Pakistani Lawn Dress Stitching Designs 2022

Fresh breeze, clear sky, and warm sun. Summer is here and Lawn 2022 is here in Pakistan.  We all are thinking of buying fresh lawn dresses as well as lawn dress stitching designs in the upcoming Summer 2022.

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Pakistani Lawn Dress Stitching Designs 2022 New

Therefore, different Pakistani brands launched comfortable and stylish lawn collections in both stitched and unstitched fabric. Stitched lawn dresses are every girl’s top picks, But unstitched lawn dresses will allow you to show your personal style.

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One unstitched dress can be tailored in so many styles ranging from a straight shirt, A-line shirt, kaftan style, angrakha frock, long frock, and peplum shirts in Pakistan.

So far, this summer, enjoy your hot summer days in tea parties, Eid, hangouts, tours, hiking, and birthdays in a comfortable and adorable lawn dress paired with any bottom.

We know you are very excited about lawn casual dress ideas. The wait is over because we are going to share some lawn dress stitching designs in Pakistan in 2022. Don’t leave the post and stay with us till the end.

Pakistani Lawn Dress Stitching Designs 2022

Check out the fantastic chic designs in casual lawn dresses for every Pakistani girl.

  1. Stitching designs for sleeves
  2. Stitching designs for trousers
  3. Stitching designs for the neckline
  4. Stitching designs for straight shirts
  5. Stitching designs for salwar kameez

Let’s elaborate on each of the ones by one!

Stitching Designs for Sleeves

Stylish sleeves make even a simple dress more stylish. Whenever you decide to stitch a lawn dress you will go to the tailor with unique sleeves ideas like half sleeves, full sleeves, and quarter sleeves, right? But how to style them? Now you do not need your tailor’s suggestions, you are free to decide your lawn sleeve designs according to the latest trends in 2022.

We will discuss below the most trendy Pakistani lawn dress stitching designs 2022 for sleeves, that will enable you to choose the best one.

  • Bell-shaped sleeves

If you want somewhat simple sleeves with no lace or beads, just say to your tailor to cut the sleeves in a bell shape. Bell-shaped sleeves are common these days that will not go out of style for a long time. These sleeves can be designed with straight shirts, kurta kr even with frocks. To make it more stylish, you can add laces or beads at the borders of the sleeves.

Styling tip: try bell-shaped sleeves with matching bell-bottom trousers.

  • Frilled Sleeves

Use the extra lawn fabric or border patches to make a frill round the sleeves, you can use a matching lace also. Single frills add a decent look, however double frilled sleeves can be bold but fashionable.  Double Frilled sleeves will add more stylish volume in overall dress stitching.

Styling tip: try these frilled sleeves with peplum-style shirts.

  • Knott Sleeves

Whether it’s half or quarter sleeves, You can use matching ribbon or fabric strips to make a knot at the edge of the sleeves. No doubt, Knotted sleeves in lawn dress stitching designs can add some modern and girlish look.

Styling tips: Try knott sleeves with the same knot design on trousers for a more fashionable look.

  • Simple Slit Sleeves

Slit sleeves look simple yet stylish, it is suitable for both decent and stylish lawn dresses in Pakistan. Keep it simple or use a hanging bead to make your sleeves more beautiful. or you can add simple buttons at the top of the slit.

Styling tip: you can wear slit sleeves shirts with slit-designed trousers.

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Stitching designs for Trousers

No doubt, A stylish pair of trousers can also uplift the grace of your casual lawn dress. Trouser designs are also making a huge space in lawn dress stitching designs in 2022.

Like necklines and sleeves, Pakistani modern girls are also found eager for fashionable trouser designs.

Different Pakistani Ready to wear brands bring modern trousers with trendy designs of trouser Poncha like laces, embroideries, beads, chicken kari, and slits in different ways.

You can copy these designs on their websites, do it yourself and get it stitched from a tailor or tailoress. As your shirt plays a significant role, your trousers also do the same. Printed trousers don’t need any embellishment, they should be stitched nicely, however, plain trousers need some design.

We make it clear for you to take some suggestions from our guide and stitch your unstitched trousers in so many different designs. Take a glance below and have an idea of the most fantastic trouser design.

  • Bell Bottom Trousers

Bell bottom trousers came in Pakistani fashion for the last few years and will still be in fashion in 2022. Pakistani designers firstly introduced these fashions as printed bell-bottom trousers with plain short shirts. Later on, more inspirational designs were added. This type of trousers can be stitched in a variety of stylish designs by adding lace, ribbon, organza, beads, pearls, gotta Patti, chicken kari, and embroidery.

Styling tip: Moreover, if you have a short height, try bell-bottom trousers with a straight shirt, that will instantly enhance your overall look.

  • Straight Trouser

Straight trousers never go out of fashion in Pakistan, as they look elegant and stylish with any lawn dress stitching designs in 2022. They can be worn with any straight shirt, kurta, long frocks, and tops. Similarly, straight trousers can be stitched in many different styles like laces, embroidery, beads, patches, and buttons on them for a more classic look.

Styling tip: give a try to straight trousers with any straight shirts or knee-length shirts.

  • Sharara Pants

Sharara pants came in Pakistani fashion to wear with both fancy and casual dresses, as these are our old classical bottoms, which were worn by old women in the subcontinent. Nowadays, different brands are designing these bottoms with lawn as well as formal dresses. This trend will remain in fashion in summer 2022. So let’s step into this trend.

Styling tip:  try these sharara pants to your upcoming Eid lawn dress stitching designs.

  • Culotte Trousers

Culottes are the loose-fitted version of straight trousers. Culottes came in Pakistani fashion from Western culture. However, different Pakistani brands present culottes with both casual and formal dresses. You can wear them with any sort of shirt. Like other trousers, they can also be stitched in various designs like embroidered or printed culottes with simple or embroidered lawn suits.

Styling tip

Heightened girls should wear culotte trousers for a wider look.

  • Patiyala Shalwar

Patiyala shalwar is the most traditional dressing in Pakistan. Or it is thought to be a desi dress which never goes out of fashion. At Pakistani weddings, especially Mehandi or mayon functions, girls used to wear them with short shirts or frocks. You can stitch or purchase ready-to-wear from any Pakistani brand in different sizes.

Styling tip: wear Patiala salwar with a short Kurti for a more classic look.

Let’s grab your favorite one from a variety of different trouser designs in upcoming lawn dress stitching designs.

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Stitching designs for Neckline

Your lawn dress is incomplete without a neckline or gala design. Choose it very carefully because it is close to your face and figure, the neckline, in turn, makes all features look good, thus making a great impression. Very few neckline designs carry on in Pakistani fashion as these are our traditional designs. But Now in 2022, There are many designs from traditional to modern. If you are a fashion lover and want to stay up to date according to new fashion, then you must go for fancy neckline designs. We are going to ease your search for lawn dress stitching designs for necklines, so pick wisely!

  • Round neckline
  • V-shaped shaped neckline
  • Square neckline
  • Slit neckline
  • Boat shape neckline
  • Ban neckline
  • Collared neckline
  • Dori neckline
  • Handi gala

Round Neckline

How many of you don’t know about the round neckline? This is the simplest type of neckline in lawn dress stitching designs in Pakistan. If you don’t want any heavy neckline, keep it simple, and try a round gala. You will definitely feel more fresh and comfortable in round-neck dress designs. For a more fashionable style with a round gala, you can add pipping or

  • Laces
  • Plates
  • Beads or pearls
  • Buttons
  • Frill

Styling tip: keep your neckline round with heavily embroidered shirts.

V-shaped Neckline

Like a round neckline, the V neckline is also the most common and comfortable neckline in lawn dresses. It usually elongates the overall shirt style. Some brands made printed v necklines designs on lawn dresses to stitch necklines in the same way. Or you can make them more stylish by adding

  • Laces
  • Beads
  • Ribbons

styling tip: girls with short height should try v neckline.

Square Neckline

Square neckline also falls under the category of simple neckline designs in lawn dresses. Which is a perfect balance of casual and modest design in Pakistan. Unlike round gala, it provides a nice contrast to curve and visually lengthen your neck.

Styling tip: if you have a short neck, let’s try sauare neckline in lawn dresses to lengthen it.

Collared Neckline

Different types of collars may be added to necklines. Like baby collars, coat collars, or ban collars. The collared lawn shirts will be best for teenage girls and office-going women in Pakistan as it gives the formal dressings look. However, matching buttons may be added with collared necklines.

Styling tips: collared necklines are best to design the lawn dress for teenage girls.

Slit Neckline

Slit neckline fashion came into the Pakistani fashion industry for the past few years. Which features a short slit at the top of the neckline. Whatever the neckline shape, a perfect length slit with pipping at the end enhances the grace of every lawn dress.

Styling tip: embroidered neckline with slit always spice up the elegance of every lawn dress stitching design 2022.

Boat Shape Neckline

The boat neckline is a modern version of the round neckline, that has become a fashion icon in Pakistani branded dresses. This neckline gain much popularity among ready-to-wear dresses in Pakistan. But you can stitch your lawn dress in boat neckline shape for more stylish simplicity.

Styling tip: stay in comfort yet stylish with boat shape neckline on every lawn dress.

Ban Neckline

Ban coller is quite my favorite and trendy for quite a long time, now! In 2022, it gives a stylish and elegant look to any shirt. Try this most sophisticated neckline design to look prettier with little embodiment. Our different brands usually design casual kurtas with ban necklines or open shirts. While buttons with pipping can also add more beauty to your ban neckline.

Stylin tip: try out front open shirts with ban and buttons paired with straight pants in summer 2022.

Dori Neckline

Are you looking for an Eastern Traditional Dori neck design? Dori fashion on the front or back of the neckline will never go out of fashion in Pakistan. Simple Dori with pom pom or fancy Dori with tassels can add a modern and traditional look at the same time. This will be an ideal neckline style for your lawn dress stitching designs for the upcoming Eid 2022.

Styling tip: Add a Dori to your heavily embroidered lawn dress for a more stylish look.

Loops Neck Design

loops or hooks made of any material are most popular now a addays in lawn dress stitching designs in Pakistan. You can make these loops yourself or told your tailor to assemble them with any type of neckline i.e round, v-shaped, boat-shaped, or handi gala.

Styling tip: add loops on the neckline, sleeves, and trousers for a more stylish lawn dress.

Handi Gala

As the name indicates, the handi gala resembles handi, which is a mixed version of round and square-shaped necklines in Pakistan. This type of neckline can be designed simply with pipping or lace, to give it a more detailed illustration.

Styling tip: if you don’t like round or square necklines, try this handi gala for a more trendy dress.

Stitching Designs for Straight Shirts

This summer 2022. Our lawn dresses will take back to the short to medium straight shirts. Long shirts fashion will go out of style in Pakistan 2022. You have noticed that lawn 2022 will introduce you to the allures of medium, low, peplums and front open shirts.

Your unstitched lawn shirt can be tailored in so many desirable shapes and designs. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to collect the more stylish ideas for your lawn dress stitching designs in Summer 2022.

Medium Front Open Shirts

Keep your lawn shirt simple yet elegant in medium front opened paired with bell bottom or straight trousers. Design is simple with pipping only or adding buttons. These shirts are simple in look but highlight every shade. it can be designed in both loose or fitted shirts.

Styling tip: wear a front open shirt with straight trousers

Peplum Style Shirts

Such shirts look elegant when designed in short lengths, it can add more flair and volume to the printed as well as an embroidered shirt. Many Pakistani lawn brands introduced ready-to-wear or unstitched peplum styles shirts a few years ago. Young girls like peplums in shorter lengths for a more nice and funky look.

Styling tip: style your peplum shirt with bell bottom or trousers,

Angrakha Style Shirts

Weather designed in the fancy of casual lawn dresses, angrakha style is always a charm in Pakistani fashion. It has become a most favorite style among young Pakistani girls. Angrakha style can be stitched in both straight shirts or frocks with a dori or tussle.

Styling tip: wear embroidered or ethenic angrkha frok on casual parties in summer 2022.

Asymmetrical Shirt

some Pakistani brandss introduced asymmetrical shirts for a funkier minimalist look. These are followed by different cuts and amazing stitchings in lawn dresses. With these cuts, you can style your shirts in any design. I.e back tail, or two tail shirts.

Stylin tip: design your asymmetrical shirt to wear with cigarette pants.

Koti style shirts

Koti or jacket style shirts are always in Ethnic fashion for many years. You can stitch long or short Koti with any shirt. Furthermore, in 2022 Pakistani brands are introducing long jackets to wear with straight pants or tights.

Styling tip: stitch printed koti with a plain shirt for the more eastern look on Eid or at other casual events.

Stitching Designs of Shalwar Kameez

Our Pakistani designers are regularly working to keep the new trends coming into, make the shalwar kameez never goes out of trend. They periodically add the new manners to wear it on traditional as well as casual occasions in Pakistan.

Let’s take a look at the most fashionable shalwar kameez designs for lawn dress stitching designs in 2022.

Pinjabi Shalwar Kameez

Among all the traditional dresses, this is the most stylish and comfortable dress to wear on any occasion. You can stitch your lawn dress in simple Punjabi casual shalwar kameez. Our leading fashion brand GulAhmad introduced printed lawn shalwar kameez fashion for Pakistani women last year.

Styling tip: if you want to enjoy hot summer days, wear lawn shalwar kameez.

Patiyala Shalwar Kameez

Patiyala shalwar kameez is the name of traditional dressing for Pakistani girls. You can feel more comfortable and stylish in Patiala shalwar kameez rather than a simple one.

Styling tip: if you don’t like simple shalwar kameez suits, try this Patiala salwar with short kameez on any occasion.

Final thoughts:

Finally, these are the best lawn dress stitching designs 2022, that we have demonstrated here in this post. Believe us, they will brighten up your summer wardrobe in 2022, Stay cool and stylish this summer.  Now, It all depends on your choice of which design you will pick for your lawn dress.

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