Latest Pakistani Jewellery Designs with Online Price 2022

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. It is said to be that women can not survive even a single day without wearing jewelry and that’s true. Jewellery pieces are used as adornments for millennia and were used by the women of power before.

Hiba Creations - Latest Pakistani Jewellery Designs with Online Price 2021

These days, jewelry is a go-to adornment that every woman loves brandishing with their outfits. Much just as matching shoes and handbags, there is matching jewellery with each outfit, for example, a more western look jewelry is worn with western outfits and desi traditional jewelry pieces are worn with desi eastern traditional attire.

You can discover jewelry produced using a bunch of materials and the variety in Pakistan is significantly more, ranging from metals, valuable stones, Italian dough, beads, to even fabrics, the variety of jewellery in Pakistan are endless.

The jewelry pieces in Pakistan are available from all around the globe, alongside proudly and elegantly made in Pakistan, these jewelry pieces areadored nationwide for their diverse color range and designs. If you are living in Pakistan and its top cities then you must be aware of the variations of these jewellery sets and of course the never-ending designs.

No doubt, there’s no other special day in a woman’s life than her own wedding. Wedding jewelry compliments the whole look of the bride and make her spark differently. But not just wedding day, women love wearing jewelry in their daily usual life. There is no other country than Pakistan who produces the most elegant, unique and beautiful jewelry.

Before wearing jewellery, you must be aware of the latest trends in Pakistani jewellery so, here we have a list of the most elegant and different types of Fashion jewellery in Pakistan 2022 for that you, without much of as trench, can find everywhere and are adored by the Pakistani woman and brides.

Chand Baalis Design with Price in Pakistan 2022

One of the most loved trends in Pakistan which is here forever to say is chand baalis. These are the most worn earrings than anything else. Their round, shining, heavy and bunch of embellishments design make them steal the show. These look gorgeous when worn alone. These look heavy so you don’t need to wear anything else. These alone will do wonders. Our beautiful Pakistani are a huge fan of chand baalis and they prefer these over everything. The trend is never going out of fashion and the designs are more than a hundred.

Chandbali price in Pakistan online new design

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Afghani Jhumkas Design with Price in Pakistan 2022

Afghani Jhumkas are the most adored ones. And this the kind of jewelry that has an assortment of designs. These vary in sizes, designs, embellishments and materials. Afghani Jhumkas can be found in round silver baalis, hanging strings with round baalis, simple and casual ones with tons of designs. If you are wearing a gharrara then make sure you wear Jhumkas with hanging pearls. You will look gorgeous and elegant. Or if you are wearing simple shalwar kameez on a mehndi then you MUST go for the heavy and hanging strings ones. Afghani Jhumkas are famous among Pakistani women because these can also be worn with western attire as well as casual desi attire.

Afghani Jhumkas Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

Charm Bracelets Design with Price in Pakistan 2022

The best thing about wearing a charm bracelet is that it looks so chic and aesthetic and can be worn with both western and eastern casual attire. The best outfit to match your charm bracelet is a simple white top and blue jeans and you Perfect for the whole day. Modern women living in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore prefer jewelry that goes well with their western outfits and these pretty charm bracelets are one of them. These can be found in various different designs if you are looking for the traditional ones then you easily yourself a gold one or silver charm bracelets are the best for your casual outfits.

Charm Bracelets Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

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Jhumar Design with Price in Pakistan 2022

Jhumars are the must have and must worn wedding jewelry. If you are a bride to be, then you must be thinking about your wedding jewelry and jumars must be top on the list. Jhumars are guaranteed to complete the final look of a woman and gives a beautiful appealing look. These are available in various colors, designs and materials everywhere. When you wear your favorite gharrara, your look will not be complete without a Jhumar which is a headpiece. Gold plated and studded with kundan, a Jhumar makes you look absolutely and immensely beautiful and stunning. Even if you are a bridesmaid or her sister or her cousin, you can Definity style it up with your outfit and make it look that it was made for you. Jhumars which are big and heavy look absolutely chic. We have also seen women styling these up with their simple elegant saris which without a doubt, looked stunning.

Jhumar Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

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Choker Set Design with Price in Pakistan 2022

Chokers were the first simple form of necklaces that were introduced first and it spread throughout the world like fire. Chokers are the casual ones but these are produced in heavy designs too. Choker with matching earrings can be worn with sharrara and saari. You can go for a simple suit and still style it up elegantly. Chokers are available in various different designs and are loved by almost every single young Pakistani girl, woman and even older ones. Chokers that are worn high on the neck, look extremely beautiful.

Choker Set Design with Price in Pakistan 2021

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Cocktail Rings Design with Price in Pakistan 2022

Rings ranging from single round hoops to the cocktail ones are beautiful in their every kind. Cocktail rings can be worn with EVERY OUTFIT. There is not outfit or look barrier to it. Even if you are wearing a chic and simple white western top with jeans, cocktail rings will add on a touch of beauty to your western look too. Coming towards wedding functions, cocktail rings are the beauty to an outfit. Especially the rings which have stones studded into them. Those are the real show stealer. Our Pakistani women wear cocktail rings with every outfit. These rings come in many different designs, sizes and embellishments. Choose what’s best for your outfit.

Artificial Cocktail Rings Design with Price in Pakistan 2021