold-plated luxury jewellery using precious or semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, glass pearls, and real freshwater pearls.

Gold Plated Luxury Designer Jewellery 2022 Pakistani
image source : website

Their bridal sets are worn by Maya Ali (Famous Pakistani model & actress).

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You can buy ready pieces or customized jewelry for the bride of Nikkah, Mehandi, Barat, and Walima in Pakistan. They are designing

  • Bridal sets
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Jhumar
  • Tikka
  • Necklaces, Malla, pendants
  • Bangles

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Suzaaina Jewelers on Social Media

Social Media presence always inspires new customers. Therefore they have brand pages on different Facebook and Instagram.

Suzaaina on Facebook (Suzaaina-jewelry)

You can visit and like suzaaina Facebook page to communicate more effectively with them, and gather information regarding the brand’s upcoming fashion shows, website, company’s achievements, contact no, and email id.

Suzaaina on Instagram

Many people are following their Instagram page for new arrivals and eye-catching pictures of jewellery. You can follow model pictures worn by Maya Ali on Instagram.

Suzaaina jewelers Website

Suzaaina always greets its customers to browse and choose the finest jewelry on the website. They mentioned the prices of each item in both $ and Pkr.

So you can order from their collection or custom-made While browsing on

Suzaaina Jewelers Contact details

There is a complete contact detail on their website including contact no, email id, WhatsApp no and, social media links. Suzaaina team will always welcome their clients. So, you can contact them for consultations and bookings about jewelry shopping.

Email id:

Suzaaina jewelry Online shopping in Pakistan

Suzzaina jewellery designer is working more effectively to make sure of providing you with the best jewellery shopping experience. That’s why they offer online shopping in the UK and Pakistan. They are providing customized orders for 3-4 weeks all over the world. For online shopping, customers are liable for delivery charges.

Payment method.

You can pay either via bank transfer or by credit card. They are also offering cash-on-delivery services for Pakistan.

Office Locations

Suzaaina jeweler has offices in the UK and Pakistan to assure customer satisfaction from the time you contact them to the day you receive the order. So you can get more guidance and a better jewelry shopping experience.


La Dona Hos Mall, Glasgow(UK)


Suzaaina designer jewelry Reviews

Suzaaina designer jewelers always cherish happy customer reviews.

UK-based Pakistani clients always prefer to wear suzaaina jewelry at their weddings. Pakistani customers also admire and recommend suzaaina at formal or semi-formal events in Pakistan in 2023.

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