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Hey beauties! As you know, Ear studs or simply called tops are one of the most popular and super comfortable types of earrings found in Pakistan. They beautifully sit on our earlobes without hanging down or exerting any pressure on our ears.

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Online Jewellery Shopping in Pakistan Cash on Delivery in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Rahim Yar Khan, Quetta, Muzaffarabad, Battagram, Kotli, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Sargodha, Sialkot, Sukkur, Larkana, Shekhupura, Bhimbar, Jhang Sadr, Gujrat, Mardan, Malir Cantonment, Kasur, Mingora, Dera Ghazi Khan, Sahiwal, Nawabshah, Okara, Mirpur Khas, Chiniot, etc,

These must have jewelry in every women’s jewellery box whether you are going to Shadi, Walima, Office, School, College, Family Dawat, or at friends get together. Did you know that Studs are the earrings that you can wear right after the Ear Piercing.

They usually come in simple designs that are comfortable to wear in a regular everyday routine with almost every casual suit like Shalwar Kameez, Shirt Trousers, or Long Style Frock.

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So, You can find them in local Pakistani markets in almost every City of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Multan at cheap prices.

Want to know more about Ear Studs 2022/2023? Keep reading the post till the end because we are going to discuss their Ear Studs New Designs, Latest Styles, Shapes, Stones, Materials, Latest Prices and much more.

Online Ear Studs Earrings in Pakistan Cash on Delivery. New Designs 2022/ 2023, Size, Types, Prices, Metrical, etc. Ear Studs Price Updated.

Online Ear Studs Designs 2022/2023

Ear studs are the most secure and coolest choice for today’s women. Maybe they are part of your regular look due to their simplicity. 

Our Pakistani jewelry experts are designing these jewelry pieces so you can get them from the local market at reasonable prices. 

We will discuss simple pearl tops to luxurious crystal studs, but it’s up to you which design you will pick to complete your formal as well as casual look!

Simple pearls are the most stylish and classic type of ear studs that can simply elevate your look at both formal and casual events. It will perfectly match with your long gown as well as a simple suit.

Presenting another stud earrings with a central stone that can be paired with both casual as well as formal functions like at day walima or evening dawat. You can wear them alone or with a necklace or Lockett.

Floral stud earrings, usually referring to a floral shape, are the most refreshing type of stud design. Due to its funky style it can be a great choice for young girls. It can be a perfect selection for your lawn suit or during barbeque night with friends and family.

Crystal stud earrings are the most favorite earrings type for the women of all ages in Pakistan. You can find them in a variety of different designs and shapes from solitaire crystal to multiple crystal studs. Be casual with simple crystal studs or You can pick big crystal studs for formal evening functions like walima,barat,qawali night and mayon.

You can categorize ear cuffs as extended ear studs as it extends on the edges of ears. It is the most stylish and latest earrings designs that simply decorate your ear without multiple piercings. Ear cuff stud earrings can be paired perfectly with your formal suit when you need to make a statement style.

As the name indicates these are the oversized stud earrings than usual to make a crown . You will love these type of studs for being classy and sophisticated. These large stud earrings are perfect with big jorrhaa and saree or with a long gown at any formal event like a walima function.

As you know, plain Gold studs or gold tops are the most popular ear studs in pakistan. Women of all ages, whether you  are a young girl or old woman, or going to school or at work, you will  love to wear gold tops . As they come in various shapes and designs from simple to complex, even the fashion stud earrings can be gold plated with glittery stones and crystals that look like gold. Being valuable in Pakistani culture, gold tops  have their own unique importance in every woman’s life.

You can categorize ear cuffs as extended ear studs as it extends on the edges of ears. It is the most stylish and latest earrings designs that simply decorate your ear without multiple piercings. Ear cuff stud earrings can be paired perfectly with your formal suit when you need to make a statement style.

Shapes Of Ear Studs In Pakistan 2022/2023

Different shapes of ear stud make them comfortable in your daily life, so you can choose them wisely! 

However, there are so many shapes in Pakistan, but we will discuss some common shapes here!

These are the most popular and most loved stud earrings in Pakistan, because they give you a classy ,and extra sparkle look. Round shaped topes usually have a stone as a centerpiece or a hollow ring of any metal in circle shape. It will be the most comfortable tops that you can wear every time even while sleeping.

Are you looking for some twists with tops? Or adding some extra fashionable look in your personality triangle shaped tops will really give you that look.

These square shaped studs can be found in small or large sizes. You can wear them daily while large square studs can be a part of your signature look . They can be designed with different stones and crystals.

Oval shape tops present a simple oval shape pearl or stone surrounded by small stones they can be small or large studs. It can be a simple hollow oval ring for  simplicity.

A twinkling star shape tops will be best for cute small girls going to school. As it presents a decent childish look.

Heart shaped studs often present a more stylish look. Solid heart shape tops will be the best choice for young girls going to school or college.

Color’s Of Stud Earrings

Choosing the color of tops will be your personal preference, whenever going outside, first of all select your suit and shoes now it’s time to choose the color of stud earrings that perfectly matches with your dress. But here we will focus on some common colors that you could find anywhere in Pakistan online or as well as in your famous jewelry bazaar.

  • Golden
  • Silver
  • White
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Red or maroon
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Or multi colors

Be careful in choosing colours of tops as they can impact your overall look.

Golden, silver or greyish white colour ear studs can go with every suit whether you are going to the functions, grocery store, shopping mall, friends house, office, traveling , at family dawat or even in daily life. 

However, other colored tops can be mixed and matched according to your dress color, dress style or occasion where you are going.

Materials Of Ear Studs In Pakistan

In Pakistan, You can find ear studs in almost every metal, from artificial to precious gold and silver. As you know! Simple Gold tops are very common among Pakistani women of all ages. 

They can be white, yellow or rose gold. They are titled as universal tops to wear in daily life. Silver can also be a skin-friendly material and inexpensive than gold studs.  While buying artificial ear studs keep in mind the material doesn’t cause any allergy to the skin. You can buy artificial stud earrings made of any of these metals like,

  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper alloy
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic i e acrylic
  • Wood
  • Fabric

Stainless steel and copper alloy is common in the  Pakistani jewelry making industry because of their low cost and easy availability. Our crafts persons are making fancy ear studs with these materials. 

However gold or silver plating on these metals can make them durable and skin friendly.

Similarly, Acrylic  Plastic and wood material is also being used in making cheap ear studs in different styles and colors.

Be cautious in choosing the studs and earring materials, always choose gold or silver for everyday life whereas, fancy ear studs should be of  hypoallergenic material.

Ornaments Of Stud Earrings In Pakistan

Want to look fabulous everyday or on special occasions? 

For this reason, a pair of stud earrings with  perfect ornaments are a must have item in your jewelry box. You can find these ear studs  decorated with different stones, Diamonds, Crystals, Pearls and glitters in the local market of almost all cities like Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. 

Our Pakistani jewelry experts are crafting beautiful stones or pearls to make a masterpiece for you. 

We will discuss some of them here,  Are you Ready to choose your perfect tops?

Classic pearls in ear studs never go out of fashion in Pakistan, pearls can be a simple option with almost every dress, they can carry your look from office to special evening function.

Crystals make them more fancy and glittering. You can make a statement look with crystal stud earrings.

Stones can be of any color and size, they may be big solitary or multiple small stones in stud earrings.

When you want a fabulous look with stud earrings and don’t want to change with fashion, Diamond studs will be the best choice.

Sizes Of Ear Studs

Shopping for a pair of ear studs in a local Pakistani market or online is really exciting! 

So pick your favorite one but remember the size which you are buying.

It may be a trick to pick a perfect size of tops that will go comfortable with your every suit. We perfectly know that selection of perfect sized tops can be challenging for you, don’t worry we are here to help you ! 

We will give you some tips on how you can wear the different sizes of ear studs at different occasions.

You will find three main sizes in our Local market like.

  • Standard Size Studs
  • Small Ear Studs
  • Medium Ear Studs
  • Big Ear Studs

Small and standard sized tops are the most popular studs that can pair well with your everyday casual suit like shalwar kameez! Whether you are going to Office, School, College or shopping.

While medium sized ear studs may present a timeless look at some formal as well as casual functions like family part, or college farewell.

Similarly, big-sized ear studs will make your statement look and are perfect for any Shaadi function like Mehandi, Mayon, Walima, Barat or Qawali night.

We hope this guide to ear stud sizes has been helpful for you as you search for the perfect size pair.

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Price Of Ear Studs In Pakistan 2022/2023

Wondering about the price of ear studs in Pakistan?

Here we will help you to understand the general price range of these earrings. As you know the price of the product increases as the quality and size  increases, ear studs made of precious metals obviously have high prices. i.e gold,silver, diamond or platinum. Gold ear studs are famous in Pakistani culture but diamond studs are the most expensive ones  in Our country.  While artificial ear studs are available at cheap prices everywhere in your city’s local bazaar.

  • Usually, in Pakistan, you can get stainless steel studs earring at price as low as 300 to 500/RS.
  • Zircone studs due to their shine and durability have little high price as 1500 to 2500/RS.
  • Plain tops with simple designs are available in multi packs at somehow less than 500/RS.
  • Fancy ear studs are also available at a reasonable price i.e 500/Rs to 900/RS.
  • But if you want to buy some skin friendly items like gold plated it will cost slightly high. I.e 2000 to 5000 /RS.


Ear Studs under RS 299 in Pakistan 2022


Ear Studs under RS 499 in Pakistan 2022


Ear Studsunder RS 999 in Pakistan 2022

Latest Ear Studs Earrings Price in Pakistan [Updated 2022]

No.Ear StudsPrice
1Beautiful Stud Earrings with Stones499/Rs
2Beautiful Black Earrings299/Rs
3Beautiful Tops Pack Set299/Rs
4Golden Earring420/Rs
5White Pearl Tops (Green)299/Rs
6Heart Shaped Earrings (Black)299/Rs
7Kaytlins Crystals Embedded Flower Shape Earring200/Rs
8Flower Earrings For Girls300/Rs
9New Cute Small Daisy Flowers Stud Earrings250/Rs
10New Cute Small Daisy Flowers Stud Earrings300/Rs

Ear Studs For Pakistani Girls In 2022/2023

We perfectly know that young  girls always prefer stylish and comfortable earrings in their daily life, because they can enhance their look decently from normal school routine to formal functions. 

Being secure and stylish, ear studs will be one of the coolest choices of young Pakistani girls , feeling Excited?

 Want to know how you can wear different stud earrings with your school or college uniform or with your pretty fairy dress at functions ? have a look at how we can help you!

PlacesEar Stud TypeSize & Style
For school going girlsPlain tiny topsSmall size for decent cute look
For college going girlsPlain studs, gold tops, solitaire stone studsSmall size, or medium sized ear studs. decent look
For university girlsSolitary gold or silver studs, pearl studs, fashion ear studs, floral studsSmall, medium, large ear studs. decent, girlish look
Going for party or school functionsSmall crystal or pearls studs, fancy cartoon character studs, star shaped studsMay be small or medium ear studs for decent and fancy look
At family functions or Shadi Fancy ear studs, heart-shaped studs, butterfly ear studs, simple pearl ear studsMedium or standard size. For a cute and fairy look.

Ear Studs For Pakistani Women 2022/2023

One of the great things about ear studs is that they can pair well with your formal and semi formal suits. Perfect for those Pakistani ladies who have busy lifestyles with household and job. 

Most women prefer gold or silver tops in Pakistan because they don’t want to change them daily. Whether you are going to the office, a relative’s house, at a family Dawat or going to attend a Shadi function, ear studs will always be with you. 

Let’s explore! you need to know how to choose a perfect pair of ear studs.

PlaceEar Stud TypeSize And Style
At Office Simple Studs, Plain Or Single Stone StudsSmall studs to give you a professional decent look.
At PartyPearl Or Stone Studs, Fashion Studs, Crystal StudsMedium or standard sized to give you a charming look
At Wedding or Engagement FunctionsFashion Studs, Big Crystal Studs, Crown Ear StudsLarge ear studs to give you a statement look

Consider these Points before Buy Ear Studs Earrings Online in Pakistan

A perfect earring can add value to your face because it enhances your look. These are the must-have accessories for every woman. After reading the proper description of any item there are several things to consider before purchasing so that you can get a perfect pair of earrings at your doorstep.

You should consider the perfect size of the earring according to your face shape and hair length. Perfect sized earrings will always enhance your features.

Matching is the grace of every woman. Consider whether the color of the earring matches exactly with your dress or not before buying.

Consider the weight of earrings before making any purchase online. As heavy Weight earrings will charge an extra shipping cost.

Before purchasing online, Keep in mind which design of earrings suits you well according to your occasion or dress.

While purchasing online you should think about which payment method suits you best whether cash on delivery or paying through credit cards.

Read customer reviews and feedback. Like other things, you should consider the store reviews before making any purchase online.

Consider the return policy of the store in which you can return your products in case of any misconception.

List of cities in Pakistan

SukkurDera IsmailAbbottabad
GujranwalaGujar KhanRahim Yar Khan
GujratSahiwalWah Cantonment
Dera Ismail KhanAbbotabadMandi Bahauddin
MianwaliChishtianMirpur Khas
Dera Ghazi KhanSheikhupuraSahiwal
JhangBurewala Rawalpindi

Ear Studs FAQ

You should wear small ear studs specially single stone or pearl ear studs of gold.

Plain or single stone ear studs of small size will be best for working ladies.

You can wear big crystals or matching stones ear studs with a long gown.

You can wear any simple ear studs in summer, but floral ear studs of matching colors are good with lawn suits.

If you are making a hair style in heavy jodhra, let’s try small or medium ear studs of any design.

Small or plain ear studs with very few stones are the best option to wear in normal life even while sleeping.

You can wear any single color stone, but the white stone is ideal to wear daily in ear studs.

Gold or silver is a skin-friendly material in ear studs to wear every time, you can also wear fancy studs with gold plating.

Usually small ear studs with different girlish designs like butterfly, mini mouse, star shape, or flower designs are ideal for girls under 12 years.

Earrings Customers Reviews

All our beautiful leadies who buy from Hiba Creations are very happy becasue our earrings quality wise amazing and we have uniqe colors and designs. In Review section you can check our customers reviews.

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