Buy Online Calligraphy Pendant Designs and Price in Pakistan 2022

Calligraphy is an art, and wearing beautiful calligraphy pendants or haar is an indication of devotion and Connections towards religious beliefs.

Also, In our society, these pendants are called Islamic necklaces to protect from evils. Pakistani women in 2022, loved to wear different calligraphy jewelry including pendants engraved with the name of Allah, Qalama, Qurani Ayats, and Bismillah, or personalized with their names, and, initials in both Urdu and English.

Buy Online Calligraphy Pendant Designs and Price in Pakistan 2022

No matter, This trend evolved as ur Islamic culture many years ago but this is also so much popular in the present day.

 Our local Pakistani jewelers have great artistic power to craft these captivating pendants using various materials and methods.

Also, Pakistani jewelry designers are designing these Islamic pendants using high techniques and materials to satisfy the elite class.

So, you can purchase these artistic pieces from any designer online or from any local jewelry shop in Pakistan, like Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore in 2022.

If you are seeking to buy these artistic pieces, then Keep scrolling to get to know more about these calligraphy pendants like types, materials, designs, sizes, and their latest price in Pakistan 2022.

Types of Calligraphy Pendants in Pakistan 2022

Inspired by Islamic culture, Pakistani jewelers are incorporating the art of calligraphy,  spreading the values of positivity and love in one’s life. Different types of calligraphy pendants are crafted in custom-made or ready pieces in Pakistan. It’s all about your personal preference whatever your style. We have enlisted Three main types

1# Arabic Calligraphy Pendants

Most women love to wear pendants with Qurani ayat crafted beautifully in different styles or shapes using modern techniques. Arabic calligraphy jewelry is much more famous than any of the others in Pakistan. These pendants are simple or in jarao pieces with multi germs. 

  • Ayat al kursi pendant 
  • Kalma Tayyaba pendants
  • Bismillah Pendant
  • ALLAH name Pendant
  • Bismillah Pendant
  • MASHALLAH pendants
  • Qurani Ayats Pendants

2# Urdu Calligraphy Pendants

Urdu calligraphy is also popular among Pakistani women. which expresses our love for culture in our local language. It expresses personalized names in Urdu. These customized pieces can be made in order with any name or word of your choice. 

3# English Calligraphy Pendants

Glimmering English calligraphy pendants, that never go out of style, are also everyone’s favorite in Pakistan. These are handcrafted in the English alphabet, and also made on order. It includes personalized 

  • Name initials
  • Customized names 

Styles or Fonts of Calligraphy pendants in Pakistan 2022

Pakistani professional calligraphists are experts in designing the different calligraphy pendant styles Using high-quality artistic styles. Calligraphy jewelry became popular among young girls but also loved by adult women in Pakistan. Here will discuss the most common styles. You can choose from any available piece or customized pendants in different fonts like 

Carrie style 

Carrie style is the most common and simplest type of calligraphy style. Which is available on every Pakistani online store. In which the first letter and last letter are cured or styled for a more feminine look. Pakistani designers are designing almost all types of personalized calligraphy pendants in this style.

Block Style 

presents the customized names, Allah names, or any other Qurani ayat in curved, rectangular, or asymmetrical block highlighting the first letter. Block-style calligraphy is more common and diverse in Pakistan. 

Arabic Style

Calligraphy pendants in traditional Arabic style are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan, as it represents our Islamic values. Pakistani jewelry designers are using these styles with Kundan or jarao pieces to enhance the artistic features of the jewelry. 

Materials of Calligraphy Pendant in Pakistan 

Calligraphy pendants are meaningful and beautiful at the same time. These religious jewelry pieces are handcrafted using various materials and embellishments in Pakistan.

Some girls like to wear artificial pendants as a fashion trend. While some want to invest in gold or silver to wear casually. No matter what your style and preferences are, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Also, there are many online jewelry stores, offering these pendants in different materials studded with stones and pearls at economical rates. We suggest you choose any of these artificial items with gold or silver plating which did not turn black. 

 But if you want to invest in Islamic pendants, prefer gold or silver for a lifetime experience. Some artificial pieces are available with gold or silver plating for long-lasting shine. Let’s discuss the materials of these pendants.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Sterling silver
  • Stainless steel 
  • Copper
  • Cubic zircon
  • Zircone
  • Rhodium
  • Crystals
  • Pearls
  • Stones
  • Beads,

However, choosing the Pendant chain material will be a little confusing for you, there are three types of chain materials available in Pakistan. 

  • Golden or silver chain
  • Pearls mala
  • Dori 

Moreover, these all chains have special characteristics in the pendant’s beauty. Choose any of these materials and capture the true essence of aesthetics in Calligraphy. 

Calligraphy Pendants Sizes of  in Pakistan 

Steal the artistic elegance of calligraphy in your Pendants. But shopping for calligraphy jewelry in Pakistan, especially online can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting a calligraphy pendant to wear. It can depend on many things like the outfit that it Will be worn with, the age of the women, and the functions that will be worn at. We would like to help you choose the correct size pendants with little information on calligraphy pendants sizes in Pakistan

 1# Small Sizes

Small calligraphy pendants are very common in Pakistan. These pieces can also be purchased for young girls with the name of Allah or personalized names. These pieces may be engraved or embossed with little ornament. However, Producing a little dangling effect in the overall look, but can be worn with small chain size casually day to day wear. Most Pakistani women prefer to wear gold small-sized calligraphy pendants casually in routine life like going to the office, universities and traveling.

2# Medium Size 

Medium-sized Calligraphy pendants are most common or you can say it is an ideal size for Pakistani women. This size of Pendants can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit, whether simple or fancy. Most of the jewelry designers are focusing on medium-sized pendants because it doesn’t cost high and become a favorable size to wear casually or formally at every Pakistani occasion like Weddings, Eid, Parties, and outdoor gatherings.

3# Large Size

A large-sized calligraphy pendant may be termed a statement piece. These pendants can be worn with large chain sizes. Pakistani jewelers are designing these statement pieces for central attention. For larger focal attention we recommend the large-sized calligraphy pendants to wear with fancy chiffon Saree for a more outstanding look at any formal occasion. 

Whatever your style, the size of the calligraphy pendants matters a lot in the Pakistani lifestyle. Choose wisely!

Calligraphy Pendants Price in Pakistan [ Updated 2022]

The calligraphy pendants in Pakistan reflect the personality of the wearer through the beauty of Art. Most of us invest a lot of money in these art pieces. In Pakistan, you can find these items at different prices online and from any local jewelry shop. However, the price of every piece depends on the material and techniques from which it was formulated. I.e price of gold or silver plated items may cost slightly higher than others.

 Similarly, the price of 21 k gold depends upon the current gold rates in Pakistan 2022.  Different Online websites are offering artificial calligraphy pieces at very competitive prices than the market. Yet designer jewelry really costs much higher with endless elegance.  Let’s have a look at these items with a price range. 

No.Calligraphy Necklace TypesPrice
1Stainless steel 400-1000 PKR
2Copper pendants1200-2000PKR
3Gold plated with pearls mala2000-5000PKR
4Zircone or cubic zircon 4500-8500PKR
5Gold studded with cubic zircone11000-17500PKR
622k gold with pearls mala1800-20000PKR
7Sterling silver with rhodium-plated7500-9000PKR
8Pure silver pendant3000-3500PKR

Pakistani Occasions to Wear Calligraphy Pendants in 2022

Calligraphy pendants are worn as Islamic necklaces, and to add beauty and sparkle to your personality at the same time. They can be paired with simple to fancy dresses, and are timeless for every occasion. Here we will help you on which occasions you should wear these jewelry pieces in 2022.

As a Religious Belief 

Wearing an Islamic pendant with the name of Allah, Qalma, ayat ul kursi, and Qurani Ayats is a sign of protection from harm and evils in Pakistan. If you want so, we recommend you to wear a gold or silver small pendant with any of this calligraphy. Or wear any gold-plated simple piece in normal life.

At Weddings

Many Pakistani jewelry designers are designing statement calligraphy pendants with zircon, feroza, crystals, and Ruby attached with pearls mala. These stunning pendants can add glamour and religious affection at the same time. Isn’t it? Wear them on any Shaadi, nikkah, engagement at Pakistani wedding functions in 2022.

AS a Gift

Everyone loves to accept a nice gift. A calligraphy pendant, whether gold, silver or even gold plated will be an excellent choice for someone you know in your life. Honor your mother with Islamic calligraphy pendants on mother’s day. And adore your wife, sister, and daughter with personalized calligraphy pendants on their birthdays. Also, it can be a beautiful wedding gift for your friend at her wedding.

In Ramazan

The month of Ramazan is the most sacred month among all other months in the Islamic calendar, and it ends with the special blessings of Eid-ul-Fitr. You all know Ramazan 2022 just arrived, and Eid 2022 is also here. So it is the best time to cherish your loved ones with these meaningful calligraphy pendants as a gift in the holy month. Buy them for yourself, or for your wife, sister, mother, and friend to celebrate this occasion.

Final impressions

We have shared almost all the aspects of calligraphy pendants including types, sizes, designs, and the latest price in 2022.

Hopefully, these jewelry pieces could be an awesome means to describe Islamic calligraphy for Pakistani women in 2022, and a great way to reflect on what Islam is all about in our lives.

Let’s upgrade our jewelry collections with these calligraphy Pendants in 2022.

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