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  • Sale! Traditional Jhumka Earrings Design & Price in Pakistan. Best Wedding Earrings for Girls in Pakistan. New Jhumka Designs 2022 Cash on Delivery.
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Check our Latest Jhumka Collection

Buy Online Latest Jhumka Earring, New Designs with Price in Pakistan 2022/ 2023 Cash on Delivery

Confuse How to choose new jhumka earrings 2022/ 2023 in Pakistani with matching colors with dress, or buy golden jhumka or silver jhumka for Pakistani events like Barat, Mehendi, Walima, Mayun, Parties.

From choosing Dresses to Makeup and Jewelry, everything should be perfect and unique and matching colors for a girl. Either you are a Bride or Bride’s Sister, Bride friends.

Jhumka Earrings will make you look more beautiful.

You must have come across various necklaces and other jewelry pieces but have you laid your eyes on the latest Jhumka earring styles 2022/ 2023? These Pakistani traditional Jhumkas can make a bride more appealing and more traditional.

You can easily buy online jhumka earrings online Pakistani Jewellery Stores or Local Jewllery Shops or Jewllery Markets in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad.

Girls now prefer online Jewellery Shopping, its easy to view jhumka designs, jhumka prices available online websites.

You can get a fantastic collection of jhumka earrings at Hiba creation. We deliver in 2-3 days, also if your order is more than 2000/ Rs. you will get Free delivery. Do not forget to check out our new Jhumkas collection 2022 including Multicolors Jhumka, Meenakari Jhumka, Kundan Jhumka, Bidal Jhumka and more.

Stay with me now I will discuss with you New Jhumka Designs 2022, Latest Jhumka Prices, Jhumka Types, Jhumka  Styles and much more.

Buy Online Earrings in Pakistan Cash on Delivery for Girls, Ladies. New Jhumka Designs, Prices. Jhumka Trends. Pakistani Jhumka 2022/ 2023.

Traditional Jhumkas – an inspiration to many

If you are a Punjabi Pakistani Girl, woman and you have desi vibes running in your blood then you must be a BIG FAN of Pakistani traditional Jhumka earrings 2022/ 2023.

Whenever you think of Jhumkas, the first thing that pops up to your mind is how heavy these could be and how will I look in them. The heavier the Jhumkas are, the more appealing look you will get.

Jhumkas are an inspiration to every School, College, or University-going girl also older woman. The best part is you can wear them with casual attire too.

We are here to help you give a few inspirations that you can choose from for your events.

Many women scroll through their Instagram or visit a few jewelers to buy their jewelry, some find exactly what they are looking and some just don’t. So, don’t panic, we are here to take your worries away.

Jhumka Earrings Size

Choosing the right size of jhumka earrings according to your Age, Outfit, Event, Face Shape, and Hairstyle is very important. Jhumka earrings usually come in these three sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Check Also Earrings Collection and details

Latest Jhumka Earrings Designs 2022/ 2023 in Pakistan

Jhumka Earrings Material

Each material has a different hardness, cost, oxidation resistance, and brightness.

Choosing the right material is very important because light quality material can destroy your piercing.

Materials for designing jhumka earrings include stainless steel, gold-plated metal, silver-plated metal, Copper, Alloy Metal, Plastic, wood, crystal, stone, and rhodium-plated metal.

If you have just pierced your ear, then try using Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver and Medicated plastic.

Jhumka Earrings Color Combination

Wearing matching jhumka earrings is very important otherwise, it will destroy your look.

Most girls prefer golden and silver jhumka earrings as it blends well with almost every outfit.

But you can find golden and silver jhumka earrings in a color combination with:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Maroon
  • orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue

Also, all these colors combined together give multi-color jhumka earrings which looks beautiful.

Jhumka Earrings Shape

The shape of the jhumka earrings plays an important role in changing your attire and face look.

Every shape is beautiful. Some shapes of jhumka earrings are Conical, Circle, Half-Moon, Leaf, Floral, Heart, Doughnut, Diamond, and Cubic.

Choose your shape carefully.

Jhumka Earrings Stone

Jewelry’s look depends upon the stones used in the making of that jewelry piece. Similarly, jhumka earrings look more beautiful when stones are studded on them.

Some stones that give jhumka earrings great spark are:

  • Champagne
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Black / Grey
  • Multicolor
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • White
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby

Jhumka Earrings Latest Design In Pakistan 2022 / 2023

Like everything, Jhumkas have various types too. They can be found in wide varieties, in every design. Desi women prefer heavy Jhumkas at their events. We will discuss here the trendiest types that every girl would love to wear.

Antique Jhumkas were worn by women of 18s and 19s, and now these are redesigned in a more modern way but still are the traditional ones. These modern antique jhumka earrings blend well with eastern and western attire. These are perfect for traditional as well as a unique look.

If you are a big fan of stones, then you can stud ruby in your Jhumkasfor a more modern look. Ruby looks so beautiful in Jhumkas and looks exceptional on a bride. You can choose any design with them, whatever you like. It will give you a very gorgeous look.

The diamond looks so beautiful forwomen of every age group. Diamonds are the best friend of women. Nothing can beat diamond Jhumkas in beauty as they have a very unique look. Diamond Jhumkas can be found in different various designs. These Jhumkas are quite expensive. You can customize diamond jhumka earrings by giving your own designs to a jeweler. These diamond Jhumkas add an extra unique appeal to your look.

if you want to add an extra touch of beauty to your appearance then you should definitely go for long heavy Jhumkas. Pakistani Brides are always looking for something extra and elegant. Long Jhumkas will do justice to your whole attire. Whatever design you opt for, a bride always looks gorgeous in extra jewelry and long Jhumkas are top on the list.

Silver Jhumkas are a go-to for every attire and will do justice to your appearance. These silver Jhumkas are perfect for light color dresses. These are also available in different designs with various embellishments studded into them.

Wearing gold jhumka earrings is not safe but still, many girls love to wear gold at some events. Gold jhumka earrings give you an amazing look. You can get the design of your choice in gold jhumka earrings. Purchasing gold jhumka earrings is a tough task as there are many fraud jewelers. Be careful hile buying gold jhumka earrings.

Kashmiri jhumka earrings are suitable for every event. It is the most popular jhumka earring among Pakistani girls. It is a long jhumka earring having a chain attached to it. The pearl chain goes behind the ear of the wearer. It looks outstanding on every girl with every outfit.

Hoops jhumka earrings are a combination of two earrings i.e., hoops and jhumka. In this jhumkas are attached to hoops. Whether it’s a western top or eastern lehnga hoops jhumka earrings look good on both.

Chandeliers are another style of dangle earrings, paired with jhumki, hanging below the ears. These are more luxurious and elegant earrings for every event.

Jhumka earring is a traditional jewelry piece. Every traditional event is incomplete without pearl jhumka earrings. Jhumka earrings with pearls give you a classy look. It adds value to your personality.

Meenakari is famous among Pakistani girls. Girls wear Kundan jhumka earrings at events like nikkah, Mehendi, and mayun. Kundan jewelry pieces are winning the hearts of many with their unique designs. Kundanjhumka earrings spark is different and adds value to your look.

If you like to decorate your whole ear with traditional touch ear-cuff jhumka earrings is surely designed for you. It contains a modern ear cuff with the traditional touch of jhumka. There is a wide variety of ear cuff jhumka earrings available in the market, but the peacock one is the real eye-catcher.

Buy Jhumka Earrings Online in Pakistan 2022

Are you confused about buying jhumka earrings online? We are providing you with fine-quality jewelry at the cheapest price. Get everything trendy and stylish from our online store at a reasonable price with cash on delivery

Buy online jhumka earrings at Hiba Creations with confidence. We are offering the fastest “Cash On Delivery” within 2 to 3 days all over Pakistan.

while living in Islamabad you can get the best quality jhumka earrings at your doorstep, It’s very easy to get online you have to order your favorite earrings at Hiba Creations website and we deliver in Islamabad within 2 to 3 working days. If your order more than 2000/RS then you get Free delivery.

Delivery is available at Islamabad’s most popular Areas including DHA, Capital Smart City, Bahria Town, Green Oaks, PWD Housing Society, Blue World City, Multi-Gardens B-17 G-Block, Park View City, University Town, Top City, SECTOR E-11 , SECTOR G-13, SECTOR I-8, Gulberg, Bani Gala.
You can get your order at Rawalpindi in most popular areas including Satellite Town, Peshawar Road, Adyala Road, Capital Smart City, Chaklala Scheme 3.

It’s very easy to get your jhumka earrings if you just order at Hiba Creations website as we deliver in Lahore within 2 to 3 working days. If you order more than 2000/Rs then you got Free Shipping.

Lahore’s popular living areas include Liberty Market, Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Cantonment (Cantt), Model Town, Punjab Housing Society, Eden Villas, Canal View, Tech housing society.

Now purchasing anything online while living in a city like Karachi is not difficult at all. It’s very easy to buy earrings online anywhere in Karachi. You have to go to Hiba Creations website and we deliver in Karachi within 2 to 3 working days. If you order more than 2000/Rs then you get Free Shipping.

We ship in Karachi’s most popular areas Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Johar, Bahria Town, DHA Karachi, Scheme 33, Clifton, North Nazimabad, KDA Scheme 1/ Muhammad Ali Society (MACHS), Federal B Area, Malir Cantonment.

Price of Jhumka Earrings in Pakistan 2022

The prices of jhumka earrings depend upon the quality and material used for designing the earring:

  • You can get artificial normal quality jhumka earrings ranging from 300 to 1500 rupees.
  • Gemstone and pearl jhumka earrings price depend upon the size and stone used in the making, starting from 1000 rupees.
  • The gold jhumka earrings are expensive. The price depends upon the weight and karate you choose.

If you have less budget, then always go for artificial jhumka earrings but if you have a little high budget then always go for diamond and gold jhumka earrings.


Jhumka under RS 299 in Pakistan 2022


Jhumka under RS 499 in Pakistan 2022


Jhumka under RS 999 in Pakistan 2022

Latest Jhumka Earring Online Price in Pakistan [Updated 2022]

The price start from 300/Rs to 3000/Rs. Its depend on quality.

No.Jhumka EarringsPrice
1Pearl Jhumki earring350/Rs
2Beautiful Golden Fancy Jhumky700/Rs
3Bahubali Jhumki800/Rs
4Stylish Small Jhumka Earrings500/Rs
5Golden Jhumki Earrings499/Rs
6Fancy Jhumky in Maroon Colour650/Rs
7Gold Bali Pearl Jhumka Earrings499/Rs
8Antique Jhumke For Girls500/Rs
9Leaf Shaped Jhumka Earrings650/Rs
10Peacock Jhumka Earrings480/Rs

Cool Girl Earrings

You need to look cool with a pair of more stylish earrings for every mood, style, and outfit. It’s all up to you whether you choose funky dangling earrings or ethnic studs for an everyday look. You can pick stylish hoops or pearl earrings whichever one makes you feel fabulous with every outfit.

Consider these Points before Buy Jhumka Earrings Online in Pakistan 2022

Jhumka earrings are a must-have accessory you should always have in your bag. after reading all the information, are you still confused about buying a jhumka earrings online? 

Do not worry. We are sharing a few factors to consider:

Ensure that you are purchasing the right size, otherwise, it won’t look good.

Matching is an essential part of going to an event. So always purchase the jhumka earrings matching your outfit.

Never go for the heavy jhumka. It will make you uncomfortable.

Before purchasing online, Keep in mind which design of earrings suits you well according to your occasion or dress.

Always order your jhumka earrings from the store giving cash on delivery option.

Customer reviews are mandatory to check before ordering from any online store.

A reliable online store always gives you an option of returning a parcel if something wrong delivers to you.

List of cities in Pakistan

SukkurDera IsmailAbbottabad
GujranwalaGujar KhanRahim Yar Khan
GujratSahiwalWah Cantonment
Dera Ismail KhanAbbotabadMandi Bahauddin
MianwaliChishtianMirpur Khas
Dera Ghazi KhanSheikhupuraSahiwal
JhangBurewala Rawalpindi

Jhumka Earring FAQ

Wearing jhumka earrings with a fresh piercing of five days is not a good idea. Avoid it for a few more days.

Wear hoops jhumka earrings or jhumka earrings with red color stone. It will look pretty.

Not really; the price depends upon the quality and material.

No, you can getjhumka earrings in different materials like silver, copper, rhodium, etc.

Hiba creations is an authentic website to get your order on time at your doorstep.

Gemstone jhumka earrings range from 1000-2500 rupees online in Pakistan.

Yes, the price depends upon the quality and size of the diamond used.

Yes, but make sure to choose the right material like gold or stain less steel.

You can get your order in 3-4 doors if you place your order at Hiba Creations.

Jhumka Earrings For Different Pakistani Occasions 2022/ 2023

Despite the beautiful dress on Pakistani occasions like Mehandi, Barat, Dholki, Ubtan, Walima, Engagements, Nikkah, Birthday Parties, Family Dawat, Eid Meladunabi, Official Parties, Friends Parties, Choti Eid [Eid ul Fitr] and Bari Eid [Eid ul Adha]. Beautiful earrings are also an important part of the occasion. You can wear these earrings at every event paired with a beautiful outfit.

Wear long jhumka earrings on mehendi day.

On Barat day, you can go with antique jhumka earrings with stone studded on it. Choose the stone matching your outfit.

On walima day, wear diamond jhumka earrings and rock the event.

Wear beautiful Kashmiri jhumka earrings, they will complete your look.

Eid day is a day of happiness, but wear something simple and unique like pearls jhumka earrings.

Going on a date and wanting to look perfect? Wear hoops jhumka earrings, it will add class to your personality.

Jhumka Earrings with Different Outfit 2022

LehngaKundan Jhumka Earrings
Jeans and ShirtHoops Jhumka Earrings
Long Western MaxiSilver or Diamond Jhumka Earrings
Skirt with Western Top
Kashmiri Jhumka Earrings

Jhumka Earrings for Mother, Sister, And Wife Gift 2022

Gold Jhumka Earrings
Kashmiri Jhumka Earrings
Diamond Jhumka Earrings
Antique Jhumka Earrings
hoops jhumka earrings
Pearl Jhumka Earrings

Jhumka Earrings for School/ College/ University Going Girls

School Going Girls
College, University Going Girl
Small Pearls Jhumka Earrings
Hoops Jhumka Earrings
Small Silver Jhumka Earrings
Kashmiri Jhumka Earrings

Care Instruction:

Some jewelry pieces get black and can’t be reused. In order to last your jhumka earrings longer than usual follow these care instructions.

  • Keep your jhumka earrings safe and away from water.
  • While applying perfume make sure that your jhumka earrings are safe.
  • Keep it in an airtight pouch or box.
  • Use wet cotton or wipes to clean it after using.

Hiba Creations Customers Reviews

All our beautiful leadies who buy from Hiba Creations are very happy becasue our earrings quality wise amazing and we have uniqe colors and designs. In Review section you can check our customers reviews.

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