Latest Jhumar Design with Price in Pakistan 2022/2023 [Updated]

Buy Online Jhumar in Pakistan - New Designs 2022/ 2023, Latest Prices [Updated]

Jhumar, also known as pass, has become an important part of girls’ jewelry in Pakistan 2022/ 2023. The look is incomplete without jhumar at different big events like Barat, Mehendi, Walima, Nikkah, Mayun, and Engagement. 

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Jhumar designs 2022 are available in different materials and embellishments. Traditional jewelry never goes out of fashion. Whether you are a bride or bride’s sister, you will look beautiful with jhumar on. 

If you visit different markets of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, you will get to see a lot of designs of jhumar in Pakistan 2022. It looks beautiful, elegant, and exceptionally tasteful if you choose the right one.

Besides visiting markets and searching for jhumars, you can do online shopping. Online shopping is easy and hectic free. You can easily get prices and the latest designs of jhumar online in Pakistan.

New Jhumar Design for Bride, Girls, Ladies with Price in Pakistan 2022/ 2023, Old Vintage style Jhoomar, White Pearl Jhumar, Traditional Jhumar Price. Cash on Delivery

You can get an amazing collection of jhumar at hiba creation. We deliver in 2-3 days. If your order is more than 2000/ Rs., you will get free delivery. Do not forget to check out our new jhumar collection 2022/ 2023, including multicolors jhumar, meenakari jhumar, kundan jhumar, bridal jhumar, and more.

Over the years, jhumar has come up in many different designs and sizes with many shaped pearls, stones, and vintage looks. Girls wear it on the left or right side of the hair that grabs the attention of every guest.

I will share the latest designs, sizes, shapes, and much more with you in this post. So do not skip and read the complete post. You will have all the important information about jhumar at the end.

Jhumar Color Combination

Choosing the right matching of jhumar to your outfit is very important for a perfect look.

Jhumars are usually designed in gold and silver, combined with pearls and stones of different colors like red, green, pink, blue, black, multi-color, and rust. This color combination gives a beautiful spark to jhumars.

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Latest Jhumar Designs 2022/ 2023 in Pakistan

Jhumar is the most loving and demanding piece of jewelry in Pakistan 2022/ 2023, and everyone enjoys its different designs. 

Jhumar is a must in traditional events in Pakistan either you are the Bride or the Bride’s Sister. Every state has its different way of designing jhumar according to its own culture.

Jhumar with diamond or polka designs or whole goldwork or kundan jhumar with pearls string are some favorite hot designs of Pakistani girls. 

Images source : Google Search

Jhumar Size

Size is the factor that can ruin your look. Wearing the wrong size can make you look weird, while choosing the right size can enhance your look. There are two sizes of jhumar available in the market i.e. 

  • Small jhumar
  • Big jhumar

If you want a heavy look, you can wear a big jhumar but for a lighter look, go with a small jhumar.

Jhumar Shapes

Whether you are choosing earrings or jhumar, shapes matter the most. The size of an accessory can destroy the beautiful look within seconds. It is very important to choose the right size. Jhumar does not exist in many shapes, but some of the shapes are:

  • Circle
  • Semicircle
  • Chand (moon)
  • Oval
  • Spherical

Jhumar Material

The material is in direct contact to your skin. If you are allergic to any material, make sure you choose the right material.

Jhumar is customized using materials like copper, alloy, metal, stainless steel, silver, gold, zinc alloy, crystal, stone, etc.

All the materials have different resistance, oxidation, hardness, and brightness.

Jhumar Stones

Using stones, pearls or crystals give a different spark to jewlery. Jhumar is boring without stones. Different types and sizes of stones are used to give unbelievable beauty to jhumar. The stones used in the making of jhumars are:

  • Crystals
  • Rhinestones
  • Zircon
  • Pearl
  • Diamonds

Types of Jhumar in Pakistan 2022/ 2023

There are many different types of jhumar available in the market. We have shortlisted some well-known types for you:

Pearls is the best friend of every girl, and do justice to everything! Traditional Jhumar with pearl strings looks so classy, vintage, and elegant at the same time. Heavy Jhumars with pearls strings and hanging pearls have gone viral and are most worn. If you dreamt of having an aesthetic look, pearl jhumar will make your dream come true. pearls jumar is a hot trend. It is the trend that has taken over the fashion market over the years. Additionally, our ladies living in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are big fans of these traditional Jhumar pearls. Jhumars can be a bit expensive because they are designed with many heavy embellishments. 

If you are a Pakistani bride or a woman, you must be really into Kundan stuff, right? YES! Because Pakistani jewelry is all about showing off your Kundan jewelry pieces. Nothing can beat kundan Jhumar with pearl strings. If you live in Islamabad, Karachi, or Lahore, you must already know why Kundan Jhumars are trendy. Kundan Jhumar with pearls can go with any look, any outfit or any color you are going to wear on your big day just make sure you choose the right color of the other embellishments that are beautifully studded into the Jhumar. These Kundan Jhumar with pearl strings can GLORIFY a look. Kundan jewelry can be a bit expensive, but if you are going for artificial, then it’s surely pocket-friendly!

Chunky Jhumars look so aesthetic and prominent that they can make the whole crowd go crazy and love your entire look. Chunky Jhumars with heavy embellishmentsise popular these days. There’s no need to add more jewelry such as Tikka, mattha Patti to your forehead if you wear this Chunkiest Jhumar. This Jhumar is our favorite on the list and is loved by every Pakistani bride. It complements the bride’s outfit perfectly. With side parted open hair and paired up with simple earrings and necklace. Just the perfect set of jewelry for your sangeet or mehndi function. Heavy Jhumars can be expensive or affordable, depending on the weight of embellishment you are looking for.

Isn’t the white Jhumar the unique one out of the list? NO DOUBT IT IS! We admired this a ton, the combination of big and small size pearls attached with Kundan and diamantes will look ideal for your engagement and walima look. Engagements and walima are all about wearing light-colored attire and simple jewelry. If your attire is light-colored and you are looking for a similar jewelry piece, don’t forget to add this White pearl Jhumar to your jewelry. The combination of Light color dress, simple jewelry, light makeup, loose hair, and this WHITE PEARL JHUMAR with Kundan and white diamantes is just the perfect look that a girl must be dreaming of!

This Jhumar will help you to remember your granny’s wedding days. The bronze color makes it flawless for your big day with stunning attire. Apart from this, old vintage designs in Jhumar are easy to find but are the most aesthetic ones that will give some major aesthetic goals and vibes! The combination of vintage and bronze color Jhumars is inexpressible. Not to miss the bronze vintage strings; those are the real show-stealers! You can pair this Jhumar with the same old vintage-styled necklaces and earrings, or you can go with a tikka too. These still won’t look heavy! Not to forget that woman of today’s generation, especially living in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, is diehard fan of Vintage jewelry. 

Gold never goes out of fashion. At this time of fancy artificial jewelry some families still prefer wearing gold on different occasions. The look of gold jhumar cannot be compared to any other type of jewelry piece.

You can wear gold jhumar with pearls combined with long haar, jhumka earrings and maang tikka in the middle of your head. Whether you are Punjabi or Sindhi, resident of Lahore or Karachi, you cannot deny the class of gold jhumar.

Gold jewelry makes you stand out from the crowd. If you can afford then always go for gold jewelry. It adds a different spark to your personality.

Girls’ love for diamonds is never-ending. The look diamond jewelry gives you is undefinable. It does not matter if you are a bride or bridesmaid; the diamond jhumar can instantly change your look.

If you want something simple yet classy, wear diamond jhumar with a simple diamond choker along with long-string diamond earrings. If you are worried that diamond jewelry might not match your outfit, then do not worry. You can also get colored diamonds easily available in the markets of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

The only thing you have to take care of is choosing the authentic place to buy diamonds because many fake stores are selling local diamonds at the price of the original one.

Buy Latest Jhumar Online in Pakistan Cash on Delivery 2022/ 2023

Online shopping is easy and saves a lot of time for people. There are thousands of websites offering online jewelry which you can purchase at the comfort of your house. Place your order once you are sure about what you actually want.

If you are tired of visiting markets then do not worry there are many reliable stores that delivers in different cities like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Buy online jhumar at Hiba Creations with confidence. We are offering the fastest “cash on delivery” within 2 to 3 days all over Pakistan.

The hiba creations is a reliable website and delivering a quality product is their priority.

Placing an order at the hibacreations website is easy, and we deliver in Islamabad and Rawalpindi within 2 to 3 working days. If your order is more than 2000/Rs, you got free shipping.

The delivery is available at Islamabad most popular areas, including dha, capital smart city, bahria town, green oaks, pwd housing society, blue world city, multi-gardens b-17 g-block, park view city, university town, top city, sector e-11, sector g-13, sector i-8, gulberg, bani gala.

We also deliver in Rawalpindi’s most popular areas, including satellite town, peshawar road, adyala road, capital smart city, chaklala scheme 3.

You can have your favorite jhumar delivered at your doorsteps in Lahore, that too with free home delivery. The site hibacreations offers all styles and designs of jhumar online in Pakistan.

It is an effortless procedure; you order at the Hiba creations website and deliver your order within 2-3 days. If your order is more than 2000/Rs, you got free shipping.

We deliver in Lahore popular living areas including liberty market, defense housing authority (dha), cantonment (cantt), model town, punjab housing society, eden villas, canal view, tech housing society.

Karachi is a big city and the markets of Karachi or so congested. At this time of modern technologies, girls prefer online shopping as it is safe as well as less time consuming

A famous store, hiba creations, deliver your order on time. You order at the hibacreations website and get it delivered in 2-3 days. If your order is more than 2000/Rs, you got free shipping.

The delivery is available in karachi’s most popular areas, gulshan-e-iqbal, gulistan-e-johar, bahria town, dha karachi, scheme 33, clifton, north nazimabad, kda scheme 1/ muhammad ali society (machs), federal b area, malir cantonment.

2022 Pakistani Jhumar Price

Give and take is a fair rule. Here price is what you give, and quality is what you want in return. You will see the different price tags on every jhumar available online and in the markets.

  • Artificial jhumars are available at a reasonable rate ranging from 400/Rs to 1500/Rs.
  • Tip: do not go for a cheaper one as it won’t last long.
  • Jhumars with zircon and rhinestone has a little high price ranging from 2000/Rs to 4000/Rs.
  • Jhumars with gemstone and diamond is expensive.
  • Gold jhumar price depends upon the karate and weight. Usually, it starts from 50,000/Rs.
  • The prices depend on the material and quality. For example, a diamond jhumar will cost much more than a gold jhumar.


Jhumar under RS 299 in Pakistan 2022


Jhumar under RS 499 in Pakistan 2022


Jhumar under RS 999 in Pakistan 2022

Latest Jhumar Price in Pakistan 2022/ 2023 [Updated]

The estimated cost Start from 1500/RS to 2500/RS

1Fancy Jhumar In Pearl Color400/Rs
2Black Meenakari Jhoomar1250/Rs
3Golden Meenakari Jhoomar1650/Rs
4Multi colour Meenakari Jhoomer1450/Rs
5Silver Matha Jhoomar900/Rs
6Indian Style Matha Jhoomar900/Rs
7Fancy Jhumar In Golden Color500/Rs
8Bridal Jhumar1500/Rs
9New Jhumar Style Pearl Earrings1000/Rs
10Golden Bridal Fancy Jhumar900/Rs

Difference Between Matha Patti, Maang Tikka and Jhumar

Matha Patti Maang TikkaJhumar
It covers complete headIt covers the center of the foreheadIt covers one side of the forehead
It goes well for a heavy look.It goes well for a minimal look.It goes well for a classy look.
Look good on girls with big foreheads.Look good on girls with a medium forehead.Look good on girls with small forehead.

Jhumars for Mehendi, Barat And Walima

Chunky Jhumar
Kundan Jhumar
BaratGold JhumarTraditional Jhumar
Diamond JhumarWhite Pearl Jhumar

Jhumar for Different Hairstyles

jhumar can enhance your hairstyle or dull your hairstyle. So choosing the right one is very important. Here is a simple guide on which jhumar goes well with different hairstyles:

hair buns
Old Vintage Style Jhumar
Hair Puff With Loose CurlsChunky Jhumar
Centre Partitioned
Diamond Jhumar
Back Commbed And Half Tied Straight HairKundan Jhumar

Consider these Points before Buy Jhumar Online in Pakistan 2022/ 2023

If you are confused about buying jhumar online, here are some factors that you should consider:

The design of the jhumar you are choosing should blend well with your outfit. So be careful!

Heavyweight jhumar will make you uncomfortable. So go for lightweight beautiful jhumar.

Make sure to choose the right size according to your face shape and forehead size.

Matching is the grace of every woman. Consider whether the color of the earring matches exactly with your dress or not before buying.

While purchasing online you should think about which payment method suits you best whether cash on delivery or paying through credit cards.

Read customer reviews and feedback. Like other things, you should consider the store reviews before making any purchase online.

Consider the return policy of the store in which you can return your products in case of any misconception.

List of cities in Pakistan

SukkurDera IsmailAbbottabad
GujranwalaGujar KhanRahim Yar Khan
GujratSahiwalWah Cantonment
Dera Ismail KhanAbbotabadMandi Bahauddin
MianwaliChishtianMirpur Khas
Dera Ghazi KhanSheikhupuraSahiwal
JhangBurewala Rawalpindi

Jhumar FAQ

Hiba creations is the authentic website to place your order online. Check out their reviews for your satisfaction.

Mehendi is an event full of colors. Wear something different like multi-color fancy jhumar.

Buy something decent like jhumar with pearls and stones (matching your sister’s outfit) and gift it to her. It will be the best gift.

Hiba creations is one of the best online stores and deliver within 2-3 days. Go on their website and place your order now. Happy shopping!

Pastels colors are what most of the girls wear on their walima. So go with diamond jhumar with peach-colored pearls.

Bridesmaid should look prettiest. Wear simple pearl jhumar combined with simple maang tikka. You will grab everyone’s attention.

If you will wear a maang tikka with a small forehead, it will not look good and cover your entire forehead. So, go with jhumar. It will decorate your forehead without hiding it.

you can buy the best gold plated jhumar from Hiba Creations in Pakistan 2022.

Matha patti covers both sides of the head with mang tikka in the center while jhumar is pinned up on one side.

Hiba Creations Customers Reviews

All our beautiful leadies who buy from Hiba Creations are very happy becasue our earrings quality wise amazing and we have uniqe colors and designs. In Review section you can check our customers reviews.

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