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Buy Online Foot Toe Rings Design and Price in Pakistan 2023/ 2024 – Cash On Delivery

Buy Online Foot Toe Rings Design 2023/ 2024, Price in Pakistan Cash On Delivery. Toe Rings Styles, Size, Price, Design. Toe Rings for Girls. Lahore, Karachi

Buy Online Toe Rings in Pakistan for Women & Girls – New Design 2023/ 2024 with Prices

Toe Rings have been worn by women for many ages as it signifies the married life of a woman. A Toe ring must be worn on the second finger of the feet; it gives pressure to the pressure point which helps to regulate the menstrual cycle of women. 

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Toe rings are simple yet they add a splash of femininity to any outfit. They are small rings made out of different materials, like silver, gold, wires, plastic, or other materials, worn on your toes to beautify your feet. 

Today we discuss in this post the Latest Foot Toe Rings New Designs, the Latest Prices, Types, Styles, Sizes and many more so stay with us and we guide you through Foot Toe Rings Shopping Online In Pakistan in 2023/ 2024.

Buy Online Foot Toe Rings Design 2023/ 2024, Price in Pakistan Cash On Delivery. Toe Rings Styles, Size, Price, Design. Toe Rings for Girls. Lahore, Karachi

Sizes of Toe Rings

You can find two types of rings in the market. 

  • Adjustable Toe Ring
  • Fitted Toe Ring

Adjustable toe rings are more comfortable as they offer the facility of “one size fits most” comfortably. They are more affordable than fitted toe rings. The only side effect is that you can’t wear it on regular bases.

Fitted rings come in strong solid bands and you can also add gemstones to wear on rare occasions to enhance the style of your look. If you are searching for which are comfortable for a long time period so go with a Fitted toe ring. 

A lot of fitted toe ring is commonly made of gold, silver, or some kind of plastic and you can find different sizes of the ring according to the size of the toes.

Finger SizeRing Size
Slim17 to 18
Normal18 to 19
Healthy19 to 20

Material of Toe Rings

Material matters the most when it comes to jewelry pieces. Toe Rings are designed by using many different materials. Those materials are Copper, Alloy, Metal, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Silver, Gold, Zinc Alloy, Crystal, Wood, Stone, etc. You can also add gemstones like Amber, Ivory, Opal, Coral, Feroza, and a lot more according to your birth. Girls of every age can use these materials.

Online Toe Rings Designs in Pakistan 2023/ 2024

You can find an amazing variety of these Indian toe rings in different designs and patterns. We give you some unique and special toe rings information that is easily available and never goes out of fashion. These are:

This is specially designed for the big fingers. This is a very classy and stylish design perfect for those who love to wear simple but something exclusive. 

Toe bands are great for daily wear but they can also be embellished with decorative elements like pearls, beads, crystals, etc. If you are looking for something special for a bride so go with the Meenakari Toe Ring.

These are also a kind of toe ring that is perfect for bigger toes. They are generally simple than other designs and easily available at the cheapest price.

Payal toe rings come attached with strings that connect the payals and the rings with each other. It is really attractive and decorative by its name. It is especially for bridal purposes but other women can also wear it on some special occasions. It gives your feet a stylish look and it is made from different metals.

This is the type of toe ring wherein two rings are attached together, to be worn together on the second and the third finger. It is usually worn in some dance programs by dancers or in cultural functions.

These toe rings have some traditional value and it is usually worn by Maharashtrian women. It is really elegant in a circular shape and slightly decorated. 

Temple Jewelry is made from gold metal and it is quite heavy, you can customize it by yourself and you can also find a lot of designs ad styles in the market.

A triple toe ring is worn on three fingers of feet together. If you love to give your feet a stylish and heavy look so trust me to go with a triple toe ring, it is also known as Pola in some cities of India. Some people believe that this toe ring attracts energy from the earth and transfers it to the body for positive effects.

Types of Toe Rings

There are many types and styles of rings and it is really tricky to choose the right one for you.

We have shortlisted some trendy designs below to solve your problem:

The connection between women and jewelry is really strong and the toe ring is one of them. Silver toe rings are also known as Metti or Bichhiya. It is worn by women at the time of the wedding. 

Trendy Silver Toe Rings look beautiful when paired with Western clothes and you can also add gemstones to a silver toe ring.

Diamond is an expensive precious stone and it is not pocket friendly for everyone but in the royal family, women prefer to wear diamond toe rings to enhance the charm of their feet.

Every girl wants to wear something unique and different jewelry. Once the ring completed its 100 years, it becomes antique and its color is dull gold. 

You might think that it’s rusted, but the real jewelry lover knows this ring’s value. You can slay antique rings with every outfit.

Gold is considered the metal of the Gods and the royals which is why it was never worn below the waist area of the body.

Toe Rings Styles

If you are looking for the right accessories to complement your style, why not try wearing toe rings? Toe rings will look great with open-toed shoes or with a flip flop.

Are you a toe ring lover? We are here to help you out. We listed toe rings for you to look at and find the right one for you and your style.

This ring is carefully hammered by experienced artists. This is a unique and stylish toe ring and will go great with flip-flops

The snowflake Toe ring gives you snow feel on your feet. It is a unique design and it is a great gift idea for your girlfriend or friend.

This toe ring has an elegant look that would go with a western and eastern outfit. You can easily wear it on casual and formal occasions.

The two-leaf toe ring is handcrafted and it is a classy design and it will really suit your sophisticated or floral dress.

This toe-ring is speechless and you can surely flaunt your feet with Celtic Design by wearing open toed-shoes. It is really classy and in demand nowadays.

It is a perfect invention for big toes. This ring has a braided design with sterling silver and 14k gold together to get the chic look.

Everyone loves to wear something unique so go with this style of toe ring. It really suits western wear and you style your feet with this ring for the beach party.

This classy Foot Engraved Toe Ring has a simple look but when accompanied by gorgeous shoes, this ring is definitely a show stopper.

The summer season is coming and pineapples are surely in season, so why not wear it on your toes, right? This ring has a cute and catchy look to complete your look. It is a more loveable item for young girls.

It is a really eye-catching and unique design. It is also a great gift idea for your loved ones. It is available or you can customize it with your loveable metals.

This Toe Ring is definitely something to add to your jewelry collection. It is gorgeous and easily fits any outfit in your closet.

It is a cute and simple invention by a jeweler. This butterfly ring is also worn by little girls.

This ring looks so classy. It is 3 layered toe ring and gives 3 choices to its consumers. You can choose three materials at a time gold, silver, and rose gold.

This ring is adjustable and one size fits all. You can find this ring in two metals silver or gold and it will look more elegant with open-toed shoes.

The ring is made of brass and you can decorate your feet with this boho ring in this tempting hot season.

The carefree look is the main selling point of the Spiral Toe Ring. It has a snake look that would goosebumps in you.

The Leaf Toe Ring has a simple yet elegant look that can be worn for any occasion or any style that you want to pull off.

This ring is made from solid sterling steel which is rust in color and can be worn during swimming or taking shower.

If you are choosey or don’t want something ordinary so go ahead with this luminous heart toe ring. It will glow in the heart between the ring and it is adjustable and worn by kids and adults both.

Dreamed of becoming a princess? If you are one of them, so go with this mini crown toe ring and become a princess of your castle. The metal of this ring is silver, platinum, brass, and man more.

The hand of Hamsa is a sign of good luck and protection from negative vibes, so why not? This ring will not only give you protection but also add spark to your look. You can also add a turquoise stone in the middle of your hand.

Toe Rings According to The Function

Choosing a perfect toe ring is very tricky, you must have to pick that one that matches your identity and your outfit. We are giving you some suggestions below to help you to choose the right toe ring:

  • When you wearing everyday clothes, beachwear, or sportswear, you should choose a ring that is made of flexible or some other non-metal material and decorated with beads. It gives you a classy look.
  • For nights out or parties, metal rings are a more formal and classy choice. It is more demanding for teenage girls to look prettiest and stylish.
  • If you are going some formal occasions so go with silver or diamond toe ring.

Toe Rings Price in Pakistan 2023/ 2024 [ Updated ]

NoToe RingsPrice
1Toe Ring – Half Round 14k Gold4000/Rs
2Finger Ring Simple Adjustable 300/Rs
37Pcs Vintage Hollow Carved Star Moon Toe Rings300/Rs
4Simple Toe Ring Adjustable Foot Ring200/Rs
5Pack of 5 – Women Fashion Simple Toe Ring Adjustable Foot250/Rs
69PCS/Set Ring Women Unique Adjustable Opening Finger Ring299/Rs
75PCS Gold Color Adjustable Toe Ring for Women Girl 450/Rs
85PCS Gold Color Adjustable Toe Ring for Women500/Rs
9Toe Rings And Things Gold Fill Garden Party Thumb Ring5999/Rs
10riple Stack 14K Gold Fill and Sterling Silver Toe Ring6999/Rs

The prices of toe rings are according to the demand and its materials like silver, gold, gold plated, plastic, platinum, and many more.

  • Good quality artificial toe rings are available in markets starting from 1000 to 2000.
  • The toe rings with zircon and different real gemstones are a little bit expensive. Its starts from 5000 to 7000.
  • If you choose something on real stones or materials like Diamonds and Gold so it is according to the weight and designs. It is according to the current rate of the dollar. You can easily find a lot of shops and designer showrooms for the precious range of jewelry. The starting rate is 20,000 to 25000.

Toe Rings FAQs

Some best options are:

  • Fitted toe Ring.
  • Swirl toe Ring.
  • Sterling Toe Ring.
  • Flower toe Ring.
  • Butterfly toe Ring.

Every metal is good in its own way. But toe ring’s best materials is:

  • Base Metal.
  • Brass.
  • Copper.
  • Platinum.
  • Silver.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Sterling Silver.

Toe rings can be worn anytime there is no such best time.

If you are healthy then age has nothing to do with your size. Size 19 or 20 will fit you perfectly.

A silver toe ring will surely bring a smile to your mother’s cute face; gift this one. It will make your bond stronger.

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