International Brands That Sell Clothes Made in Pakistan 2022

International Brands That Sell Clothes Made in Pakistan 2022

Some people are so brand conscious that they spend thousands of rupees on branded bags, clothes, and shoes. Pakistani brands are so good, but some people still avoid buying from these brands and prefer international brands.

To your surprise, some well-known international brands manufacture their products (clothes, bags, shoes, etc.) In Pakistan. Yes, you heard it right. Many international brands have set up their manufacturing factory in Pakistan.

International Brands That Sell Clothes Made in Pakistan 2022

Are you curious to know the name of the international brands that sell clothes made in Pakistan? Read this post till the end. We will share the names and information of these brands with you in this post.

International Brands That Sell Clothes Made in Pakistan 2022

Let’s discuss each one of them in detail …

1. Zara

Yes, you are taking it right Zara is the brand that sells clothes made in Pakistan. Who does not know about the renowned international brand Zara in today’s ever-changing world? Zara is the biggest name in the fashion industry.

They design different attires very decently and uniquely to easily fall in love. Their product line includes blazers, jackets, tops, bodysuits, coats, and whatnot. You can consider it a family store as they have an amazing collection for men, women, and kids.

2. Mango

Moving on to the next name, mango is another brand that sells your favorite clothes made in Pakistan. Think twice before investing in Zara. The brand manufactures clothing and accessories lines for men, women, and children.

The quality of mango clothes is attractive. What makes mango unique is its continuous adoption of the latest trends, obvious in its designs. Spending money on their shirts is not a good idea because many Pakistani brands sell more stylish clothes at a reasonable price.

3. Artistic Denim

Artistic denim is another famous name in the fashion industry that manufactures their clothes in Pakistan but targets the audience of France and New York. As the name indicates, it is a brand of denim.

It gained a lot of name and fame due to its quality and perfect fitting. No doubt, their collection is so good and comfortable for casual and formal events. Please think twice before purchasing any denim item from them as there are many cheap yet amazing brands offering good quality denim garments.

4. Adidas

Are you a die-hard fan of Adidas products? Unfortunately, Adidas is on the list of those international brands that sell clothes made in Pakistan. The brand was introduced in 1963 and is the second-largest brand globally that manufactures sportswear.

They have an amazing collection of clothes, watches, shades, socks, running and streetwear shoes, football shoes, and other game utilities. They also sell aftershave lotions, antiperspirants, scents, and facial cleansers.

5. Interloop

Interloop also produces its clothes in Pakistan. Specialty of interloop is knitting, yarn dying, spinning, and finishing. Leggings, socks, yarn, and denim, are some of their great products.

To be honest, spending thousands on a product that costs around some hundred rupees is not a good decision.

6. Next

Next also make their products in Pakistan but sells internationally. The brand has around 700 stores in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the middle east. From footwear to accessories, from casual clothes to night suits name it, and they have it.

They have a different clothing line for men, women, kids, and teens. Next is a prominent name in the best international clothing brand, but spending such a high amount on a single product is not less than stupidity.

7. Guess Los Angeles

Guess is a leading international brand that sells clothes made in Pakistan. They manufacture their products in the factory set up in Pakistan. Their product line includes clothes, watches, perfumes, bags, towels, and whatnot.

They have a separate section for men, women, and kids. The harsh reality is you are spending thousands of rupees on guess clothes which cost around 20% of your purchasing amount.

8. Wilsons

While discussing the international brand, how can we forget Wilsons? Wilsons is also a brand that manufactures its clothes in Pakistan. They are one stop, either music, sports, or fashion.

They give some percentage of their income to Why Not You Foundation but their prices are so high. Going out then buying something and coming back is a foolish act. Pakistan has their brands which you can opt for.

9. H & M

H & m is a famous international brand in fashion industry. It has a separate clothing line for men, women, teenagers, and children. The brand manufactures it here in Pakistan and sells it internationally at higher prices. Buying h & m is probably a bad idea.

10. Forever 21

Forever 21 is an international brand that have chic and stylish dresses. Sounds cool? But unfortunately, they also have factories in Pakistan where they design their dresses. The brand began in 1947 and now has more than 5000 stores.

Forever 21’s collection is so beautiful that women of every age group are attracted to it. The clothing line is not the only thing they offer. They design all seasonal clothes for both women.

If you want to promote Pakistan, then the foremost step is to give preference to Pakistani brands over international brands. Manufacturing of products of such a big brand is an indication that Pakistan is the best place to invest in anything.

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