Latest Mehndi Function Jewellery Designs and Price in Pakistan 2022

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Every Pakistani girl wants to look pretty at their wedding events. Whether a Barat or Mehndi, the girl will never look complete without jewellery. 

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Jewellery is also an important part of a bride’s look. The most challenging task for every bride is choosing a pretty outfit and matching jewellery pieces. 

Latest Mehndi Function Jewellery Designs and Price in Pakistan 2022

Unfortunately, if your jewellery is not according to your outfit, it will ruin your look completely. If you are looking for mehndi bridal sets or flower jewellery for them or pretty artificial sets, you can easily get them from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar markets.

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In this post, we will discuss Mehndi function jewellery for brides, bridesmaids, and teenage girls. If you plan to buy jewellery for the coming Mehndi function, then read this post till the end.

Mehndi Jewellery Material:

Choosing the right material is very important as the lasting and look of jewellery depends upon the material. The materials used in the making of Mehndi jewellery are:

  • Gold plated
  • Rhodium-plated
  • Metal
  • Wires
  • Pearls
  • Gemstones
  • Flowers
  • Gotta
  • Brass
  • Copper


Size is very important as if you do not invest in the jewellery of your size, you will waste your money. Usually, Mehndi function jewellery comes in three sizes, i.e., 

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Choose size according to your outfit, test, and how big or small the Mehndi function is.

Types Of Mehndi Function Jewellery:

The mehndi function is a function full of colours, dance, songs, and culture. There are many different types of jewellery for the Mehndi function some of which we are discussing with you:

Handmade Mehndi jewellery:

If you want a decent and simple look for the Mehndi function, then handmade jewellery is something you should invest in. Pakistani people are full of talent, and handmade jewellery is one of them. 

Handmade Mehndi jewellery is made of different materials like gotta, fake flowers, and gemstones. You can choose according to your taste and style.

Handmade Mehendi jewellery in Pakistan 2022
Photo Credit :

Flower Mehndi jewellery:

If you are a bride-to-be and confused about your jewellery, go for real flower jewellery. As you are a bride, you should look different from others. The real flower jewellery will give you a fresh look. 

Just wear flower Mehndi jewellery with a light blush on and glossy lip gloss. There are many different colours and sizes of flowers. So, make sure that you choose the matching jewellery according to your outfit.

Gemstone Mehndi Jewellery:

Stones add value to jewellery pieces. If you wear a heavy lehenga with plain upper, then wear gemstone choker pair it with big jhumka earrings and small maang tikka. Different stones and different colours are available in gemstone mehndi jewellery. Go for the one that blends well with your outfit. 

Gold Mehndi Jewellery:

Gold is always in trend. With time, the old designs of gold are also changed. You can find pretty styles decorated with different materials like stones, pearls, and diamonds.

Artificial Mehndi Jewellery: 

Artificial jewellery is pocket friendly and comes in a wide variety. There are thousands of designs in artificial mehndi jewellery in different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can check out the latest collection and beautiful designs on websites and locally in different cities like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Latest Designs Of Mehndi Jewellery In Pakistan 2022:

Pakistani trends have changed with time, and Pakistani girls always want to look fashionable. Going with fashion is the priority of Pakistani girls. So, we will tell you about some trending Mehndi jewellery these days.

Flower Jewellery Sets:

The flower jewellery set includes a choker type locket, earrings, maang tikka, bangles, and rings. The making of flower jewellery is simple. The maker puts the flowers in a wire and then fold them from the corner.

You can customize it according to your choice, like two or three flowers. But the jewellery with two flowers in a combination of the small and big one looks very elegant and pretty.

Gemstone for Mehndi Jewellery:

Gemstone jewellery is trending these days. Stones increase the beauty of jewellery pieces. Different stones are used to add value to jewellery that includes:

  • Champagne
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Black/grey
  • Multicolour
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • White
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Feroza

These stones are in different shapes like rectangle, oval, star, diamond, and circle and sizes. 

Gotta Jewellery Set:

Gotta choker is a beautiful piece that makes your neck more elegant. A gotta is set in the middle with chains at both sides in this choker. Different styles and colours of gotta are used. Choose according to your outfit.

Artificial Pearls Jewellery:

Pearls jewellery is a chic jewellery piece in which gold colour is combined with pearls. Sometimes pearls are stuck individually, and sometimes pearls are set up in a bunch of two or three.

Bollywood Mehndi Jewellery Designs:

Some Pakistani girls are big fans of Bollywood. They follow the Bollywood trends. So, if you are looking for Bollywood trendy designs, then continue reading.


Heavy Choker With Pearls Paired Up With Long Earrings Having Sahara On Top:

You will find many celebrities wearing a heavy choker with pearls paired with long earrings and sahara going behind the ear. If you wear a heavy lehnga and dupatta with simple choli, then go for it. It will glam up your look.

Light Choker With A Medium String Like Earrings:

If you plan to wear something for the mehndi function, go for simple jewellery. Because heavy jewellery and a heavy outfit is not a good combination. Wear simple gemstone choker with medium-sized earrings.

Gold Choker With Hanging Paired With Jhumka Earrings And Maang Tikka:

If you are a bride to be, you can go for it. In her mehndi event, katrina kaif wore a gold colour choker with a hanging circle-shaped motif with colourful pearls. This choker is paired up with small jhumka earrings and a round maang tikka with pearls. This combination is great as it will give you a nice look with a touch of something different and heavy.

Medium-sized Necklace With Shell-shaped Long Earrings And Cute Little Maang Tikka:

Are you a priyanka fan? If yes, then definitely her look is your inspiration. Priyanka wore a simple medium-sized necklace with multiple strings and paired it up with some long earrings and a pretty small maang tikka. She looks pretty and elegant in this jewellery and same will you. So you must try this look if you want to look unique and beautiful at the same time.

image source:

Jewellery Accessories for Pakistani Mehndi Ceremony 2022

Whether it is a bride or bridesmaid, the Mehndi function is everyone’s favourite. From dancing to applying Mehndi, everything feels good. 

Girls like to dress up for such events but dressing up and doing makeup does not look good until you pair it with pretty accessories.

 There are some Mehndi accessories that everyone should have in their jewellery box according to their taste. These are:

  • Gemstone choker
  • Gemstone long haar
  • Long earring
  • Jhumka earrings
  • Maang tikka
  • Floral rings
  • Mirror ring
  • Gemstone Kangan
  • Mirror Kangan
  • Gajre
  • Hair flowers
  • Floral hair ring

These are different accessories which you can wear according to your taste. You can find different sizes, shapes and colours in the accessories mentioned above.

Mehndi Jewellery Online Pakistan [Updated 2022]

No.Mehndi JewelleryPrice
1Hand Made Gota Jewellry 1200/Rs
2Floral Jewellery For Maiyo And Wedding 2500/Rs
3Mehndi Jewellery Set For Girls For Bridal 2400/Rs
4Artifical Flower Jewellery For Mehndi 700/Rs
5Artificial Gajra Pair(Bangles) Red and White Flower Jewellery400/Rs
6Artificial Yellow and White Flower Jewellery Set for Mehndi Function800/Rs
7Artificial Flower Gajra kangan for wedding mehndi and functions600/Rs
8Artificial Flowers Jewelry Set For Mehndi and Wedding750/Rs
9Mehndi Bridal Set Floral Handmade Mala, Mathapati, and Earrings900/Rs
10Bridal Mayun Kajra Set1200/Rs

Prices are a very important factor whenever it comes to purchasing anything. Whenever you are buying anything, you should know the estimated price. So here we are giving you the estimate of different mehndi jewellery pieces.

  • Floral mehndi jewellery costs you around 500 to 1000 rupees. Floral jewellery can not be expensive more than it.
  • Gemstone mehndi jewellery sets are more expensive than floral, starting from 1500 to 5000 rupees.
  • You will find a different price tag on an artificial one depending upon its quality.

Prices depend upon the quality, material, and the place you are purchasing from, as these are the factors that add or subtracts the value of every jewellery piece. For example:

  • Gold jewellery will cost you more than artificial jewellery.
  • The jewellery you purchased from the brand or designer will definitely be more expensive than the jewellery you bought from the local market.

Mehndi Jewellery According to Hairstyles:

Open wavy hairReal flower jewellery set
Open straight hairGemstone jewellery set
Hair tied in a bunGold jewellery set with pearls
BraidFake flower jewellery set

Mehndi Jewellery FAQs

If you wear a simple outfit, wear a gemstone choker and long haar and simple earrings. It will give a touch of heavy look.

Braid is a beautiful hairstyle, and you can pair it with fake floral jewellery. Also, do not forget to decorate your braid with flowers.

You can follow Priyanka's style, it is very decent and will blend with the flowy outfit.


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